Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday's Metaphors

Page A9When is a wall not a wall?

That's about the time I hit it.

Now back to the front page lead:

Trump’s plan cuts tax rates across board

It won't be until August at the earliest that we see legislation, according to previous Globe reporting, and who is that standing next to Mnuchin? Just a “natural evolution,” I guess.

Globe will tell you who are the winners and and losers as you work yourself to death.

Immigrants, refugees too afraid to seek critical help

They are obviou$ly at the top of the agenda push.

John Kerry is switching islands

No offense, but who gives a damn? Front page?!!


Scientists keep increasing projections of sea-level increase by 2100

(blog editor just shakes head at printed National lead. I wonder who will win the NBA championship that year. I project the Oklahoma City Thunder)

NASA spacewalking suits in short supply, report finds

Makes you think they never went to the moon at all, but ma$$ media and authority would never lie about such things.... right? I mean, what proof do we have other than what you saw and were told on a TV screen?

America’s rich get richer as the poor get replaced by robots

Yes, what will they do with all us "irregular" people?

Raleigh, N.C., swamped by biggest rain event since Hurricane Matthew

Hey, look, I got see levels rising on the whole top half of the page so....

Coulter says Berkeley speech is “canceled’ but implies visit

15-year sentence for shooter at Black Lives Matter protest


White House briefs Senate amid tense moment with North Korea

I'm just thankful for each day I wake up and there has been no escalation. I dread the day when it will be different. 

US military ‘swiftly’ installing antimissile battery in South Korea

That's to counter China, and if history is any guide the $y$tem probably doesn't work to well.

China Launches Its First Aircraft Carrier Built at Home

Can see where it's all heading, huh?

Le Pen upstages Macron in battle for blue-collar votes


Venezuela goes through with threat to leave the OAS

Some are saying it's leftist thuggery. I tend to think not.

New South Sudan fighting displaces 25,000 people

Considering the massive displacement and migration , that's not that many.


Turkey detains over 1,000 police said to be linked to failed coup

Foes will fight vote giving Turkish leader new powers in European court

Turkey isn't even in the EU!

France: Analysis shows Syrian government behind sarin attack It’s thought that Assad’s government still has a stockpile of tons of chemical weapons, despite saying it had handed over all of them.

OMG, its IRAQ ALL OVER AGAIN! I guess the same script can be trotted out over the generations as memories fade while the youth have none at all.

Btw, why hasn't the Globe talked to MIT professor Postol?

Commander Takes Responsibility for Confusion Over Aircraft Carrier

Scapegoat falling on his sword, and it does nothing to change world perception regarding the lying U.S. military. In keeping with the article just above it, old guard readers will remember a little whopper of a lie called the Gulf of Tonkin incident?

In the 21st century, truth coming from authority is the exception, not the rule.


The growing horror in a city where 500 children were kidnapped by Boko Haram

Gotta love the timing.

Neanderthals in California? Maybe so, provocative study says

(Blog editor shakes head; regardless of the merits, that is hardly "news". It's up there with the sea-level story, only in the other direction)


Texas prisons’ solitary confinement policies amount to torture, report says

It's not just Texas....


With dispute over health payments defused, spending bill is on track

I told you they would have that all set by Friday midnight.

Freedom Caucus endorses latest Republican plan to revise Obamacare

Yeah, they need the healthcare money they will "save" for their tax cuts!


Defiant Trump vows to take immigration case to Supreme Court

I'm waiting for the backtrack, and for some reason this next item didn't make print:

Ivanka Trump parts ways with her father on Syrian refugees


Rumors distract from Aaron Hernandez inquiry

Misplaying the China card with North Korea

Those were also missing; guess the Globe doesn't want you seeing certain things.

Put these in their place?

Tax cuts are GOP’s weapon of choice in class warfare

Jonathan Demme — a populist of the best sort

Yes, I saw that and my favorite movie of his was the book tour by President Jimmy Carter.


What was Ivanka Trump doing on that panel anyway?

Abortion rift puts Democratic militants in charge


Scott Brown’s long-awaited win

N.H. lawmaker accused of starting ‘Red Pill’ forum on Reddit won’t resign

They lost their son in a car crash. Then, they presided at his funeral.

Creating inclusive schools for LGBTQ students

Fairmount Line ridership has tripled since 2012, study finds


Flying foxes, pawpaws, and Scott Brown

MIT students bring back tradition of tossing piano off building

Where did they buy it? Steinart's?


Jury convicts man for fatally poisoning ‘Whitey’ Bulger extortion victim

That's a name I haven't seen in a while, and Johnny Depp deserved an Oscar!

Inmate’s lawyer demands release of alleged Hernandez note

I don't want to see it.


Opponents of casino on Martha’s Vineyard file appeal 

I've given up the fight. They are here.

Maine man arrested with 1,200 doses of fentanyl from Massachusetts

Fatal State Police shooting of knife-wielding man on Esplanade footbridge in 2015 deemed justified

You expected a different result?

What didn't make print (again?):

New allegations surface about fired Lawrence Catholic high school administrator

Recognize any names?


Boston councilors back Winthrop Sq. skyscraper proposal

Back into the shadows?

For driverless cars, a left-hand detour

They can't even make a left turn

Hit the brakes and pass the popcorn, will ya'?

Long inspired by Justice Brandeis, he ends up at Brandeis University

I mean really.... 

Trump’s FCC can save the Internet — by doing nothing

That's how politicians and authority can do the least amount of harm.



Met with nothing but silence.


Biogen’s former CEO left as a very wealthy man

Let's hope it is not due to overpriced drugs or lost jobs.

‘Fearless Girl’ sponsor reports higher first quarter earnings

The State Street stealers are so wonderful when it comes to women!

House launches Dodd Frank battle

Twitter’s business shrinks, but investors see a glimmer of hope 

Nothing but elite talk.

So how many followers do you have?

Trump considers order that would start process of withdrawing from NAFTA

He's considering it, and I fully expect him to retreat just as he has across numerous fronts within the last three weeks.


‘Much-loved’ giant rabbit found dead after United flight to O’Hare

Can things get any worse for United?

Stock indexes wobble as Trump unveils tax plan

So what is the agenda for today?

Found this in the Sports:

Ed Werder, Jayson Stark among several high-profile ESPN layoffs

Only good thing in the Globe these days is the crossword puzzle.

"The story behind the whipped cream shortage — which involves laughing gas, a tragic explosion and a federal investigation — reveals one of the industrial food system’s core weaknesses: ‘‘This story is a metaphor for the vulnerability of the entire food system,’’ said Daniel Block, a professor at Chicago State University who has studied the geography of food distribution." 

That should top things off. 

Time for lunch.