Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cellphone Calls Criminals For You

Let it ring. Voice mail will pick it up.

"Tracking your gadgets" by Hiawatha Bray, Globe Staff | March 4, 2010

GSM phones use interchangeable SIM cards. If the phone is stolen, the thief can make it his own by plugging in a new card. But GadgetTrak will send a text message to a friend or family member when the phone’s SIM card is replaced. The message includes the phone’s latitude and longitude and its new number. Now you can call the BlackBerry’s new “owner’’ and give him a good scare.

Of course, you’re better off hanging on to your stuff in the first place. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, thanks to GadgetTrak, there’s a chance your wayward gadgets will find their way home.

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