Sunday, January 23, 2011

Slow Saturday Special: “Your Lies Killed My Son’’

"Bereaved relatives heckled the former prime minister....  Members of the audience shouted....  a woman burst into tears

I hope and pray they received some measure of cathartic peace -- a peace I hope scum like these never find:

"British authorities have refused to publish notes that Tony Blair sent to President George W. Bush before the Iraq war, prompting a complaint yesterday from the chief of a public inquiry into the divisive conflict....



Prop 102: Iraq and Government Lies

Yeah, Bliar knew the lies were war crimes; that's why he wanted the second UN resolution as cover.

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When is the Hague going to throw it at him?

"Blair offers apology over Iraq war dead; Families heckle ex-prime minister" by David Stringer, Associated Press / January 22, 2011

LONDON — Tony Blair, the former prime minister, offered an emotional apology for the deaths of soldiers and civilians in Iraq as he testified yesterday to Britain’s inquiry into the war. 

The 57-year-old Blair, making a second appearance before the panel to clarify evidence he gave to the same panel a year ago, also urged Western leaders to confront a growing threat posed by Iran....

Then his apology was insincere, and he's still a war-mongering, mass-murderer and tool of his Zionist masters.

Some bereaved relatives heckled the former prime minister as he expressed his remorse.

Members of the audience shouted: “Too late, too late,’’ while two women turned their backs on Blair and then walked out. An official brought tissues into the hearing for another woman who burst into tears.

“Your lies killed my son,’’ Rose Gentle shouted as Blair completed about four hours of testimony. Her 19-year-old son Gordon Gentle was killed in 2006 while serving in Basra in southern Iraq.

“You’re a disgrace to your office and our country,’’ Reg Keys shouted as Blair left. Keys’ son was killed in 2003.

A note prepared by a senior adviser in December 2001 — and published yesterday — warned Blair that the legal case for military action would be “threadbare.’’


Blair’s administration has been repeatedly criticized for allegedly overstating the case for war. In his note, the former leader told his chief of staff, Jonathan Powell, “we have to reorder our story and message,’’ in order to sway opinion....