Thursday, April 30, 2015

Migrants All But Forgotten

Have to go to South Africa to see them:

"Hundreds leave South Africa after anti-immigrant violence" by Christopher Torchia Associated Press  April 21, 2015

JOHANNESBURG — Worried about their safety, hundreds of African immigrants headed out of South Africa in buses on Monday after deadly attacks on foreign-owned shops.

South Africa’s anti-immigrant attacks, in which seven people have been killed this month, have angered many across the continent. South African diplomats in at least two other African countries reported threats of reprisal attacks because of the violence at home.

The outbreak of violence in South Africa against immigrants has tarnished the reputation of a country that has one of the biggest economies on the continent and has been a destination for people seeking opportunity and an escape from turbulence elsewhere in Africa.

South Africa was also dubbed the ‘‘rainbow nation’’ for its relatively peaceful transition to democracy after the end of white racist rule in 1994.

As I noted in the previous post, however, the wealth inequality is soaring under black rule as well. It's all about cla$$, folks, while the propaganda pre$$ pushes race, gender, sex, age, anything else that will divide and distract.

Now the government is struggling to contain negative fallout from attacks on immigrants in some areas of Durban and Johannesburg.

Yes, imagery, illusion, and public relations are very important.

Activists in some African countries organized protests and called for a boycott of South African goods, as South Africa is a powerful trading partner in the region.

The more things change....

Kenmare Resources, a Dublin-based company, said it temporarily repatriated its 62 South African workers at a titanium mine in Mozambique after ‘‘reciprocal unrest’’ there that stemmed from the South African violence. The mine’s total workforce is nearly 1,400.

The South African government should be ‘‘less reactive and more proactive’’ in dealing with tensions over immigrants and the country should ‘‘be a bit more humble’’ about its aspirations as a continental leader, said professor Chris Landsberg, an African diplomacy and foreign policy specialist at the University of Johannesburg.

‘‘We are in denial,’’ Landsberg said.

Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini, an influential figure among the Zulu ethnic group in South Africa, condemned the attacks in a speech Monday at a Durban sports stadium. His remarks followed allegations that he provoked some violence with reported comments in which he said foreigners should go home.

There is a preacher in Baltimore that is doing the same thing.

President Jacob Zuma postponed a ceremony, scheduled for next week, in which the country’s highest official honor is bestowed on South Africans and foreigners who have contributed to South Africa, his office said. The event will be postponed so South Africa can mourn the victims of the anti-immigrant violence, including three South Africans and four foreigners, it said.

Meet the leader of the new apartheid -- one with a black face on it.

In Malawi, Information Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa said six buses carrying 390 Malawians from Durban were heading to Malawi and five more buses carrying Malawians were expected to leave the city on Tuesday. About 3,200 Malawians sought refuge in temporary camps, he said.

Those killed in anti-immigrant unrest included two Malawians, according to Malawi’s government.

About 400 Zimbabweans were also heading home from South Africa, said Isaac Moyo, Zimbabwe’s ambassador to South Africa.

Where they won't take in a movie.


So what do the South Africans get? Martial law! Like here!

"S. Africa sends troops after immigrant attacks" by Norimitsu Onishi New York Times   April 22, 2015

South Africa deployed troops Tuesday to areas recently hit by the surge in anti-immigrant attacks that has claimed seven lives and exposed the government’s inability to stop the violence.

Soldiers were sent to support police in Alexandra, a poor, predominantly black township in Johannesburg where South African men were photographed fatally stabbing a Mozambican man over the weekend. A couple from Zimbabwe suffered injuries from a shooting in Alexandra on Monday night.

Though the township had otherwise quieted down the past two nights, the government made a show of dispatching the army there Tuesday, perhaps stung by growing criticism that its slowness in responding to this wave of violence had helped it spread.

The goddamn scripts read the same wherever you are.

“We come in as the last resort,” Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, the defense minister, told reporters at a news conference in Alexandra. “The army will serve as a deterrent.”

You will be begging for it!

Mapisa-Nqakula added, “This is not too late; this is just the right time.”

Attacks against immigrants — mostly Africans from neighboring countries who live, and often run small businesses, in impoverished areas of South Africa — began about two weeks ago in the eastern city of Durban.

In recent years, as a weak economy has squeezed the poor in South Africa, frustrated young men have periodically leveled their anger at African immigrants. Troops were also deployed in 2008 when a wave of anti-immigrant violence killed more than 60 foreigners in Johannesburg’s townships. 

I wonder if their government is as di$ingenuou$ne$$ as mine.

Authorities said the latest unrest was incited by xenophobic comments made by influential figures from the Durban area, including Goodwill Zwelithini, the king of the Zulus, the country’s largest ethnic group, as well as President Jacob G. Zuma’s eldest son, Edward.

It's okay in the West  when trying to get and keep a war going.

“We ask foreign nationals to pack their belongings and go back to their countries,” the king was quoted as saying last month.

The king later said that his comments were part of what he called a broad criticism of lawlessness in South Africa.

The president, who has not commented on the remarks made by his son or the king, spoke out against the violence Thursday, but only after it had spread to Johannesburg, the country’s largest city.

A vast township that extends a few miles east of Johannesburg’s wealthiest suburb, Alexandra includes modest, middle-class stretches, but also sections of shacks with only rudimentary plumbing. Unemployment among young men there and similar townships is estimated at more than 40 percent. 

But it's irrational hatred behind the protests.


"South African demonstrators condemn attacks on immigrants" Associated Press  April 24, 2015

JOHANNESBURG — Several thousand people marched through South Africa’s largest city on Thursday in a demonstration against recent attacks on immigrants that killed seven people.

Demonstrators walked through the center of Johannesburg, passing high-rise neighborhoods that are home to many immigrants, a large number of whom come from other African countries.

The crowd sang, whistled, and beat drums. Children in school uniform mingled with activists.

The attacks stemmed from a perception among some South Africans that immigrants are taking jobs and opportunities at their expense.

They are. That is the globalist plan all across the world. It creates a completely subservient labor class.

One speaker at the march, Bishop Paul Verryn, told the crowd that the wide income gap between the poor and the wealthy in South Africa would lead to more anger among citizens.

Ya think?

‘‘We will begin to fight amongst ourselves because we are embedded in violence and hatred,’’ said Verryn, who housed many fearful immigrants at the Central Methodist Church after a bout of anti-immigrant violence in 2008 killed about 60 people.

Eat the rich.


Not forgotten:

Two victims of Alabama boat sinking ID’d

Even that story is getting more coverage than the European migrants lost at sea. Looks like Neffenger got off the boat just in time for his flight.

"Three days after Nepal’s worst earthquake in 80 years, the official death toll climbed past 5,000 and the prime minister, Sushil Koirala, said it could reach 10,000. But the extent of the destruction and loss of life in the countryside remained largely unknown. Isolated villages like Ramche that have been all but cut off from the world." 

You can read Badu's story if you like; New York Times must know him.

Also seeDoctor near Mount Everest offers insight on Nepal quake

The Globe's contact.

‘‘Besides the rather obvious and glaring philosophical difficulties of pursuing a recreational venture in the midst of a national and local disaster, there are the on-the-ground mountaineering realities that will not permit us to look upward again. We have no viable route through the Khumbu Icefall and the earth is still shaking. We’ll put our efforts into an organized and safe retreat from the mountain,’’ said Dave Hahn, a guide for Rainier Mountaineering Inc. The climbing season is over."

"People picked up remarkably quickly that the latest turd-polishing 'humanitarian rescue' operation of World Jewry was bullshit:  "Israel’s Nepal rescue mission: Infants born to gay Israelis via surrogate mothers" --

There may be even more to the story than that as the entire Israeli angle has disappeared from my pre$$:

"Aid starts trickling in to remote areas of Nepal" by Katy Daigle and Johnson Lai Associated Press  April 30, 2015

KATMANDU, Nepal — The first supplies of food aid began reaching remote, earthquake-shattered mountain villages in Nepal on Wednesday, while thousands clamored to board buses out of Katmandu, either to check on rural relatives or for fear of spending yet another night in the damaged capital.

Frustration over the slow delivery of humanitarian aid boiled over in a protest in the city, with about 200 people blocking traffic and facing off with police.

The protest was comparatively small and no demonstrators were detained. But it reflected growing anger over bottlenecks that delayed much needed relief four days after a powerful earthquake killed more than 5,000 people, injured twice that many, and left tens of thousands homeless. Police, meanwhile, arrested dozens of people on suspicion of looting or causing panic by spreading rumors of another big quake.

Yeah, the elite and their thin blue lines really f***ed up running this planet. I mean, everywhere you go now....

Helicopters finally brought food, temporary shelter, and other aid to hamlets north of Katmandu in the mountainous Gorkha district, near the epicenter of Saturday’s 7.8-magnitude quake. Entire clusters of homes there were reduced to piles of stone and splintered wood.

The UN World Food Program warned that it will take time for food and other supplies to reach more remote communities that have been cut off by landslides. Geoff Pinnock, who was coordinating the flights, said with more than 8 million Nepalese affected by the earthquake, including 1.4 million who need immediate food assistance, the effort will continue for months.

President Obama called Prime Minister Sushil Koirala and discussed US military and civilian efforts already underway, the White House said.

The Great Savior!

Police said the official death toll in Nepal had reached 5,266 as of late Wednesday. That figure did not include the 19 people killed at Mount Everest....


And don't miss the Fidelity and Comcast calls for contributions, either.

What also disappeared after a day:

"Afghan official: At least 52 dead in landslide in northeast" by Rahim Faiez Associated Press  April 29, 2015

KABUL — A massive landslide in a remote province in northeastern Afghanistan killed at least 52 people Tuesday, a provincial official said.

All terrorists like US airstrikes.

The stricken area in Badakhshan province is cut off from the rest of the country, covered in snow and is only accessible from the air, significantly hampering any rescue efforts, said Shah Waliullah Adeeb, the provincial governor.

Badakhshan is one of the poorest and least-developed regions of Afghanistan. It regularly suffers huge landslides when snow begins to melt in the spring.

The deputy head of Afghanistan’s National Disaster Management Authority, Mohammad Islam Sayas, said initial reports suggest the avalanche struck only one village but it was probably completely wiped out.

Badakhshan is in the Hindu Kush and Pamir mountain ranges. Unchecked environmental degradation and deforestation across large parts of Afghanistan contribute to a growing problem of landslides when winter snows melt and seasonal rains begin.

Haven't the Afghans suffered enough?

Afghanistan has suffered through some three decades of war since the Soviet invasion in 1979.

Al-CIA-Duh provoked it, and Zbigniew Brzezinski is proud of it.

But natural disasters such as landslides, floods, and avalanches have taken a toll on a country with little infrastructure or development outside its major cities.

In May 2014, a massive landslide in Badakhshan province killed some 350 people in a remote region. Another Afghan landslide in 2012 killed 71 people.

Related: A Landslide and Flood of Afghanistan Articles 

There were a few this year, too.

And in February, almost 200 people died in an avalanche in the Panjshir Valley, not far from the capital, Kabul. Heavy winter snowfall made it difficult for relief workers to reach many villagers who were stranded on their rooftops for days without food or water.

Afghanistan's version of Katrina?

Yes, it was another brutal winter but don't let that get in the way of the global warming gas.


I'm not seeing a propaganda pre$$ campaign for Afghans, are you?

Btw, I went back and looked at what else the Globe has given me regarding Africa since the boats started sailing and all I cam up with was a Al-CIA-Bob bombings of a UN van and restaurant. Nothing about Libya at all.


Nepal now been back-paged in the front section, and I suspect will soon disappear.

"In Nepal, cheers and joy greet rescue of teen boy" by Ellen Barry New York Times   May 01, 2015

KATMANDU, Nepal — Officials announced Thursday the creation of a National Reconstruction Fund to rebuild infrastructure, and the government said it would pay families almost $1,400 for each person who died as a result of the quake to help defray funeral costs and other expenses.

Is that alls Nepalis life is worth??? $1400 bucks?


The government’s top tourism official said that climbs of Mount Everest may resume, if climbers decide to go ahead. They said they are packing it in, and that's kind of stunning.

Call me crazy, but conditions don't seem to warrant that right now and the howling of ghosts and lost spirits.... I did study some Eastern religions during my time at college. Elective. Great stuff, too.

Many climbers who had hoped to summit Mount Everest have left and at least 19 were killed when a massive avalanche triggered by the earthquake swept through the base camp.

That will get the HAARP people singing, and my immediate reaction was earthquake caused tsunami -- which gets us back to that radioactive leaks of what, 300 tons a day since it started and the authorities having no idea what is happening down deep in the pit that is Fukushima. It's the Chernobyl of our generation, worse than that, and it's being ignored and minimized.

But the rescues were the news of the day.

I'm always happy when my propaganda pre$$ puts a :-) on things and kinds the lone corn kernel in the turd.

At a news conference, Bill Berger, who is heading rescue efforts for the US Agency for International Development, spoke of how extraordinary it was to save people beyond the “golden” hours after a quake, when the likelihood of finding survivors are best. That period, he suggested, usually ends after three days.

AID = CIA, and that brings the question of what are they in there to clean and cover up? Nepal a CIA station in the middle of that WWIII front line?

“We had a really good day. Actually we had a great day,” he said, a proud moment after days of hardship, and amid frustration from citizens who accuse their government of ineptitude.

How dare they! I'm sure they are doing all they can, lovin' ya just like here. Governments are good and serve people in times of crisis. Yes, they ignored you until that time and are taking advantage of such things too further their $elf-$erving agendas, but it's for your own protection and they love you. 

The rescues were among the rare bits of good news on an otherwise dreary and rainy day during which the enormousness of the tragedy continued to sink in. The death toll has exceeded 5,800, with many more confirmed deaths expected.

That's more than are being sunk in the Mediterranean, and look who is coming to help the migrants!

Although aftershocks continue, the terrible weather seemed to have persuaded an increasing number to leave the tent cities set up throughout the city....

Forget that, they found someone and it's a great day, a great day!


I used to think at least disaster coverage was still an up-and-up and worthy pursuit by the ma$$ media, but even that has fallen into disrepair. Sorry.