Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Egged On in Ohio

"Police can’t crack egg-pelting case in Ohio" Associated Press  March 07, 2015

EUCLID, Ohio — An 85-year-old man says his suburban Cleveland home has been pelted with eggs several times a week for a year, and police haven’t been able to solve the case despite stakeouts, questioning neighbors, installing a surveillance camera, and even testing shells as evidence.

The homeowner and police suspect they are launched five or six at a time from a block or two away, the Northeast Ohio Media Group reported.

Albert Clemens Sr. said whoever is responsible has ‘‘phenomenal’’ accuracy, often hitting the front door of the two-story home in Euclid that he and his late wife bought nearly six decades ago. The after-dark attacks sometimes sound like gunshots as eggs splatter on the aluminum siding, creating a residue that strips the paint, he said.

He used to clean up each time but quit because it happens so often. His insurer won’t settle a claim until police catch the vandal or vandals, so Clemens is waiting until then to make repairs. But he refuses to move from the home he shares with his adult daughter and son, on a corner less than a mile from the police station.

Officers haven’t determined a suspect or specific motive, though they have suspicions.

‘‘Somebody is deeply, deeply angry at somebody in that household for some reason,’’ Lieutenant Mitch Houser said.


I think they know who it is; it would just be embarrassing for someone important to tell.

"Cleveland’s mayor apologizes over suit" New York Times  March 03, 2015

NEW YORK — Moving to stem more anger over how Cleveland has handled the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, Mayor Frank G. Jackson apologized Monday for language that the city’s lawyers used in court filings to assert that the boy’s death was his own fault. 

I've often said if AmeriKa's security forces kill you, you deserve to die.

Rice was fatally wounded Nov. 22 by a rookie Cleveland police officer who shot him in the abdomen within two seconds of arriving at a neighborhood recreation center where the boy was playing outside with a toy pistol.

The newest controversy was spurred by a filing made in federal court last week by lawyers for the city in response to a wrongful-death lawsuit brought by Rice’s family.

The boy’s “injuries, losses, and damages complained of, were directly and proximately caused by the failure of [Rice] to exercise due care to avoid injury,” according to the papers filed by the city’s lawyers.

But as anger grew Monday — and a lawyer for Rice’s family, Walter Madison, lashed out at the city’s “incredulous” argument — Jackson quickly called a news conference to apologize for what he characterized as a “poor use of words.”

“We used words and phrased things in such a way that was very insensitive,” Jackson said.

City officials said Monday they were required to assert any potential defenses they might use in court filings now.

In a telephone interview, Madison said the mayor called him before the news conference to say he was sorry for how the court filing was phrased.

Madison said it appeared that city officials might still assert a defense that Tamir caused his own death.

Like I said....


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No apology for that?

Better off just locking them up:

"Couple plead not guilty to locking up kids 22 hours a day" Associated Press  March 05, 2015

JEFFERSON, Ohio — A husband and wife accused of making three of their adopted children virtual prisoners inside their Ohio home pleaded not guilty Wednesday in a case that began after prosecutors say two girls crashed the family van while trying to make their escape.

The 58-year-old father is charged with sexually abusing the two girls, now ages 17 and 14. He and his 64-year-old wife are both charged in Ashtabula County with kidnapping, felonious assault, and endangering children.

The Associated Press is not naming the suspects to avoid identifying the girls. County prosecutor Nicholas Iarocci said the couple also abused and neglected an adopted son, now 21, who is mentally disabled.

Iarocci said Wednesday that the couple ‘‘repeatedly and harshly’’ beat the girls and older son with a paddle that eventually became stained with blood. The three victims were given little to eat and were malnourished, Iarocci said.

He called living conditions inside the home ‘‘deplorable.’’

The victims were typically allowed out of their rooms for just two hours a day and were not allowed to socialize with other children in recent years, Iarocci said.


I'll bet they wanted to fly right out of there.

"Ohio bill rebuts Connecticut claim on flight" Associated Press  March 18, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A resolution moving through the Ohio State House challenges Connecticut’s insistence that one of its aviators beat the Wright brothers to the first successful airplane flight by two years.

The Ohio measure got its first hearing Tuesday. Connecticut passed a law in 2013 requiring the governor to proclaim a date for ‘‘Powered Flight Day’’ to honor Gustave Whitehead’s 1901 flight as the first, predating the Wright brothers’ famous flight off Kitty Hawk, N.C., in December 1903.

Your tax money paying for this?

Now, the home state of Orville and Wilbur Wright is pushing back, reasserting the version of history agreed upon by most historians and aviation experts: The Wrights deserve the distinction of being the first to fly.

Once again, it's a pack of lies!


Better get that plane up:

"The Ohio River crested Sunday at its highest level in two decades, leaving riverside residents relieved but cautious as forecasters warned that flooding problems will linger much of the week ahead. Melted snow and rainfalls caused flooding that swamped roads, businesses, and homes in scattered low-lying areas in the Cincinnati region." 

Did you see what happened when they got to North Carolina