Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sunday Globe Special: Cleaning Out the Closet

It's after the attic:

"The greening of gay marriage in Ireland; Historic referendum is drawing wide support in a deeply Catholic land" by Jim O’Sullivan, Globe Staff  March 29, 2015

DUBLIN — The battle lines appear lopsided.

There is also a substantial undercurrent of quiet opposition, people who profess public support or neutrality, but privately say they plan to cast their secret ballot against.

The same-sex marriage question comes at sensitive time in Irish politics, when a wave of antigovernment feeling is swelling over austerity programs imposed over the last several years — higher taxes, layoffs, reduced benefits, and, most recently, new water fees. Widespread demonstrations have protested those measures.

Once you get past the clever puns I wonder where has all this coverage been in my Bo$ton Globe because I'm current on Ireland. All I got was a slanderous one-day wonder from them regarding the protests in Europe.

Then again, is it any secret that they are a banker's mouthpiece at this point? Been outed already.

Strategists on both sides think that unrest may prompt antireferendum votes. With the political establishment lined up on the other side, opponents hope that otherwise unmotivated voters are sufficiently angered at the string of tough government measures to go to the polls in protest.

“Outside the Irish version of the Beltway, [same-sex marriage] is not an important issue at all,” said David Quinn, a journalist who founded the Iona Institute, a leading Christian organization that is helping spearhead the opposition, seated in the lounge of the Davenport Hotel near Leinster House, where the Irish legislature, the Dáil, meets.

It's the same everywhere you go.

What rank, rot-gutter pre$$ we have driving the agenda in this world, 'eh?

“Some people are wondering, why is this happening, when the economy is still repairing itself, and we’ve got water charges and so on? And so people could well see this opportunity to lash out,” Quinn said.

Yeah, I was thinking that the drone missiles and airstrikes kill gays, minorities, women, the bankers don't care who they loot, there is plenty of diversity in the 1%. I recognize the gay agenda for the family-destroying program it is being used for, but we are all in this boat together (while one a$$hole tries to divide us all. Time to toss them).

Pro-gay-marriage strategists, too, say the antiestablishment mood could blow back on their efforts. Critics of the change profess to see a darker mood. Universally, opponents interviewed by the Globe said that the establishment backing for the referendum had helped create an atmosphere of intimidation.

Mary Rose Doherty said the government and the European Union forces behind it have helped depict referendum opponents as hostile to homosexuals — a charge she called unfair.

“We have respect for them,” Doherty said, seated on a couch in her living room. “We’re being called homophobic, we’re discriminating, we’re intolerant. Well, those things are not true.”

We see that kind of labeling from the agenda-pushing Zionist media machine all the time.

“People suddenly, because they continue to hold the age-old belief in what marriage is and what family is, find themselves being treated as the equivalent of white racists in Alabama circa 1950,” Quinn said.

Same if you speak out against illegal immigration.

* * *

Because it is so well known as a heavily Catholic country, Ireland’s vote on the referendum is bound to resound beyond the small island. 

How ironic is it that pooper-pumping priests and others would oppose this?

Irish activists are aware of the attention.

“This will be an international tipping point,” said Tiernan Brady, policy director for the Gay Lesbian Equality Network.

Conversely, Brady said, the fallout from a failed referendum could be harmful to the gay-rights movement....

Has the vote been rigged and the staged and scripted acts of homophobic hate ready to roll?


Also seeGay rights supporters protest Ind. law


Religious beliefs law signed in Ind.
Indiana may revisit religious freedom law

Look at that Lobby extracted a sixPence. I'd say they are more powerful than the Jewish Lobby, although both spring from the same source.

Protesting Indiana law, EMC won’t attend trade event
Malloy bars state-funded travel to Indiana

Men's Final Four there next week! Creates a problem for NCAA, no?

Ind. governor OK’s needle exchange


Judge rejects diocese’s bid to set aside in vitro verdict

You can also go through these to see if there are any you like:

Federal judge blocks Nebraska’s same-sex marriage ban
For now, Ala. court upholds same-sex marriage ban
Texas court urged to reaffirm ban
Same-sex couple marries in Texas under court order issued due to illness
Oklahoma committee OKs ban on regulating conversion therapy
Mormon church backs Utah LGBT anti-discrimination bill

I'm glad it met with Globe approval.

Homeless gay youths use ‘survival sex’ to live, study says

May not be able to much longer:

"California’s attorney general moved Wednesday to block a proposed voter initiative, the Sodomite Suppression Act, that would mandate the execution of sexually active gay men and women. The author, Matthew G. McLaughlin, a lawyer in Huntington Beach — who did not return a telephone call seeking comment Wednesday — has a tough road ahead. He would have to gather the signatures of 365,880 registered voters, and it seems highly unlikely that if he succeeded at that, voters in the state would approve a measure like this." 

Look, I may not be happy about the lifestyle per se (then again, what do I really care other than the above concerns stated regarding another hijacked social movement), but executing them all? 

Got our own ISIS over here.

Another death sentence:

"Military panel overrules assault charge" by Roxana Hegeman, Associated Press  February 25, 2015

WICHITA — The highest US military court’s reversal of a Kansas airman’s aggravated assault conviction for exposing multiple sex partners to HIV at swinger parties will effectively end such prosecutions in the armed forces, according to his attorney.

The US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces unanimously ruled Monday that prosecutors failed to prove that any of David Gutierrez’s acts were likely to transmit HIV to his partners.

The decision overturns a 25-year precedent that had allowed military personnel to be convicted of aggravated assault based solely on a positive HIV test, defense lawyer Kevin McDermott said Tuesday. Gutierrez was not accused of infecting anyone with HIV.

The court upheld Gutierrez’s conviction on lesser charges, and sent the case back to the lower court to have his sentence reassessed. Gutierrez was an Air Force sergeant in 2011 when he was stripped of his rank and sentenced to eight years in prison.

In his appeal, Gutierrez challenged whether the risk to his sexual partners at the parties in Wichita was high enough to constitute aggravated assault.

The appellate court concluded transmission of the disease was not ‘‘likely’’ to occur.


Got commuted, even as the military rape crisis got put back in the closet.