Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday Globe Special: Stuck In the Mud

This blog sure is:

"After snowy winter, New England braces for mud" by Patrick Whittle, Associated Press  March 29, 2015

WESTBROOK, Maine — Mud season is a rite of spring in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, when the snow and frozen ground melt, dirt roads turn into a mucky morass, and potholes gape through paved roadways.

This year, it might stretch into the middle of May because of a brutal winter that froze the soil and left heavy snow on top of it, forecasters said.

The season typically begins in late March — March 20 was the first day of spring — and carries through April, but this year’s mud season is starting late because of the cold temperatures and threatens to stick around until past Mother’s Day, National Weather Service meteorologist Tony Mignon said.

Are you kidding? (snowed on the first day of spring and there are flurries out there right now!)

The big question is how much rain the states will see in April and May, he said. 

Or snow, for that matter!

The muddy season is likely to cut into some of the states’ traditional springtime outdoor activities. Golf course operators said they are waiting to see how bad the season is before they decide when they will open....

Yeah, we all know how important is golf.


Yeah, never mind the early spring snowstorm outside the cold thumb of the East coast (still winter in Maine); the Globe has had the green thumb for three weeks now. 

I gave those a thumbs down, sorry. 

Btw, ground is still frozen here. Walked over it to get my paper.


As snow recedes, battered remains of bikes appear