Sunday, April 28, 2013

Slow Saturday Special: Marathon Sermon at Boston Mosque

Would Allah forgive me for dozing?

"Boston Muslims gather, saddened and shaken" by Lisa Wangsness and Meghan E. Irons  |  Globe Staff, April 27, 2013

Heiam Alsawalhi, a mother of four from Brookline, wanted to greet the Jewish and Christian clergy who came to offer their support....

In the days after the bombings, many local Muslims began sensing a backlash against their faith.

In Malden, a Palestinian woman was walking with her infant daughter when she was assaulted by a man screaming, inches from her face, “[Expletive] you Muslims, [expletive] you terrorists.”

Why did the term agent provocateur come to mind when considering who is behind this information?

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Why Am I No Longer Reading the Newspaper? 

Well, you know.... 

In some media reports, critics of local Muslim leaders rehashed controversies about the two main mosques in Cambridge and Roxbury. Critics say they are run by extremists, a charge local Muslims — and many Jewish and Christian leaders — reject as biased and inaccurate.

And in everyday encounters, many Muslims said they found a new tension in the air.

“You’re kind of getting those looks again,” said Omar Abdelkader, a 23-year-old student at Northeastern University.

Not by me.

In his sermon, Imam William Suhaib Webb, spiritual leader of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Roxbury, the city’s largest mosque, captured the sense of lamentation, bewilderment, and indignation his congregation felt....

Webb spoke of the powerful emotions experienced by community members — the surgical resident who rushed to help the wounded; the badly wounded Saudi woman who almost lost her legs; the foreign student who confided to Webb, “I just think the whole world is against me.”

But, the imam said, “the dark clouds that are so intimidating, they bring with them the gift of rain.”

He pointed to the 100 or so supportive e-mails he said he received from neighbors, as well as others around the country. And he thanked clergy of other faiths who had stepped forward to support the local mosques, including Rabbis Ronne Friedman and Jeremy S. Morrison of Temple Israel and the Rev. Burns Stanfield, pastor of the Fourth Presbyterian Church in South Boston and president of the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, each of whom addressed the Roxbury mosque Friday.

He said Muslims must politely but firmly stand up to their detractors. “No one has the right to define our community except us,” Webb said, adding, a bit later: “The best way to address hate is with love.” But tough love, he said.

"But tough love" was added to the web version, "similar sentiments echoed at mosques around the area" cut from the print. (And there go those Moos-lims again with their tough love, right? Whatta ya' wanna do, flog him?)

Btw, hate is not the opposite of love. Hate is the other extreme, because however perverse you still care when you hate. The opposite of love is indifference, not caring.

Imam Ibrahim Rahim of the Yusuf Mosque in Brighton told his congregation:

Why the rewrite?

Allah had nothing to do with this. Mohammed, peace be upon him, had nothing to do with this, and Islam has nothing to do with this.”

Absolutely. This was a false flag operation run by the U.S. government. Everyone in Europe and the wider world know it.

Web version:

“Today, we insist to our neighbors that we Muslims are people of peaceful covenant. As our neighbors, your blood is sacred, your lives are sacred. No one has a right to kill any one of us for any reason! We are against senseless hate and violence, as is Allah, Mohammed (peace be upon him), and the Holy Koran.”

Why the change? 

And at the Islamic Society of Boston in Cambridge, Ismail Fenni, an assistant imam, told the 100 or so people gathered that God would offer grace to those who respect the sanctity of life and deliver his harshest punishment to those who destroy it.

“As we live through this difficult and trying time after the tragedy that has touched us all, we must remind one another of the need to come closer and the need to help and care for one another,” he said.

The bombings presented a new opportunity for Charles Jacobs, president of Americans for Peace and Tolerance and a longtime critic of the Islamic Society of Boston, which owns both the Cambridge and Roxbury mosques, to argue his case.

That's scary terms and talk emblematic of an inside job.

In USA Today, Fox News, and other media outlets, he renewed arguments that the organization is tied to extremists. He believes their ultimate goal is to radicalize American Muslims and, eventually, to establish an Islamic society ruled by strict Sharia law. 

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“The problem is the radicalization of the historically moderate American Muslim community, which is particularly aimed at its youth,” Jacobs said. “We don’t hate Muslims. We’re not racist.”

You are supremacist.

Local Muslim leaders and many of their allies in other faith communities say Jacobs’s statements are false and hurtful to their communities.... 

Hurtful not to just you.


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Say again?

Nichole Mossalam, executive director of the Cambridge mosque, said her office has been deluged since the bombings with calls from the authorities, from the media, from people saying Muslims “should go back where you came from” — and from other people of faith wanting to help.

Well, if you want to apply that standard it's out of Israel for all the Khazar converts.

Rabbi Victor Reinstein of Nehar Shalom Community Synagogue in Jamaica Plain, who attended the service in Cambridge on Friday, said he reached out to his friend Fenni after the bombings.

“It was clear how much the people in the Muslim community were hurting, beyond the hurt we and all of us were feeling over the horror of the tragedy,” he said....

At the Roxbury mosque, Friedman told the congregation: “We stand with you — we are one Boston.”

Why must the Jewish media constantly make the focus (or at least work in a sentence or two) on or about Jews no matter what the topi.... oh, never mind.

Passant Ahmed, a dentist and mother of two children from Arlington, said she wept after Webb’s sermon, which she said touched many of the emotions she has felt over the last week — the horror after the attacks, fear about wearing her head scarf in public, and joy in the kind words of her neighbors....

You are getting some right here because we see through it all.


Oh, stayed awake for most of it. What I object to is the implication -- in my Zionist-controlled apologist and cheerleading mouthpiece for EUSraeli war crimes -- that the crap cover-story frame-up of two prescribed patsies is legitimate.  

On one level, it is terrific and diabolical propaganda. On another, it's disgusting mind-manipulation and who knows if it's even true anymore.