Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hitting the Wall Wednesday

Starting from the top right of the front page:

Prison probe surrounding Aaron Hernandez’s death focuses on contraband

Honestly, that being the number one story day after day.... diversion and distraction, although the Globe finally did acknowledge the Newsweek article the sports guys have been talking about all week on page B1 (beneath the fold). I'm so not interested in that. Let the dead rest in peace. Not enough time for the living as it is.

MFA among museums hit by Instagram censorship The incident marks the latest twist in a struggle that has often pitted artists against the social media services they increasingly rely on to reach their audiences.

I have a strict policy here: no nudity, no addresses, no telephone numbers, etc, etc. I protect privacy, unlike the pre$$ and government, and have even self-censored myself via language. I no longer print out a blatant, bald-faced swear. It's always c*d*d but you get the gist.

Mass. cities hail ruling blocking sanctuary city retaliation

Environmentalists vow to fight Trump on Maine monument

You will never even miss them.

"Trump’s agenda once again stalls in Congress, forcing backtrack" by Victoria McGrane and Astead W. Herndon Globe Staff  April 26, 2017

WASHINGTON — Republican senators seemed to bend over backward to give Trump an opening to claim eventual victory on the wall by raising the prospect of a border security approach that doesn’t completely involve a wall. Maybe it’s a partial wall, maybe it’s a fence in parts, or drones and other technology. Trump’s wall is more metaphorical than literal, insisted Thom Tillis, a Republican senator from North Carolina. 

That was like the foundation of his campaign promises and the first one he made, and it's now gone. Forget the word games. My feeling has always been if a wall is good enough for Israel, well, it's good enough for us, too.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who hasn’t been shy about criticizing Trump, said that the president’s understanding of Congress from Inauguration Day until now has improved “one hundred percent,” and that Trump has done more outreach in 100 days than former president Barack Obama did his entire time in office.

There is a Graham that doesn't like him, and she couldn't be more wrong.


"Trump will have signed 32 executive orders by Friday, the most of any president in their first 100 days since World War II. Obama signed 276 executive orders during his eight years in office, slightly less than Bush (291) and Bill Clinton (364) did in their two terms, according to data from the University of California-Santa Barbara. Executive orders were used relatively infrequently until Theodore Roosevelt ushered in a new era of executive action at the beginning of the 19th century, signing more than 1,000 while in office and establishing a template his successors."

Now we know whom to blame and why received history loves him. Sure walks, talks, and looks like a dictatorship, and I see no mention of the term executive order in the Constitution.

One must-do on Trump’s agenda this week is to help Congress to avert a partial government shutdown by enacting a short-term spending bill by midnight Friday....

They will, and who knows what other goodies they will load into it as you are enjoying your weekend and not watching. By Monday the news cycle will have buried it.


Meanwhile, on upon page A8 turn-in one finds him groveling before the usual suspects:

"The controversy over Trump’s relationship with the Jewish community is one of the more bewildering story lines in a young administration brimming with paradox. The president is clearly seeking a reset in his relationship with the Jewish community, and his public statements on the issue have become increasingly emphatic, emotional, and rooted in the historical suffering of the Jewish people. On Sunday night, in a video shown to the plenary session of a World Jewish Congress event in New York City, Trump gave his most extensive remarks so far about the atrocities of the Holocaust. Simon Greer, a progressive Jewish activist who opposed Trump’s participation in Tuesday’s ceremony., said “Many of the people and ideas populating this administration could pose a threat to us. And something must be done.”

Their raw power is on full display, and that looks like a not-so-veiled threat!


House Oversight lawmakers say Michael Flynn sidestepped disclosure rules

That's all they've got on him?

Heck, they approved Mnuchin and he didn't disclose!

Then the fun began:

Court removes obstacle to releasing wolves in New Mexico

Justice Stephen Breyer's cellphone rings in court

It's all smiles, ha-ha.

San Diego schools launches effort against Islamophobia

If nothing else, it is an alternative to the Zionist curriculum that is shoved down student throats.

Methodist court takes up challenge to election of gay bishop

I'm not a Methodist.

Alles Named Secret Service Leader

Probably a good idea. They are clearly not up to the job anymore and "something needs to be done?"


LeadNorth Korea carries out huge live-fire drills as US warships gather In addition, one of the largest US guided-missile submarines showed up in the South Korean port of Busan ‘‘for a regularly scheduled port visit.’’


"A Thai man hangs infant daughter on Facebook Live, then hangs himself" by Lindsey Bever The Washington Post News Service  April 25, 2017

A man in Thailand reportedly hanged his 11-month-old daughter while broadcasting on Facebook Live on Monday and then hanged himself in what the social media company has called a ‘‘appalling incident’’ amid a recent string of live-streamed tragedies.

The incident underscores other brutal crimes, violence, and self-inflicted pain that has played out on Facebook and other social media platforms. The company removed the footage.

In another incident that received wide attention, police said 37-year-old Steve W. Stephens posted a video on Facebook of himself killing a 74-year-old man in cold blood on Easter Sunday on a street in east Cleveland....

That was a 2-3 day story, then gone. The mental trigger is still there, though, and you can feel good saying I remember!


Going to have to shut social media down, huh?

"Cyberattack on French presidential front-runner bears Russian ‘fingerprints’" by Rick Noack The Washington Post News Service  April 25, 2017

PARIS — A security firm claimed Tuesday that a new cyberattack against the campaign offices of the front-runner in France’s presidential race carried similar digital ‘‘fingerprints’’ to the suspected Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee and others.

Yeah, who left those "fingerprints" again (notice how the Globe wiped 'em clean)?

See: WikiLeaks Reveals "Marble": Proof CIA Disguises Their Hacks As Russian, Chinese, Arabic... 

And anyone else they want to frame (like North Korea?)

The report, released by the Trend Micro research group, did not disclose what possible fallout the infiltration had on the campaign of Emmanuel Macron, a centrist who is in a two-person runoff with far-right rival Marine Le Pen in the May 7 election.

But if a Russian connection was proved, the hacking would add to mounting allegations of Moscow-backed attempts to influence Western elections in favor of candidates with policies potentially more favorable to the Kremlin. Le Pen has voiced opposition to the powers of the European Union and has called for better ties with Russia, echoing the campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump.



"White House suggests Putin was directly involved in US hacking, but no proof was offered for any of the accusations and U.S. officials have not contended that Trump would have been defeated by Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8, nor has there has been any indication of tampering with the vote-counting."

Say again?

Tokyo-based Trend Micro said Macron’s campaign was targeted in March and April by a cyberspy group called Pawn Storm. It is the same group that has allegedly used phishing and malware to infiltrate other political organizations, such as Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party in Germany and the Democratic National Committee. 

Someone is being used as a pawn!

‘‘We found similarities in the IP addresses and malware used in the attacks,’’ said Rik Ferguson, the vice president of the company’s security research program. ‘‘The group behind the attacks certainly appears to pursue Russian interests,’’ he added....

Yup, uh-huh, right. What he said means nothing.


If Le pen wins, the Russians stole it. If globalist puke Macron wins, all legit even though fixed. That's the narrative they are constructing to be shoved down your throat

RelatedWikileaks Exposes CIA Involvement In French 2012 Presidential Election

But they won't/didn't do it this time!

RelatedLabour rules out second Brexit referendum In an election haunted by the ghost of Brexit, Labour’s latest outline will come as a blow to the 48 percent who voted to remain in the bloc and are unsure whether their vote can even matter given May’s crushing advantage in the polls. "

The "journalism" is getting downright disgusting -- and laughable!  

Also see: China to Nuke U.K.? 

I love this next item:

"Israel’s Netanyahu snubs German foreign minister for meeting with activists" by Ruth Eglash The Washington Post News Service  April 25, 2017

JERUSALEM — A diplomatic tiff erupted Tuesday over a planned meeting by the visiting German foreign minister with a group highly critical of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had issued an ultimatum to Germany’s top diplomat, Sigmar Gabriel: Either cancel that meeting or I won’t meet with you.

Later, Netanyahu’s office said the meeting with Gabriel was off after the foreign minister refused to drop his session with Breaking the Silence, a nonprofit organization that collects the testimonies of former Israeli combatants with the aim of exposing ‘‘the reality of everyday life in the occupied Palestinian territories.’’

Gabriel told a German network that it was ‘‘totally normal’’ to meet with groups such as Breaking the Silence. He said ‘‘it wouldn’t be a catastrophe’’ if he did’t meet Netanyahu.

More like a blessing.

Gabriel arrived in Israel on Monday, the day Israelis mark Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s a particularly sensitive time for Jews who remember the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis and the millions of Jews murdered during World War II.

Someone cue the cello to summon the ghosts (sigh).

Gabriel took part in an official Remembrance Day ceremony, laying a wreath at Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center. 

He still had to grovel like Trump.

He had been scheduled to meet Netanyahu on Tuesday until word of his meeting with Breaking the Silence reached the Israeli prime minister’s ears.

Breaking the Silence is particularly reviled by Israel’s right-wing political leaders, who claim the group’s actions aim to discredit the military — sacred soldiers who give their lives for the state — and undermine the Israeli state.

What makes the group even more controversial for Israelis is that the identities of those who share their military experiences are largely anonymous

That's okay when you are peddling war lies.

In the past, the organization retold the soldier’s stories to Israeli high school students and even to active soldiers. The goal, they said, was to raise a discussion in Israeli society of the army’s treatment of the Palestinian population. In recent years, however, there has been an attempt to muzzle the group.

In June, Palestinians will mark 50 years of Israel’s military occupation, viewed by much of the world as illegal.

It's called the Nakba. Wonder if I'll get an article in my jewspaper.


"China bans certain baby names in heavily Muslim region" By JAVIER C. HERNÁNDEZ New York Times News Service  April 25, 2017

BEIJING — The list of names, a copy of which was provided to The New York Times by Uighur activists, is titled “List of Banned Ethnic Minority Names.”

Security officials in Urumqi and other cities in Xinjiang said in interviews that if residents did not comply, they risked forfeiting critical benefits for their children, including education and health care.

Where do they think this is, Wisconsin?

Rights advocates said the ban showed the lengths to which the government would go to limit the civil liberties of Uighurs in the name of fighting terrorism.

“China’s policies are increasingly hostile,” said Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the World Uyghur Congress, a group in Munich that advocates self-determination for Xinjiang. To combat what officials describe as extremism in Xinjiang, the Chinese government has put in place a series of restrictions in recent years. Earlier this month, security officials imposed bans on long beards and veils in public places.

Now it looks like France!

This year, officials held large rallies of paramilitary and police forces as a show of force in Xinjiang. The region has struggled with clashes between residents and security officials and occasional acts of domestic terrorism....

They run any drills?


Btw, the Uighers work with CIA and are their arm in western China and the resource rich Central Asian region.


A child in Yemen dies every 10 minutes as humanitarian aid falls short by 85 percent, U.N. says

Globe didn't want you to see that?

Made sure you saw this:

"Ivanka Trump draws groans for defending father’s attitudes toward women" by Monica Hesse Washington Post  April 25, 2017

BERLIN — Panel moderator Miriam Meckel, the editor in chief of the German publication WirtschaftsWoche, in her opening question to Ivanka Trump, said, ‘‘The German audience is not that familiar with the concept of a first daughter. I’d like to ask you, what is your role? And who are you representing — your father, as president of the United States, the American people, or your business?’’

‘‘Certainly not the latter,’’ Trump responded, adding, ‘‘I’m rather unfamiliar with this role as well, as it is quite new to me.’’ She remained poised throughout the exchange, explaining that she was ‘‘listening and learning’’ and that she hoped that knowledge would help her effect ‘‘incremental, positive change.’’

It was a more pointed line of inquiry than Meckel had asked any of the other women on the panel, which included German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde, and Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland. But Trump had come to the summit with more to prove.

Well, Freeland is some sort of closet Nazi, or at least her Ukrainian father was involved in collaboration.  I have that on good sourcing. 

As for LeGarde, well....

IMF chief on trial in France over misuse of public money

It's all funny, huh?

Lagarde faces setback as critic says payout was scandalous

Not much of a setback considering the sentence.

IMF chief is found guilty of negligence, but won’t face prison time or a fine.

She is apparently above the law and most powerful argument for extraterrestrial life I have ever seen. And now she is appealing.

When Merkel visited the White House in March, some critics found it inappropriate that the elected chancellor was seated next to the president’s daughter. But Merkel herself was apparently unbothered. She and Ivanka Trump realized they shared interests in women’s entrepreneurial issues, her office later said, and extended the younger Trump a personal invitation to participate in the international W20 summit on women’s entrepreneurship.

In the days before Ivanka Trump’s arrival, German newspapers parsed the meaning of her visit, wondering if Merkel had found in Ivanka — perceived as levelheaded and moderating — more palatable diplomatic inroads than with President Trump. ‘‘How powerful will Ivanka Trump become?’’ wondered one newspaper headline. Another simply ran a picture of Ivanka, captioned with the phrase ‘‘First Whisperer.’’

She is reportedly the one who got him to bomb Syria.

In the audience, before the panel, the specter of HBO’s John Oliver ran through the Intercontinental’s ballroom, where the panel was being held: the late-night host had dedicated a segment to worrying about nepotism and the power held by Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner.

I'm thinking he is the real president. Trump is into the show and the marketing of his office. He's leaving the rest to subordinates and family.

Ivanka Trump has become a subject of wide interest and wider speculation. She has never expressly disagreed with her father’s policies in public, but she says that she has done so in private.

The Tuesday panel, as one American delegate to the W20 put it, had the potential to be ‘‘her global coming-out party on a serious level.’’

The panel covered a wide array of issues. Trump said that she was concerned about a shortage in mentors for young businesswomen and about the digital divide that prevented women in developing countries from accessing the technology necessary to do business in a modern world. At one point, the moderator asked panelists whether they considered themselves feminists, and while Merkel demured, saying she wasn’t sure whether she fit the title, Trump proudly raised her hand, and spoke of the fact that people in hiring positions at the White House were predominantly women. (The president’s Cabinet, though, is populated almost entirely by men.)

But it was mention of the chief occupant of the White House that ultimately drew consternation from audience members: Several audience members began to audibly groan and hiss.

Like me when reading the Globe on a daily basis?

After the panel, she answered questions from a cluster of reporters, including a few on whether she thought the moderator had questioned her more harshly than the other panelists.

‘‘I’m used to it,’’ Trump said, smiling. She said that she thought it was important for people to learn to disagree in respectful ways, which is what she thought had happened at the conference. She spoke excitedly about an international fund that had been discussed during the panel — one that would provide female business owners access to capital, another issue about which she feels passionate.

After she left the hotel, she toured a vocational training center, stopping to greet and ask the names of each student, admiring their work, and pretended it was her fault when hot beverage machine they’d built seemed to malfunction.

‘‘I should have pressed ‘coffee,’ ’ she apologized. ‘‘I threw it a curveball by pressing ‘hot chocolate.’’’


I'm not $en$ing a lot of $exi$m amongst the elite; it's an issue -- along with race, sex pref, age, religion, and anything else they can wedge -- used to have us all looking from side to side rather than up and down.

"Brazilian prison gang suspected in Paraguay’s ‘heist of the century’" by Joshua Partlow Washington Post  April 26, 2017

MEXICO CITY — The commando-style raid in the early hours of Monday unfolded with military might and coordination.

Just about says it all.

Dozens of gunmen blocked highways and burned trucks and cars, sealing off the perimeter of their target for hundreds of yards. The assailants, who were wearing flak jackets and driving in armored vehicles, used explosives and .50 caliber guns to blow the facade off a transportation company office in Ciudad del Este, a town in Paraguay near the smugglers’ haven in the border region with Brazil and Argentina. They killed a policeman, broke open the vault, then escaped, apparently fleeing by motorboats up the Paraná River with millions of dollars.

The haul was initially estimated at $40 million, which would be roughly equivalent in today’s dollars to the amount lifted during the ‘‘Great Train Robbery,’’ the infamous 1963 theft of a post office train in England. Officials with the targeted company, Prosegur, which transports valuables, said the amount was less. Still, Paraguay news reports were calling the robbery the largest in the country’s history and the ‘‘heist of the century.’’

Paraguayan authorities said the gunmen were Brazilians, and news reports suggested the heist was possibly the work of a Brazilian criminal organization, First Capital Command, known by its Portuguese initials, PCC. The gang, which began in the prisons of Sao Paulo in southeastern Brazil, was also involved in the deadly prison riots in Brazil earlier this year.

Actually began in 2016, but they did pick up in early January with several riots before calm was restored, and we had same problem about same time here, wow!

Lorenzo Lezcano, one of Paraguay’s top security officials, estimated that 40 to 50 gunmen took part in the heist, and that it was well planned.

After the robbery, Brazilian police tracked some of the alleged assailants close to Foz de Iguazu, Brazil. A shootout there left at least three gunmen dead. Four others have been arrested, according to Paraguayan officials. The Paraguayan government tweeted out photos of some of the slain gunmen lying in the grass, wearing what appeared to be camouflage.

The border region of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, known as the Triple Frontier, has long been a hub of illicit activity, particularly smuggling. US and South American authorities in the past have suspected that the area has even been used by Hezbollah operatives and other possible Islamic extremists and underworld figures from the Middle East.

OMG, they are trying to tie it to terrorists!!

I suppose the CIA and other alphabet agencies must have missed them amidst their own drug and gun running, 'eh?



"White-power groups banding together, but for how long?" by Jay Reeves Associated Press  April 25, 2017

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — White extremists, almost by nature, are seldom good at working together.

Creating consensus among white nationalists, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klansmen, and the like is akin to herding rattlesnakes, given the caustic personalities often involved. Members typically get mad at each other and split, sometimes within days, resulting in the near-constant re-creation of groups and a churning of both leaders and followers.

That’s why it’s something of a surprise that an alliance of white-power groups born in a KKK bar in Georgia is marking its first birthday. Composed of multiple extremist groups, the Nationalist Front had its anniversary Saturday.

Similarly, six Klan organizations from around the country announced a consolidation last month.

The common goal, as these alliances see it, is protecting the white race at a time when the Census Bureau projects whites will be a minority within three decades.

Watchdog groups that track hate organizations aren’t impressed. ‘‘These things never last,’’ said Heidi Beirich, director of the hate-monitoring Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Beirich said that while white supremacists have been emboldened by President Trump’s election, such groups have been trying on and off for decades to merge, generally to appear larger than they are.

But leaders say there’s a difference this time: A spokesman for the Nationalist Front, Matthew Heimbach, said US nationalists are trying to follow the example of far-right European groups that have learned to work together rather than bicker over ideology, theology, and organizational structure.

US nationalist groups have cooperated on projects such as video presentations and propaganda strategies over the last year, Heimbach said, and they worked together to support white nationalist Richard Spencer when he spoke at Auburn University earlier this month.

Originally called the Aryan National Alliance, the Nationalist Front renamed itself and dropped its use of the swastika in an attempt to broaden its appeal.

Some robe-wearing KKK members who were initially part of the Nationalist Front dropped out, and some Klan groups are now consolidating to build membership and power.

Photos from the meeting where the Klan alliance was formed showed about two dozen people in KKK robes and black uniforms giving the Nazi salute, but organizers said that was only leaders.

Looks like staged and scripted propaganda to me! 

Btw, it is government and Zionists that are behind the fringes. Think of the four avenues you have to choose from "left and right" and then realize that the entire range of debate is like a funnel. Whatever outcome will work for them, and all the leaders behind these things are "former" government agents and all that. They need enemies, otherwise the people have no use for them!

Beirich said she is less worried about new supremacist alliances than free-standing extremist entities such as The Daily Stormer, which she describes as an anti-Semitic, misogynistic, racist website that entered the real world last year by forming ‘‘book clubs’’ that hold local meetings.

I don't go there but maybe now I should.

Beirich said a single hate-based website can reach millions....

Those are the big players, not me.

The article then goes back to the 1960s, sigh, where the pre$$ wants us to be. Back then we believed!


Looks to me like it's the $upremaci$t pre$$ that is in a time warp. They know just as much about the domestic terrorists as the Nigerians!

Contrasting accounts of Arkansas execution from witnesses

Who do you believe?

Special K For Breakfast 

Already ate the article.


Public pans GOP’s latest approach at replacing Obamacare


90 days in, Trump’s travel ban still looks like bigotry

No man is entitled to forgive another man’s killer

See Thailand above.

The New Democrats bring their pitch to Boston


Mass. Democrats wade into Mideast waters

Sunk by raw Zionist power.

Homeland Security’s John Kelly is unhinged

Must have come loose because it didn't make print.


The benefits of the Winthrop Square project easily outweigh the complaints

Lost my shadow.

Governor Baker files bill targeting ‘revenge porn’ and sexting

For LGBT youth from the South, a safe haven in Provincetown

Can reworking traffic lights make the Green Line faster?

I hope so because I want to get away from here.


Councilors: Don’t let Cambridge employees fly United on public’s dime

Heavy rains give way to drizzle on Wednesday

Did you notice the strange clouds over Boston Tuesday morning?

I try not to think weather control and moderation, but with the chemtrails up there who knows?


Why UMass Amherst’s newest building is made almost entirely of wood

Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and.....

Surprise! East Boston High School student receives full college tuition

No region or blotter today, and I did look before sweeping everything up.


Feds give Mass. nearly $12 million to fight opioid abuse

Trump obviously doesn't hold a grudge.


Endicott College student diagnosed with mumps

Baby enters world with help of Lynn officer (who is also a nurse)

Lawrence Catholic school administrator fired for alleged inappropriate behavior

That last one didn't make print, and I'm not dropping any other names.


Shadow debate shows how desperate Boston is for money

WTF? The place is flush with cash!

Trump’s tax-cut plan would give favorable rate to businesses large and small

Since the financial crisis, Bain has been big on Europe

With SMA treatment, it looks like Biogen has another blockbuster drug


New Big Macs boost McDonald’s sales but doesn’t bring more customers
11 make claims of racial bias at Fox News
Coca-Cola says sales drop, will cut 1,200 jobs
J.Crew to cut 150 jobs as sales lag
Nearly half of Fortune 500 companies have targets to reduce carbon footprint
Tyson looking to purchase Maine company
JetBlue’s profit plummets on higher fuel costs, expenses
LVMH to take over Christian Dior
Alitalia on brink of bankruptcy


Polartec plant to be put up for auction

That put seasonal workers, many of them immigrants, out of work, and nobody wanted to buy the company so they had to look for work on Mars. Some found it, others found themselves in a place of no hope.

Canadian leader responds to lumber tariffs imposed by the US

Cut Trump down to size, did he?

Google targets ‘fake news,’ offensive search suggestions

Beer at Target’s Fenway store was too cheap, state says

I was going to have one for the road but the Feds shut me off no matter how much money I threw at them.


Wells Fargo shareholders tepidly reelect bank’s directors

Big whoop.

Nasdaq hits 6,000 as strong profits push stocks higher

It's a parade of profits for corporate AmeriKa!

Get ready, self-driving cars are coming to more Boston roads

Make sure you check the skies before going out tonight.