Saturday, April 29, 2017

Slow Saturday Special: Out of Synch

Right from the moment I saw it on the rack.... 

Regulator sees ‘evidence of violations’ at Thornton Law Firm

Didn't she also get money?

"The Netflix series, released March 31, revolves around a student named Hannah who decides to kill herself. The show features graphic and intense depictions of rape and suicide...."

That's when I clicked off it. I see all the sick s**t advertised on TV and simply shake my head at what poison is being poured into the heads of kids these day. I am so out of synch with those ideas and thus quickly flip over the front page:

His City Hall job has a lot to recommend it

Yeah, time to park the front page.


Trimming the trees

Related: Polish Pollution

Can a congressman use campaign funds to give you free T rides?


Immigrant and refugee students learn about their rights

I'm not in synch with the agenda, sorry.

"The episode garnered national headlines and ignited a fierce debate over free speech on traditionally liberal campuses, particularly in the wake of President Trump’s November election victory that left much of the country sharply divided along ideological lines...."

There is no debate about free speech: you are either for it or against it.

See: No Middlebury Road 

We know who is dividing us and why.


BC cries foul after footage is used in video by Paul Ryan

"Cedar Street was quiet Friday morning, except for the sound of birds chirping and the starting of cars as residents left for work. A Boston police cruiser was parked near the shooting scene, but crime scene tape had been removed...."


Lockdown ends at Souza-Baranowski prison

Didn't get my wish.


Arkansas governor dismisses calls for full execution probe

You can check for yourself.


"Pope Francis in Egyptian capital for historic 2-day visit" by Nicole Winfield and Brian Rohan Associated Press  April 28, 2017

CAIRO (AP) — Pope Francis came to Egypt on Friday for a historic two-day visit aimed at presenting a united Christian-Muslim front to repudiate violence committed in God’s name.

Well, that's odd because my first printed paragraph is entirely different.

The Catholic pontiff is holding a series of deeply symbolic meetings in Cairo with Egypt’s religious and political leaders; he is also to participate in an international peace conference organized by Al-Azhar, the world’s primary seat of Sunni Islamic learning.


"Pope Francis arrived to a heavy police presence at Cairo's international airport. But he brushed off security concerns by driving into town with his windows rolled down in a simple blue Fiat -- not the armored "popemobiles" of his predecessors." 

Had to go to Arkansas to get the story right?

Francis will also show solidarity and bring a message of peace to a country that has for years endured an increasingly emboldened insurgency led by a local affiliate of the extremist Islamic State group.

Francis has said he wanted to bring a message of peace to Egypt, which has been enduring an increasingly emboldened insurgency led by a local affiliate of the Islamic State.

The pontiff’s Friday-Saturday visit will also lift the spirits of Egypt’s large Christian community after three suicide bombings since December — including deadly twin Palm Sunday church attacks — killed at least 75 people. IS claimed responsibility for the attacks.

In a speech to President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi and diplomats from around the world, Francis strongly backed the Egyptian government's crackdown against the militants, saying Egypt had a unique role to play in forging peace in the region and in "vanquishing all violence and terrorism."

He endorsed the Egyptian dictator who is worse than Mubarak?

After taking off from Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport, Francis stepped out of the Alitalia jet to a red carpet welcome in the early afternoon hours in Cairo. Two children, a girl in a white dress and a boy in a black tuxedo, presented Francis with bouquets of flowers.

Francis' major event of the day was a landmark visit to Cairo's Al-Azhar university, the revered, 1,000-year-old seat of Sunni Islam learning that trains clerics and scholars from around the world.

Then they are the seat of terror??

From the airport, Francis was taken to the presidential palace, the opulent Ittihadya, where he met with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi. Both leaders stood to attention as a military band played the national anthems of the Vatican and Egypt.

Did he mention income inequality?

There, he warmly embraced Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, Al-Azhar's grand imam who hosted the pope and other senior Muslim leaders, students and scholars at a peace conference. The conference center featured a mock-up of the famous Al-Azhar mosque, complete with faux windows and flooded with purple lights. 

Set up and stage for the next false flag fiction?

After talks with el-Sissi, Francis is to head to Al-Azhar, the revered 1,000-year-old seat of Sunni Islam teachings. There, he will meet privately with grand imam Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, and participate in an international peace conference later in the afternoon.

Speaking to the crowd, Francis recalled that Egypt's ancient civilizations valued the quest for knowledge and open-minded education, and said a similar commitment to education is required today to combat the "barbarity" of religious extremism among the young.

I stopped reading at that point because of the hypocrisy, save for this little nugget at the end:

Francis, too, called for an end to the flow of weapons and money to militants, saying that "only by bringing into the light of day the murky maneuverings that feed the cancer of war can its real causes be prevented."

I see that bazaar statement as a veiled reference to western intelligence agencies and their allies arming the very terrorists they are claiming to fight.

He better be careful driving around in that Fiat. Were anything to happen, jwho would benefit?


Wasn't part of the web Globe's world.

Friendly fire may have killed 2 Army Rangers in Afghanistan

My initial reaction to the item was Pat Tillman, and the name Jessica Lynch came right behind it. When I'm told the fight was against the  Khorasan Group I'm thinking total BS, but then I regain my senses and realize that the U.S. military would never lie about the death of soldiers.


Two drugs from Massachusetts biotechs win FDA approval

Six places Bob Kraft has tried — and failed — to build a soccer stadium 


"U.S. stocks closed modestly lower Friday, though all the major indexes still notched weekly gains. Phone companies, banks and materials stocks were among the big decliners. Technology stocks gained the most, while health care and energy also bucked the broader market slide. Investors continued to focus on company earnings reports as they mine for insight into the health of corporate America. So far, earnings have been mostly exceeding Wall Street’s expectations. But an unimpressive report on economic growth in the first quarter may have given some traders pause Friday. “The market is worried that the second quarter perhaps will see continued weakness, and that’s part of the tug-of-war we’re seeing in the market,” said Quincy Krosby, market strategist at Prudential Financial....."

I guess those last two are none of your business.

checked the Obituaries but have yet to read them because they are in the Sports section along with the crossword.

As for what is on on TV tonight, that just proves what fraudulent conduits are the members of the ma$$ media. I suppose I will never get over the laughing as Bush searched for nonexistent WMDs, ha-ha-ha.

Meanwhile, there are problems over at NECN, and that's the kind of thing your are going to get coming from a supremacist media, as hard as they try to hide it. As we see so often in the reporting, they have internalized the values of the sick masters and don't even know they are doing it.

I'm sure they will also be having a good weekend. I hope you do.