Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hungary Stomach Growling

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Actually, I think I'll skip that MSM meal.

"Center-right gets majority in Hungary" by Associated Press | April 26, 2010

BUDAPEST — Hungary’s center-right Fidesz party, led by Viktor Orban, won a two-thirds parliamentary majority yesterday, the National Election Office said....

“We can promise that we will strive to deserve this trust,’’ Lajos Kosa, one of Fidesz’s main politicians, told a crowd celebrating the victory in downtown Budapest.

Fidesz already had won the right to form the next government in the first round of elections April 11, but the two-thirds majority will allow it to pass legislation without having to secure support from the opposition.

The now-governing Socialist Party will have 59 deputies in the next parliament, followed by the far-right Jobbik with 47, and a green party, Politics Can Be Different, with 16....

Fidesz has pledged to reduce bloated national and local government payrolls.

Don't they all say that?


Where can I get something to eat around here?