Thursday, April 30, 2015

Martial Law in Maryland

How long before it comes to your town?

"Most surreal of all was the image of armed National Guard troops in camouflage-painted vehicles joining the police in patrolling the city."

Memories of the Marathon, and it saddens me how Americans are being manipulated to accept this over racial division. That's not to say those systemic problems are not real. The problem is that which is promoted by my agenda-pushing media is never for the public good or interest.

".... While Baltimore burns, the city has proven itself to be yet another staging ground in a long line of scenes involving “violent protests,” riots, and racial violence following an incident concerning police brutality, real or otherwise.

Although the issues that have set off the spark in most of these protests were entirely legitimate, government agencies, foundations, organizations, and NGOs immediately swooped in to divert the protests into racially charged fit throwing and often violent riots.

With a carefully orchestrated network that was capable of organizing large numbers of individuals on a moment’s notice, and a simultaneous media campaign that cleverly showed violence and riots but ignored peaceful or appropriately-directed violent acts, these organizations were able to turn what could and should have been a national movement into a racially-oriented hate-filled display of unrestrained destruction.

With this in mind, one might justifiably ask how these organizations might have such an effective network that operates in concert with a national corporate media apparatus in order to wreck legitimate movements and, out of those movements, create a counter-productive act of mindless fit-throwing?

The answer is the same as it has often been....

The American people must quickly learn the formula behind color revolutions, destabilizations, and the agendas of the world oligarchy before it becomes too late for us all. They must learn that simply because “leaders” appear to them, attempt to speak the same language and articulate rage does not mean that these leaders are men of the people.

Protests are necessary. Directed rage may also be necessary. But the wanton destruction of communities belonging to you or your neighbors is not only counterproductive, it produces rage that will be aimed back at you, and justifiably so. The entire country is being played like a fiddle. Baltimore is not an isolated collection of dupes, it is a microcosm. It is time the American people wise up and become street smart before it is too late.


See who is behind it?

"Are We Being Psychologically Conditioned To Accept Martial Law In America?" by Michael Snyder, on April 29th, 2015

Have you noticed that we are starting to be bombarded with images of troops in the streets?  Have you noticed that the term “martial law” is coming up a lot in movies, news broadcasts and even in television commercials?  In recent years, it seems like the solution to almost every major crisis involves bringing in troops.  In fact, it has already gotten to the point where when something really bad happens a lot of Americans immediately cry out for troops to be brought in.  And we are seeing the same patterns over and over again.  Just remember what happened in Ferguson – protesters were whipped up to a frenzy, when the riots began the police were ordered to stand down and not intervene, and finally National Guard troops were brought in as the “solution” to a crisis that had escalated wildly out of control.  This is the exact same pattern that we are witnessing in Baltimore, and as you will see below, National Guard troops all over the nation have been training for this exact type of scenario.  A couple of decades ago, many Americans would have regarded the notion of “martial law in America” as absolutely unthinkable, but these days the threat of civil unrest is causing an increasing number of Americans to embrace the idea of troops patrolling our city streets.

The anger toward the police that we see in the city of Baltimore is very real, but there also seem to be a lot of signs that the events of the past several days have been orchestrated and manipulated.   This is something that I covered in my previous article entitled “12 Unanswered Questions About The Baltimore Riots That They Don’t Want Us To Ask“.

But what we have found out since then is....


I'll be shutting this blog down after this post due to a self-imposed curfew, but I was just wondering what is on the minds of youth these days:

"Those surveyed supported a more forceful American foreign policy. More than half said they wanted Americans troops to take out ISIS in the Middle East. In addition, support for the United States to “take the lead in solving international crises and conflicts” has grown." 

As they preach nonviolence at home, huh? 

Who are these new militants anyway?

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Was the ballpark yesterday (media and authority were still allowed):

"Baltimore officials call for calm, unity in the city" by Richard A. Oppel Jr. and Alan Blinder New York Times  April 30, 2015

BALTIMORE — An edgy peace held sway here Wednesday as a huge crowd took to the streets again Wednesday night and the mayor and the police sought to tamp down expectations that residents would learn details Friday about how a young black man died after being injured in police custody.

Fears ran high that the end of the week could return this city to the violence spurred by the still unexplained death of Freddie Gray, 25 — particularly if people think they will get answers but do not. Speculation about the possible release of some or all of the findings has fueled expectations that the public will learn much more about the case that day.

But the mayor, the police commissioner, a large group of prominent clergymen and a lawyer for Gray’s family emerged from a meeting Wednesday to give a united warning against expecting any revelations Friday, when the Police Department has said it will turn its findings over to the state’s attorney for Baltimore, Marilyn J. Mosby, who will decide whether to seek criminal charges. Six officers have been suspended in the episode.

I wasn't.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has said she would like information to be released as soon as possible, but said Wednesday after talking with Gray’s relatives that justice matters more than speed.

She is in hot water for giving the agent provocateurs their space, thereby tipping the hand regarding the nature of the outburst. She's also been noted as one of Obama's supporters regarding the federalization of local police forces. Just playing her role.

“Whatever time the state’s attorney needs to make that determination, the family wants to get it right,” she said.

The Rev. Jamal Bryant, who delivered Gray’s eulogy Monday, said Wednesday that he had spent the morning visiting high schools, trying to debunk “a rumor going through the high schools that somehow or other, there was a verdict coming on Friday.” 

This is the guy who incited folks by saying people must pay and then came out and condemned what happened. As I stated before, I view clergy as government tools now.

A lawyer for the Gray family, Hassan Murphy, said that the Grays did not want a repeat of the arson, rock-throwing, and looting seen Monday night.

People venturing outside Wednesday found a weary, wary Baltimore, punctuated by one jarring scene after another. Protesters milled in the middle of intersections devoid of traffic and chatted with police officers in riot gear, workers cleaned up debris left by the rioting, and televisions showed the Orioles playing baseball in a stadium kept clear of fans for security reasons. Most surreal of all was the image of armed National Guard troops in camouflage-painted vehicles joining the police in patrolling the city.

That last sentence caught my attention.

“We’re not out of the woods yet,” Governor Larry Hogan warned, even as crowds gathered in the streets not only in Baltimore but also in several other major cities, including Washington and Boston.

SeeBoston demonstrators demand justice in Baltimore

In New York, several hundred people gathered in Union Square Park, and at least two dozen were arrested after they began pouring into nearby streets.

Have you seen "The Day the '60s Died?" because it feels like now.


Even after the investigations finish, the prosecutor’s office, if it decides to seek charges, must present the case to a grand jury and ask for an indictment. If there are to be criminal charges, they probably remain months away.

Officials said another potential flash point is a demonstration planned for Saturday, organized by Malik Z. Shabazz, an activist who has likened the police to an occupation force. He has predicted a turnout of up to 10,000 people.

Doesn't he have connections to Ferguson?

Shabazz said he planned to meet with city officials Thursday “to make sure Saturday happens without incident.”

The governor summoned the National Guard on Monday, after peaceful demonstrations gave way to violence following Gray’s funeral. Hogan said about 2,000 troops had been deployed, along with more than 1,000 officers sent by other police forces in Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Joining the Baltimore Police Department’s 3,000 officers, they increased the uniformed security forces to roughly double their usual size.

“This combined force will not tolerate violence or looting,” Hogan said.

Neither the governor nor the mayor was willing to predict when the troops might be sent home. The mayor said the situation on the streets remained “very fluid,” and one of her aides predicted that the Guard would be in the city for at least a week.

The web version added this:

The Washington Post reported that a prisoner sharing a police transport van with Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray ‘‘banging against the walls’’ of the vehicle and believed that he ‘‘was intentionally trying to injure himself.’’

Are you flipping kidding? That is so lame and weak! It flies in the face of the alleged video, and 

The prisoner was separated from Gray by a metal partition and could not see him. His statement is contained in an application for a search warrant, which is sealed by the court. The Post said it was given the document under the condition that the prisoner not be named because the person who provided it feared for the inmate’s safety.

The investigative document, written by a Baltimore police investigator, offers the first account of what might have happened inside the van. It is not clear whether any additional evidence backs up the prisoner’s version. 

I must confess I haven't looked or listened to him for a while, and I'm sure he has a view on the matter.

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That is not clear to the NYT.

Jason Downs, one of the attorneys for the Gray family, told the Post that the family had not been told of the prisoner’s comments to investigators.

‘‘We disagree with any implication that Freddie Gray severed his own spinal cord,’’ Downs told the paper. ‘‘We question the accuracy of the police reports we’ve seen thus far, including the police report that says Mr. Gray was arrested without force or incident.’’


And how are the kids feeling about all this?

"Millennials divided on whether justice system is fair to minorities" by James Pindell Globe Staff  April 29, 2015

American millennials are split on whether the US justice system is fair to people of different races and ethnicities, a new poll from Harvard’s Institute of Politics found.

Protests erupted after unarmed black men died at the hands of police in Ferguson, Mo., North Charleston, S.C., and, most recently, this week in Baltimore — prompting a national conversation about race relations and law enforcement. The Harvard poll of 18- to 29-year-olds showed 49 percent lacked confidence in the justice system, while another 49 percent said the system is fair.

Look at that, split straight down the middle, says the bastion of elitism and ruler training. 

What is it, white on one side and black on the other?

The survey also found changes in millennials’ political attitudes compared to previous generations. For example, those surveyed supported a more forceful American foreign policy. More than half said they wanted Americans troops to take out ISIS in the Middle East. In addition, support for the United States to “take the lead in solving international crises and conflicts” has grown 10 percentage points since last year....

Yeah, I noted that above and my heart sank when I read this piece of pure propaganda. You know, if this is true and the millennials feel so strong about WHY ARE THEY NOT ENLISTING?

The poll surveyed 3,000 young Americans between March 18 and April 1. It also showed millennials view the country’s top issue as the economy — a category that includes jobs, government spending, and income inequality.

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Seems odd that they would view that issue as the top issue after what I've been told.

Twelve percent of respondents said foreign affairs and terrorism were the most important issue for them, and 9 percent responded health care topped their list.

Get your health tax penalty bill or see the skyrocketing cost of the new premium yet, kids?

Asked for their feelings on specific issues, 80 percent said body cameras on local police would reduce racial inequalities, and 55 percent said global warming is man-made.


President Obama saw his job approval rating improve 7 percentage points since a similar poll in October.

In terms of the 2016 election, the poll brought good and bad news for Democrats.

Look at how this poll has strayed from it's ostensible purpose.

The survey showed 55 percent of respondents prefer a Democrat win the White House, versus 40 percent who said they prefer a Republican president. This figure has decreased from 2012, when 67 percent of millennials backed Obama, according to a Tufts University analysis.

The respondents preferred Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Democratic nominee, but there was no consensus among the large Republican field.

And from what I read, millennials are more conservative!

It’s clear, however, how these candidates can reach younger voters. The survey found 83 percent of respondents had a Facebook account, 44 percent had an Instagram account, 39 percent were on Twitter. A third of respondents said they had a Pinterest or a Snapchat account.

This group reported they were more likely to participate in politics on the Internet than they were attend a political rally or donate money.


Also see: Harvard Hotheads 

Are those the kids they polled?

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Gooey Gulf

2.3-magnitude strikes New Hampshire

Probably the result of fracking; however, the cure is a carbon tax on you that will benefit banks and allow Wall Street to LITERALLY create money out of thin air. 

Just wait until all the CARBONIZED DEBT OBLIGATIONS that will be BUNDLED and SOLD like the mortgage-backed securities and the DEBT-SWAPPING DERIVATIVES from such come due! You better take a big gulp of air now.

Speaking of someone full of hot air:

"Calif. governor orders higher targets for emissions cuts; Executive order calls for 40 percent reduction by 2030" by Adam Nagourney New York Times   April 30, 2015

LOS ANGELES — Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order Wednesday dramatically ramping up the state’s already ambitious program aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions, saying it was critical to address “an ever-growing threat” posed by global warming to the state’s economy and well being.


Brown faulted Republicans in Congress for “pooh-poohing” the threat of global warming.

Well, I didn't mean to; it was just the cold spring

He said that he wanted California to set an example for the rest of the country and the world on the urgency of responding to what he described as a slow-moving crisis.

“It’s a real test,” Brown, a Democrat, said in a speech at an environmental conference in downtown Los Angeles. “Not just for California, not just for America, but for the world. Can we rise above the parochialisms, the ethnocentric perspectives, the immediacy of I-want-I-need, to a vision, a way of life, that is sustainable?”

Who attended, how did they get there, and what was the CARBON FOOTPRINT on that? 


Brown’s order marks an aggressive turn in what already was one of the toughest programs in the nation aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The order marks the latest effort by Brown to position California as a leading force in the world’s effort to address climate change — and himself as a leader of that campaign effort as he faces his final years in public office. In his State of the State address in January, the governor called for reducing gas consumption from cars and trucks by up to 50 percent over the next 15 years.

Meanwhile, the oil and gas companies are calling for increased exploration and development even as prices crater (rising now, of course. It's always been a rigged price gouge anyway).

“Climate change poses an ever-growing threat to the well-being, public health, natural resources, economy, and the environment of California, including loss of snowpack, drought, sea level rise, more frequent and intense wildfires, heat waves, more severe smog, and harm to natural and working lands, and these effects are already being felt in the state,” Brown said.

Yeah, NEVER YOU MIND the INFRASTRUCTURE NEGLECT and MISMANAGEMENT ALL THESE YEARS! Never mind the pharmaceutical residue in the drinking water, the radioactive water ruining the Pacific, the degradation of land, sea, and air, the still gooey Gulf, etc, etc, etc. Just smell the fart mi$t of authority and shut up!

The governor’s speech, coming at a time when he has been trying to rally the state behind tough water conservation measures, was a reminder of the often conflicting demands of these twin challenges. Some of the central efforts proposed to alleviate the drought are highly energy intensive.

So are the WAIVERS he gave the FRACKING and AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY, the fraud!

The governor’s order did not give details of how the state would reach the new goals, though Brown in his speech here noted the success of the auto and energy industry so far in meeting the emission targets that the state has set over the years. 

So it LITERALLY WAS HOT AIR coming out his mouth!

He disputed the argument that such efforts would increase the cost of doing business in California.

“We’re sending the signals to the private economy to create, to innovate, and to make the kind of response that will enable Californians to live in compatibility with the environment,” he said. “We can do it.”

Yes we can --even if evidence shows it does in fact cost jobs!


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He wants to save the planet!

Worse yet, the Pope’s ‘moral voice’ needed on climate change -- as if that sickening den of sex-abusing clergy HAD ANY! That comes from a self-excommunicated Catholic. Ban says “climate change is approaching much faster than one may think, and there is no divide whatsoever between religion and science on the issue as climate change issues are now an article of faith,” while the Pope has bought into the banker's $cheme as well as the whole ISIS propaganda. He's no help; he's part of the problem.

Sorry to be such a bad apple, and I know I've offended some people but I'm really sick of the fart mist and am feeling sorry for those that still believe.

And if you won't accept those kinds of martial law, they can always throw a medical scare at you. Who can argue with a hazmat suit, right?

Or a coffin:

"An opponent of the Vietnam War and the invasions of Iraq, Mr. Irving Smolens, spoke for many years at assemblies at the Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. He also participated in discussions with students at Melrose High and at Malden Catholic High last fall. “I do support the troops, by advocating stopping the wars and bringing them home while they are still alive,” Mr. Smolens said at a 2011 Veterans Day poetry series, cofounded by Davidson, during the Occupy Boston protest in Dewey Square. She called Mr. Smolens “fearless, principled, and true to himself and his convictions.” He was buried in Hebrew Progressive Cemetery in West Roxbury." 

Maybe they will return one day. Getting a little nostalgic for it.

"Calvin Peete, who taught himself how to play golf at 24 and became the most successful black player on the PGA Tour before the arrival of Tiger Woods, died Wednesday morning."

That's one reason I've always hated golf. Saw it as inherently elitist and racist, but oh, how times have changed.