Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pennsylvania's Water Park

It's not named Pi Pi's, is it?

"Pool bias settlement includes joint activities" by Joann Loviglio  |  Associated Press, August 18, 2012

PHILADELPHIA — A recently settled racial discrimination lawsuit involving dozens of Hispanic and black city children who said they were shunned by a swim club in an overwhelmingly white suburban neighborhood includes an unusual provision that aims to heal the wounds caused by the ordeal.

Listen to: Minorities in my waterpark

Parents and children from the Creative Steps day camp in Philadelphia and The Valley Club in Huntington Valley are looking forward to planning activities together, lawyers said Friday. The settlement, which still needs to be approved in US Bankruptcy Court, calls for $65,000 to be set aside to be used on joint activities.

‘‘The hopes are that both sides will come together, hold events together,’’ said Brian Mildenberg, a lawyer for Creative Steps. ‘‘Swimming, field trips, going places together, maybe day camps, just to be kids together, learn about each other and interact with one another.’’

Between 15 and 20 parents have agreed to participate and ‘‘want this outreach to work on healing what happened that day,’’ he said.

Such remedies are unusual in lawsuits, but this one came about at the urging of the parties involved, said Mildenburg’s cocounsel, Gabriel Levin....