Saturday, January 9, 2016

Slow Saturday Special: OverHeard in the Kitchen

You'll have to get another job:

"East Coast Grill to close this month" by Kara Baskin Globe Correspondent  January 08, 2016

The East Coast Grill in Inman Square said Friday it will shutter on Jan. 23, ending a 30-year run in the Cambridge neighborhood.

The local institution — which attracted loyal fans for its spicy “Hell Nights,” raw bar, and barbecue — opened in 1985.

The closing comes as a surprise to the restaurant’s loyal fans. According to chef Jason Heard, last year’s brutal winter hit the business hard.


They are blaming last year's winter? 

Wouldn't this year's warm weather have $oftened things? 

Or is the economy like Goldilocks? Things have to be just right!

“We’re trying to get out ahead of this winter so we don’t have anything equally devastating. We want to give employees and their families time to find other stuff to do and to move on,” he said.

Who are they trying to kid?

“This was a hallmark destination restaurant at a time when there was really just S&S Deli in the neighborhood. We want everyone to know we’ve appreciated their support, and we want to close on a high note.”

Heard said that the Cambridge Street business is now for sale and has attracted restaurant industry attention....


Time to start scanning the want ads, 'eh?