Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sunday Globe Special: Plane Crash in Quincy

Just a drill!

"Simulated plane crash in Quincy helps ready local, federal agencies; Drill lets emergency workers practice dealing with plane crash" by Jennifer Smith and Melissa Hanson Globe Correspondents  May 02, 2015

QUINCY — Operation Alert Three Maritime [with] members of the US Army Reserve volunteered to act as live versions of the plane’s passengers and crew members.

To alert the public to the exercise, Quincy police set up electronic sign boards along Wollaston Beach. “We want the public to know we’re practicing this, but we don’t want the public to be alarmed,” he said.

This is really an in-your-face-laugher in light of the admitted announcement of drills during Marathon 2013. You know, the crisis drills they framed the Tsarnaev kids for, with a possible piggyback by Craft International security contractors.

About 50 volunteers from the Army Reserve stood on the open back of a barge. Each was handed an envelope telling them whether they were wounded, terrified, or dead.

Like you would script something (blog editor frowns).

With the scene set, the call went out to begin the drill. A worst-case scenario like this is “sort of like game day for us,” Massport Fire Chief Robert Donahue said.

Oh, Good Lord!

As an extra challenge, Gillan said, midway through the drill officials were told that a woman wanted by police was on the plane, and was presumed to be hiding on one of the rescue boats.

This really is a Jahar (pronounced Joker in native dialect), right?

Amid the chaos, the officers had to scan the scene for a suspect evading capture....


So is the film footage going to be presented later as some sort of real event, terrorists taking planes down into the sea short of landing, that sort of thing? 

Kind of been there, done that and worse with those towers collapsing before our very eyes. That was a horrible day.