Saturday, April 29, 2017

Slow Saturday Special: Choating This Down

"Two Choate trustees resign amid fallout from sexual abuse report" by Travis Andersen Globe Staff  April 29, 2017

Two former headmasters of Choate Rosemary Hall have resigned as Life Trustees of the elite Connecticut boarding school, amid fallout over a report that named 12 former educators who had allegedly abused or sexually assaulted students in cases dating to the 1960s.

I wrote holy sh** next to the printed paragraph in my paper.

The report, released by attorney Nancy Kestenbaum of the law firm Covington & Burling LLP, graphically recounted the experiences of 24 survivors of sexual misconduct and cited a consistent pattern: In almost all of the cases, school officials failed to report sexual misconduct to the authorities when the accusations first surfaced and quietly fired teachers or allowed them to resign.

The misconduct occurred from 1963 to 2010 and ranged from intimate kissing to groping to sexual intercourse. In perhaps the most egregious allegation, the school failed to report Spanish teacher Jaime Rivera-Murillo’s alleged sexual assault of a 17-year-old student in a resort swimming pool in Costa Rica in 1999.

47 years worth of it? Those poor kids, but at least it prepared them for the power relationships they would encounter in the wider world, right? Just trying to find some sort of silver lining to this rampant pedophilia amongst the privileged elite of our country.

Rivera-Murillo was fired for “just cause’’ shortly after the alleged incident, the report said, but went on to work at other schools. He recently resigned as principal of Wamogo Regional High School in Litchfield, Conn. and has denied the allegations.

SeeEducators accused of sexual misconduct often find new posts

Dozens of private schools have launched investigations in response to a Globe Spotlight Team series last year that found staff at more than 110 schools in New England had faced allegations of sexual misconduct in the previous 25 years....

 It's a small step forward, but that's how a long journey begins.



Report names 12 at Choate Rosemary Hall who allegedly abused students
The Choate abuse case asks the question: Will we never learn?

Also see:

"Lawmakers want to make it easier to punish educators who sexually abuse students" by Todd Wallack, Jenn Abelson and Jonathan Saltzman Globe Staff  December 23, 2016

State lawmakers and advocates in every New England state are pursuing legislation to make it easier to punish educators who sexually abuse students — and harder for them to get new jobs elsewhere working with children.

Massachusetts Senator Joan B. Lovely, Democrat of Salem, said she plans to introduce a comprehensive bill next month that will include a long list of changes, including making it illegal for high school teachers to have sex with their students, strengthening requirements to report abuse, and eliminating the criminal statute of limitations for cases involving sexual violations of children.

“We have to take care of our kids,” said Lovely, who said that she herself was a victim of sexual abuse at a young age.

Her efforts and those of colleagues in other states come after a Globe Spotlight Team report found more than 110 private schools in New England have faced allegations of sexual misconduct over the past 25 years. In more than two dozen cases, the Globe found educators moved to new schools after they were fired for misconduct, sometimes with glowing recommendations from their old employers....

They are mostly elite private schools.


So how is the bill coming along? Joan?


Alumni are boycotting a Phillips Exeter probe
Phillips Exeter still reeling from sexual abuse claims
Minister in bread ‘penance’ case allegedly had role in other cases

 Former N.H. legislator alleges abuse at Phillips Academy Andover in the 1970s

State officials investigate sexual assault of 7-year-old from Boston Renaissance Charter School

You $ee who is behind the charter $chool pu$h, right? 

It's about skimming the diverse cream and training the future ruling class and its staff of bureaucrats.

Burlington football coach on leave for inappropriate behavior Just verbal abuse

Former Chelmsford High student files lawsuit alleging sexual assault, retaliation

Man sentenced to 1 year in rape of child on Nantucket He is Hadi Mohamed Nabulsi, and his victim was a 3-year-old girl. 

Only one year for that?

Saugus mother sentenced for raping two teenagers

You see that a lot these days, older women who regret their lives and want to feel beautiful and wanted again.

"Weston’s school superintendent on Wednesday advised administrators throughout the system to talk to students about social media safety amid concerns that someone used a fake Snapchat account to solicit sexually explicit pictures from high school boys...."

Just wondering who would want to do that.

Also seeCollege Commencement Collage

Now that you have graduated:

"ITT Educational Services closes its campuses" by Patricia Cohen New York Times  September 07, 2016

NEW YORK — One of the nation’s largest for-profit educational companies closed all its campuses Tuesday, putting an end to an operation that has been accused of widespread fraud and abuse.

The move leaves thousands of students and employees in the lurch as a new school year begins.

The company, ITT Educational Services, has been under pressure ever since the federal Department of Education imposed strict new rules that bar it from enrolling new students who use federal financial aid....


That's why I haven't seen any of their commercials for a while.

Also see:

ITT Tech students refuse to repay loans in protest over government policy

Adds up to about $10 million with interest.

Sugar industry secretly paid for favorable Harvard research

No wonder the kids are so jacked up over coal.

Harvard endowment posts 2 percent loss

The manager was ‘lazy, fat, stupid’ so they hired someone new and fired a bunch of people.

Seven college endowments report annual losses in choppy markets

Study finds major earnings gap for men, women after college

Former Springfield College leader reaped $4.1m compensation package

Report faults Wheaton on sexual assaults

Facing hunger on college campuses

Colleges lavishing more financial aid on wealthy students Are you $urpri$ed?

There is still a group of students who need help with student loans a tale of two New Englands

College costs rising faster than financial aid, report says

BU professor meant ‘intimacy’ with students, not harm, lawyer says

They really lampooned him.

Controversy again engulfs Roxbury Community College
Change might be afoot at RCC’s Reggie Lewis Track
AG now involved in probe at RCC
Roxbury Community College case closed, but headaches remain

Time to go in a different direction.

With $50m, Bloomberg thanks Museum of Science

Faculty members at 14 Pa. universities go on strike

Wisconsin Student Charged With Assaulting 4 More Women

Lawsuit says Brown University did not properly investigate alleged rape

Rutgers confronts ties to slavery in report

Poor oversight of a student loan benefit may be hurting military borrowers, GAO says

Now that does it!

Mass. college removes American flag after flag burning, race concerns Hampshire College

Leaders of Seven Sisters colleges criticize Trump appointee Bannon

Don't worry, ladies, he is on the outs.

"ACS Education Services, a company that once managed one of the largest portfolios of student loans [and] owned by Xerox, will pay Massachusetts $2.4 million to settle charges of abusive collection practices and sloppy handling of accounts, the state attorney general’s office said Tuesday. Student loan servicing companies such as ACS have drawn the ire of consumer advocates and liberal lawmakers who say the firms are not doing enough to help people struggling with education debt. Servicers are paid millions of dollars by the federal government and private lenders to collect monthly payments, answer questions, and ultimately keep people from defaulting on their loans. Yet state and federal authorities say some servicers are falling short of those aims...."

"DeVry University and its parent company are paying $100 million to settle a federal lawsuit alleging the school misled students through deceptive ads...."

Meanwhile, your school can't afford pencils.

"Baylor, two women settle gang-rape case involving football players" AP  November 24, 2016

WACO, Texas — Two women who reported being gang-raped by Baylor University football players have reached a settlement with the school, which has been hammered by months of criticism that it ignored or mishandled assault claims for years.

The settlement was announced Tuesday night in a joint statement by Baylor’s interim president, David Garland, and the lawyers representing the women. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The settlement was the latest development in a scandal that has rocked the Baptist university. An inquiry this year found that the school mishandled assault cases for years. Football coach Art Briles was fired, school president Ken Starr was demoted and eventually left, and athletic director Ian McCaw resigned.

Baylor regents recently disclosed that 17 women had reported domestic violence or sexual assaults that involved 19 football players since 2011, including four gang rapes.


Also see‘Why white women shouldn’t date black men’ fliers discovered at Southern Methodist University

"Record number of campus assaults reported as more victims come forward" by Matt Rocheleau Globe Staff  December 23, 2016

Reports of sex assaults at New England colleges rose last year, continuing a dramatic multiyear climb that experts say is the result of increased monitoring of a historically underreported crime. Despite the increase, the numbers are still believed to undercount the true number of sexual assaults occurring on area campuses because so many cases go unreported.

Specialists say, and numerous studies have estimated, the actual number of assaults happening each year is several times higher than the number of cases captured in the reports. Still, S. Daniel Carter, a Washington-based expert on campus security, and others in the field said they are encouraged by the increase in the percentage of reported cases. The trend shows that more students are aware of and feel comfortable reporting a sexual assault, and it means more victims can seek help and justice, experts said....

Or they are a bunch of false charges to gin up PC sh** (like with Rolling Stone)?


Maybe they should be focused on the instructors and administration instead.

"Students apparently abused at N.Y. private school, report says" by Jonathan Saltzman Globe Staff  April 18, 2017

A law firm hired by an elite private girls’ school in upstate New York has determined that numerous students appeared to have been victims of sexual abuse and exploitation by educators and other staffers since the 1950s.

The 10-month investigation by the firm Cozen O’Connor uncovered behavior ranging from sexual harassment and groping to consensual, if inappropriate, relationships and rape at the Emma Willard School in Troy, N.Y.

The report also appeared to confirm much of the allegations of Kat Sullivan, who said she was raped by a teacher, Scott Sargent, in 1998. Sargent was fired after the incident, but the school still wrote him two recommendations, and he later found a job at a private school in Connecticut. Sargent was never charged.

The incident was reported by several media outlets, including the Globe Spotlight Team last year in a series of stories about sexual abuse at private schools.

“This investigation was undertaken so that we understand, plan, and educate about sexual misconduct,’’ the school’s leaders said in a letter to the community posted Tuesday on the Emma Willard website. “We are taking responsibility for the past so that our future is different.”

The report shared by Emma Willard comes five days after Choate Rosemary Hall released a similar report about widespread sexual abuse at the Connecticut school in recent decades.

That would get you back to the top of this post.


Btw, the churches no better:

"A 79-year-old man who once supervised altar boys as a layman in a Dorchester parish was arraigned Wednesday on charges that he raped a boy that he met nearly 30 years ago through his local church and youth baseball. Michael Walsh, who was ordained as a priest in Michigan in 2002 but quickly stripped of his ministerial duties because of a separate complaint. Walsh frequently took the boy he’s now accused of attacking and other children to restaurants, movies, and weekend trips, driving them to different places and then dropping them off at home, Suffolk Assistant District Attorney Ashley Polin said. The boy was also attacked at a hotel during a youth baseball trip to Cooperstown, N.Y., she said...."

What should have been a great memory for the kid turned into trauma.