Saturday, April 15, 2017

Slow Saturday Flashback: Kerry's Hypocrisy

"John Kerry talks climate change but not Trump in Antarctica" by Associated Press, 11 November 2016

McMURDO STATION, Antarctica (AP) — Secretary of State John Kerry became the highest-ranking American official to visit Antarctica when he landed for a two-day trip on Friday.

What was the carbon footprint on the most-traveled SoS's trip out there anyway?

"We need to get more of a movement going," Kerry said when addressing several hundred scientists and staff at an evening event at McMurdo Station, the large base which is the hub for U.S. operations. "We need to get more people to engage."

Yeah, you have to “translate it into political fear” so that the world can be saved.

Did you $ee who is also on his side?

They want to take your money so they can give you a kickback called a dividend!

Kerry said there was a risk that much of Antarctica's ice will eventually flow into the ocean, raising sea levels worldwide.

Doesn't it already?

Despite the Paris agreement to cut the fossil-fuel emissions causing the planet to warm, "we haven't won the battle yet," Kerry said to the audience that included many young people involved in climate research.

That's where the print copy ended.

Earlier, a planned visit to the South Pole was scrapped because of bad weather. Instead, Kerry and members of his entourage were taken on a helicopter tour of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, one of the few parts of Antarctica that are largely free of ice year-round.

Kerry left from New Zealand early Friday aboard a C-17 Globemaster military cargo plane after being held up for about a day by bad weather. An experienced pilot, Kerry spent much of the flight in the cockpit of the huge jet, chatting with the pilots.

Kerry's aides described the trip as a learning opportunity for the secretary of state. He has been receiving briefings from scientists working to understand the effects of climate change on Antarctica.

Kerry has made climate change an intensive focus of American diplomacy during his term, and had previously spent decades working on the issue as a U.S. senator.

He planned to return to New Zealand on Saturday for a meeting with Prime Minister John Key. Kerry plans to fly next week to the Middle East for talks, and then onward to a global climate conference in Morocco, where he will give a major speech....

I suppose his carbon farts don't stink, huh?



"Kerry and the aides traveling with him to Antarctica, many of them young liberal Democrats, were not expecting Trump to win. The trip began a day before the election, and Kerry had confidently predicted a Hillary Clinton victory. He was flying over the South Pacific toward New Zealand the next day when the results began to come in. His aides rushed around the plane, shocked at some of the states Clinton was losing. The results were not definitive until he was in his hotel room that night in Christchurch....."

Must have had a Fletcher Prouty feeling to it. 

And while he was there:

"A powerful earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude hit the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island just after midnight Monday, triggering multiple aftershocks and tsunami waves and killing at least two people, officials said...."

Also seeNew Zealand plans rescue of tourists stranded by earthquake


Elizabeth Warren endorses Scott Brown for secretary of VA

"The VA has been under scrutiny in recent years for a litany of scandals involving shoddy health care for returning veterans, delays in providing treatment, and other issues. "

Brown didn’t get the job, Shulkin did. I'll bet Warren's endorsement didn't help, and now Brown has been relegated to the backwater of New Zealand.

New Zealand prime minister resigns after eight years
More than 200 whales swim away after New Zealand stranding
Young right whale found dead off coast of Barnstable
North Atlantic right whale found dead was ‘a little small’ at 15,000 pounds

What happened to it's head?

And there goes Kerry, swimming into the sunset....

Trump accuses Australia of seeking to export ‘next Boston bombers’

Who is leaking those phone calls?

Congressional leaders scramble to reassure Australia after testy Trump phone call

Oh, it's him.

Trump sends top aides to placate Australia after testy call

Yeah, about that call to Australia . . .

Australian children’s book writer blasts Trump over detainment at LA airport

Australia’s Parliament rejects public vote on gay marriage

Thank God(?).

Indonesia halts military ties with Australia over material it deems offensive

Indonesians rally for tolerance after blasphemy protests

Got to be some irony there.

Thousands take refuge in mosques after deadly Aceh quake
Aid groups descend on Indonesia quake zone; deaths reach 102

23 dead, 17 missing after Indonesian ferry catches fire Most of the passengers were Indonesians celebrating the New Year’s holiday, according to local media reports. Ferry accidents are common in Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelagic nation, with more than 17,000 islands. Many accidents are blamed on lax regulation of boat services.

17 still missing after Indonesia boat fire kills 23

The search ended there.

Man pleads guilty in boating accident in which woman lost her arm

More irony?

The strange route Benjamin Netanyahu took to get from Singapore to Sydney

Bali decides to not cover nude statues for Saudi king’s visit

Trump’s Indonesia projects still moving ahead

So what is next for John Kerry

If I come across anything else I will post it down under.