Friday, January 1, 2016

9/11 Hijackers Stayed at Hyatt Regency

See: Hyatt Regency TV Spot, 'Comedy Central: New Material' Ft. Eliza Shlesinger

I saw that while watching "Tommy Boy" on ComedyCentral last Sunday.

I don't know if you noticed anything strange about the piece; however, I am going to offer these observations I noticed right away regarding a very strange advertisement.

She is at the lobby desk telling the attendants she is going to be testing out material on guests and one asks "Is it going to be funny?" (Only in a laughing-in-your-face-way, imho)

The first thing that jumped out at me after that was her knocking on the door of room 1911 and saying "It's me with a joke." The door opens partly and then slams shut. (First things first. Of all the room numbers they could have chosen.... what the clever mind-manipulators seem to be implying is the 9/11 narrative and official story is a joke on you! The door to 9/11 truth is opened and then slammed shut)

Later she says "knock, knock, whose there?" and then brays like a sheep. (The sheep are the American people and they don't know who is there, ha-ha)

We are then told the business offer is brought to you by Hyatt Gold Passport (like one fluttering out of a fireball and down to the ground, right) before she closes in the elevator by telling people she was "killing in the front row." (Yes, it's all a big laugh and smiles. Of course, we all had a front-row seat that day, and call me a pervert if you will but I couldn't help noticing the cleavage -- signifying the gap between the twin towers?)

I suppose I wouldn't have noticed had I not recently been made more aware of symbolism and other such things.

Time for me to bed down for the night.