Monday, May 1, 2017

Mayday Monday

Sending out an SOS....

From the top:

Vanilla prices are giving scoop shops a giant ice-cream headache

Yes, the lead feature is literally vanilla.

Overtime costs Boston police more than just money

They are "working" 90 hours a week?

Trump’s invitation to Philippine leader stuns aides and critics alike

I like the move. I know, Duterte did this, Duterte did that. If we are losing him as an ally it makes sense to have him visit, doesn't it?

‘It’s a tax rip-off’ More than a decade after the Globe Spotlight Team’s reporting on financial abuses by private charitable foundations, has the situation improved?

See: Yawkey Talkey 

I'd say not.

Bridj, local on-demand bus service, is shutting down

Went nowhere after all the Globe promotion

Looks like it will be a long wait for the next bus.


Congress reaches deal to keep government open through September 

Didn't make print, and Trump won a $15 billion down payment for military.

Tornadoes, flooding kill 13 in South and Midwest

My national lead, and rightly so.

School voucher idea founders in Texas

Methodist court ruling a setback for lesbian bishop

Rallies planned nationwide in support of immigrants

Pastor admits impregnating teen, gets prison term

As number of adoptions drops, many US agencies face strains

Last two didn't make it?


Fugitive Afghan warlord returns, but peace elusive

Oh, look, it's the CIA's ace-in-the-hole, the terrorist warlord who has been rehabilitated!

45 civilians killed by coalition strikes in March, Pentagon says

Seems like a low body count, but the Globe didn't want you seeing that one?

Turkey threatens further strikes on US-allied Syrian Kurds

The whole situation over there is so f***ing convoluted with allies working at cross purposes and changing sides all the time. It's obvious here that Turkey doesn't want a Kurdistan like the globe-kicking war-makers, and thus the pre$$ is succeed on them today.

Iranian who ran TV network slain in Turkey

Who would want to put a wedge between those two?

France’s Macron honors Holocaust victims, vows ‘Never again’ 

His campaign is way off target, although sucking up to the Jews is a prerequisite to holding office in western nations.

Famed Swiss climber killed near Mount Everest

Cuban military plane crashes, killing 8 troops on board



Trump warns North Korea’s missiles will become more dangerous

As long as it is only words.....

Turkey purges nearly 4,000 more officials in aftermath of coup plot

That's a Turkish triple play today!


Trump seeks to cover people with preexisting medical conditions

They still need to repeal Obamacare to get the tax bill through.


Shadow rules in Copley too stiff a price for tower

The many walls of silence around autism

You might want to take a shot at this conspiracy theory before the new bird flu arrives, and that's all I have to say.


One legacy of Jane Jacobs: community walks around the globe

How to plan an affordable future for Boston


Spread of hate crimes has lawmakers seeking harsher penalties

They are really flogging the issue lately.


Nearly 100, a Boston firehouse eyes new start

Massachusetts Medical Society recommends medically supervised drug use clinics

Why not legalize it then?

After nearly 60 years and a two-item menu, Lawrence restaurant closes

Dorchester police captain enlists app to help combat commercial break-ins

Apps will solve any problem.

In the bottom left-hand corner I got a photo but no print.


Arlington joins neighbors and drops speed limit

New England news in brief

No room for the cello story?


Joe Biden in N.H.: ‘Guys, I am not running’



Lisel Judge, 101, fencer who fled Nazis, led Brandeis women to 16 N.E. titles


As stores struggle, Amazon closes in on tipping point for apparel

Must have been one for the Globe, too. Rubble of retail, huh?

Keurig coffee maker started a $100k fire, insurer Liberty Mutual alleges

That's one hot cup of coffee!

Myomo pioneering an IPO that includes small investors

Giving you a hand?

Five years later, DraftKings readies for its second act

I'll pass on that pick.


Yo ho ho! Pennsylvania aims to smash US embargo on Cuban rum

Is that what was on the plane?

Apple’s stock races ahead as investors bet on new iPhones

Globe didn't want to talk about those?


Is Ivanka Trump’s new book being buried?

I didn't see it on the shelves.

I hope someone got my message in a bottle.....