Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stuck in Limbo in Massachusetts Jail Cell

"Man wrongly arrested still in jail 2 weeks later" by Milton J. Valencia  |  Globe Staff, January 30, 2013

Prosecutors acknowledged in US court Tuesday that they apparently arrested the wrong man during a gang sweep in Dorchester nearly two weeks ago, but they are not prepared to let anyone off the hook.

Assistant US Attorney Emily Cummings said prosecutors have identified the man known as Chew who was targeted in the investigation and that he is not ­O’Neil ­Taylor, who was arrested with about 30 other people during a raid on Jan. 17.

Taylor maintained immediately after his arrest that he is not the man authorities were looking for, and prosecutors agreed to release him pending an inquiry. He has not been arraigned in relation to the investigation, which is dubbed Operation Concord and is focused on violence and drug distribution by the Woodward Avenue and Hendry Street gangs.

Cummings said Wednesday, however, that authorities continue to look into whether Taylor had any improper relationship with those who were targeted, including Chew. She said that whether Taylor knew those in the group and “the extent to which Mr. Taylor aided and abetted a criminal enterprise” is being investigated.