Friday, July 10, 2015

Stowed Away Slow Saturday Specials

I wanted to get a head start on tomorrow and ditch these tonight:

"Frequent plane stowaway leaves jail" Associated Press  July 04, 2015

CHICAGO — A woman who has repeatedly tried to sneak aboard airplanes around the country has been released from the Cook County Jail in Chicago, insisting she’s through with her run of stowaway attempts.

‘‘I feel free as a bird,’’ 63-year-old Marilyn Hartman told reporters outside the jail Thursday.

Hartman was arrested after trying several times to get past security at O’Hare and Midway airports in April and May. She has tried numerous times in recent years to board flights without a ticket and succeeded at least once, flying from San Jose to Los Angeles last August on a Southwest Airlines flight.

So smells like a crap psyop to me, and if not, if all true, then what good has all the surveillance and security been?

In that incident, she slipped past an agent who was checking a family’s boarding passes, went through security screening, and then somehow got past a gate agent.

She pleaded guilty this week to misdemeanor criminal trespassing on state land and was released Thursday after nearly two months in jail.

Speaking to reporters, she offered little in the way of explanation for her behavior, saying only that ‘‘even smart people do stupid things.’’

In the past, she has talked of struggles with mental illness and homelessness, saying she feels safer in airports than in the streets.

On Thursday she said she was done with stowaway attempts and would stay out of airports unless she had a ticket.

‘‘If I have a ticket, I can go,’’ she said. ‘‘If I have a ticket to ride. Sounds like a song. But if I have that I can go.’’


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Helicopter went down:

"Pilot faulted in reality TV helicopter crash that killed 3" Associated Press   June 20, 2015

LOS ANGELES — A helicopter pilot working on a reality TV show was the likely cause of a crash that killed him and two other people, federal investigators have determined.

The determination was contained in a probable cause report by the National Transportation Safety Board on the February 2013 crash during filming of a military-themed show for Discovery Channel.

The report released Monday determined the pilot should not have continued flying while having difficulty seeing because of a small light being used to illuminate an actor in the cockpit. The report also faulted a Federal Aviation Administration inspector who reviewed plans for the shoot for not recognizing the dangers of the nighttime filming, given the rugged terrain of the valley where the crash occurred.

Yeah, okay. 

"Reality" show, huh?


They always blame the dead guy.

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