Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Globe Special: Running of the Bull

I wanted to get this up before I play some basketball this morning:

"102 hours in pursuit of Marathon suspects" by Globe Staff  |  April 28, 2013

A quiet afternoon in his garden beckoned as Governor Deval Patrick left the finish line of the Boston Marathon. After crowning the men’s and women’s winners with wreaths of laurel, he headed home to Milton around 1 p.m., looking forward to working in the dirt.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis stayed at the race until 1:30. He was watching runners cross the finish line, but also surveying security measures at America’s oldest and most famous road race, including teams of dogs and more than 1,000 uniformed officers and soldiers.

“Be vigilant,” Davis told them in parting as he headed home to Hyde Park, to join a conference call on gun control convened by Vice President Joe Biden.

It seemed like a perfect day. The Red Sox won at Fenway. A bright sun shone. A glorious holiday, when nothing could go wrong....

Few noticed the two young men, one in a black baseball cap, the other in a white hat turned backward, as they rounded the corner from Gloucester Street onto Boylston Street at 2:38 p.m. Each carried a bulky backpack....

Along the way, they put down their bags, paused several minutes, and left the scene. Four days later, one of the men would be standing on a street in East Watertown, firing a gun at police, shouting, “You want more? I give you more!”


Two explosions ripped through the sidelines of the race, 12 seconds and 214 yards apart, setting in motion a series of extraordinary, unthinkable, indelible events and triggering the largest manhunt in New England history. Thousands of law enforcement officers from dozens of agencies would respond before the end came four days later in a Watertown backyard, after a gunfight in the dead of night on a residential street and an unprecedented lockdown of an entire metropolitan area. Five people would die, 267 more would be injured. The city of Boston would be forever changed.

The army of law enforcement that converged at the site of the bombings — a 15-block swath in one of Boston’s most elegant neighborhoods, now the city’s largest-ever crime scene — faced forensic and tactical challenges new to almost all of them, or at least beyond their prior experience. It was a puzzle of unprecedented difficulty that began, literally, in thousands of broken, scattered pieces.

In more than 100 interviews with police, government officials, residents, and tourists who witnessed the week’s events, Globe reporters sought to reconstruct the actions of law enforcement agents between the April 15 bombing that killed three people on Boylston Street and the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev seven miles away in Watertown on April 19 after his brother Tamerlan was killed, the conclusion of an epic 102-hour manhunt that left one police officer dead and another badly injured. The newspaper inquiry turned up scores of new details, fleshed out the hard questions law enforcement confronted along the way, and the harder decisions it was forced to make. It also helped put many previously reported elements in proper order and context. A maelstrom of information — some factual, some speculative, some flat out wrong — followed in the wake of the calamity, as it always does in times of tumult. This story aims to assemble what is known, and remains to be seen, in one consecutive account....

Overflow alert! Overflow alert!


The rest was an eight-page, special section spread encompassing the whole piece. Sorry I didn't read it. I read these instead:

"Running of the Bull

"We're satisfied the two main actors, the people that were committing the damage out there, have been either captured or killed." Boston Police Commissioner, Ed Davis

We appear faced with yet another grand performance in the increasingly high drama that is the United States of America, a horrifying spectacle disguised as a terrifying nation. The USA has become the traveling Cirque du Hades, putting on fiery displays with thunderous ovation in all the places we grace with our presence, our militarily festooned actors a brutal and cautious reminder that as the show goes on, any may be called upon to perform.

Our mandatory participation becomes as an indentured repertory company with featured performers – the earnest, hard-working public officials trying to get to the bottom of it and the wily conspirators confounding them up to their ineluctable, fiery demise – and of course the randomly recruited bit players, blown to bits by the swarthy, heartless bad guys who hate them for their perceived freedom.

In the Main Stream and surging through the Interweb the pundits, apologists and kooks join the fray offering all manner of defense of a system in decay, or recrimination for a system willfully self-destructing. I readily offer myself upon the altar of the dysphemism treadmill as a kook with the full understanding that such a moniker self-applied becomes diminished necessarily because it is the opinion of a kook. And one would be a kook to agree with someone like that.

I am not the kind of guy who never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like. Frankly, as compelling as many of them are, they represent a tragic disconnect between appreciable reality and public perception which is disturbing to me. Those who challenge the orthodoxy in a forward-thinking culture would be held in esteem – they are the truth seekers, the vanguard against power run amok. Instead, where not the butt of social joke, we are increasingly trotted out as the instigators of minds prone to carnage.

Both AP and Huffington Post have suggested that the executed accused, Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s, immersion in conspiracy theories led to his radical response as demonstrated on tax day in Boston. As most conspiracy theories (at least the ones I consider) are the repudiation of violence and demand for accountability from the perpetrators, whoever they might be, one wonders how blowing up some people at a public event can be seen as an appropriate response to such inquiry. For the most part, it is the people in the Main Stream that call for killings and bombings. I don’t know of any conspiracy ‘kooks’ who do that.

Think about it for a paragraph: what do conspiracy kooks really want? What is our big demand? Accountability. That’s all. We want the mighty to be judged and repudiated just as the weak are. We want the people who really killed President Kennedy brought to justice. Same with the killers of his brother or Martin Luther King and each and every motherfucker involved in the horrid crimes of 9/11 – we want them imprisoned. We seek justice. That’s why people think we’re kooks. We look at the official story and see it for what it is. For calling bullshit when we see it, we increasingly become associated with the very thing we reject.


As with 9/11, the authorities readily acknowledge this as a conspiracy. When the FBI called upon the public to help identify someone they had been in contact with for over two years, they were very specific that we don’t look at the wrong suspicious characters, only the federally approved ones. We needn’t waste their time pointing out the military contractors with backpacks photographed near the site of the explosions. They apparently already knew who they were.

Curiously, one of the groups ready to point the guilty finger at the truth seekers is the FBI, who have been involved in bombings in the USA for decades. This organization provoked considerable ire when they murdered Vicky Weaver and her son while harassing her husband at Ruby Ridge. They also murdered a bunch of children in Waco while harassing their religious leader, David Koresh. This only a couple of months after they successfully bombed the World Trade Center in New York in 1993 with the help of some terrorists they were running.

"There is still an open question as to exactly what happened in this investigation. We can't say with 100 percent certainty...anything, actually, at this point." Ed Davis, again

We jump to convict Tamerlan and Dzhokhar in the media, owing to suspicions raised about them by the authorities. The authorities that pronounce unequivocally that they have caught or killed the bad guys, then state that they can’t be certain of anything. The authorities who killed one of them and will assuredly silence the other, already claiming he may never speak again. All based upon suspicion. Execution by accusation.

But even though it does the brothers Tsarnaev no good, let us remember others accused by the same authorities in regard to the marathon bombings, ultimately released back into the wild: a Saudi national was detained and released after his place was searched, turning up nothing – said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time; one supposes because people like him are known to blow things up. A couple of guys were detained in a cab that was stopped, as well as at least three others, all based upon mistaken ID. One, looking strikingly like Tamerlan, was stripped naked and placed in a police car on camera only to be released – with no name – so we are told.

This is interesting because a New Zealand news site offering transcripts of police band chatter reveals that the night Tamerlan was caught and killed was the same night they caught and stripped the suspect. Supposedly this occurred during the gun battle with the brothers, in Watertown, Massachusetts. A caller to a radio station purporting to be a witness said that a police vehicle hit Tamerlan and that they shot him repeatedly. The footage of the naked man shows a fellow of the same age, build, height, hair color and style as Tamerlan. He puts up no resistance to them, naked and handcuffed there, and gets in their car. Next thing we know, he’s dying in the street, run over by his brother, according to official accounts.  

The footage of the detaining of the naked man is very telling: A remote reporter interviews a journalist from his station about the arrest and the journalist states that he followed the police to a point where he could see all manner of them, in full military regalia, drawing down and shouting at someone to get out of a car which was off camera for him. He then stated that the person of interest surrendered (still out of view) and the police relaxed their assault posture. They then brought their suspect out, stripped him, handcuffed him and perp-walked him into the back of their car.

The reporter didn’t describe a crazed shoot-out, or bodies on the street with people throwing hand-grenades made of fully laden pressure cookers (think about 30 pounds); he described the authorities shouting someone down, that man surrendering and them stripping and detaining him. The police band broadcast has them detaining two suspects, one whom they release (see photo, clearly not the naked man) and the other whom they claim was killed by his brother. They also state that there is a suspect at large. Tamerlan then was the naked man. The authorities lied.

A considerable lie, wouldn’t you say? So, they admit they got it wrong with five of the people they accused. As they existed in very visible abundance on the day of the bombings and no place more than near the finish line, they also admit that all of the security measures and precautions they had taken were utterly useless. Just like on 9/11, the full weight of the system’s shockingly awesome defensive and protective forces were completely confounded by determined amateurs, homicidal vandals with nothing better to do than destroy people and their things.

Because that is what this again comes down to: 9/11 as well as the Boston Massacre II were not acts of actual terrorism so much as vandalism. Homicidal vandalism. Terrorism is in response to something and as such comes with demands: stop doing this, quit bombing that, release our imprisoned comrades, etc. 9/11 and BMII came with no demands (beyond those of the system which demands our compliance and that we further relinquish any remaining notion of rights) and no grievances have been aired.

Terrorists take credit for their acts; they are done with an objective (beyond carnage) in mind. No one took credit for either of those atrocities and no reasonably attainable objective can be discerned for those accused. (The same cannot be said for the accusers, for with each of these attacks they get more of what they want.) These acts, according to the government of the USA, were motivated by nothing beyond anti-social malice. That’s a hell of a thing to suggest.

Does it make sense?

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick on Meet the Press stated, in regard to Dzhokhar’s guilt as determined by the videos the FBI used to ID him, “It’s pretty clear about his involvement and pretty chilling frankly…”

The Governor acknowledged that he hadn’t personally seen the "chilling" video but apparently was cooled enough by the description of the publically unaired footage to pronounce them guilty. He seemed quite happy, even though he acknowledged that Dzhokhar didn’t behave like someone who had committed such a heinous act, he having returned to his normal scholastic activities immediately afterwards.

“When you consider the enormity of what he was responsible for, it certainly raises a lot of questions in my mind…”

So on one hand the Governor is content to pass judgment upon a grievously injured teenaged suspect based upon footage he didn’t see of him setting his backpack bomb and walking away, yet still has some questions owing to Dzhokhar’s inexplicable behavior subsequent to what would admittedly be a fairly significant event in most 19-year olds' lives. Just as Big Ed Davis readily pronounced the actors of the crime guilty and vanquished left himself an out by stating there were still many unanswered questions, the governor gives himself a pass as well.

It appears, as the power structure further entrenches itself in its escalating conflict against those who ultimately feed and clothe them, their actors are more willing to show, or are less incapable of concealing, what’s really going on. Slipspeak – truth snippets from unexpected sources. Why would Big Ed Davis call the perpetrators of this madness actors? Were they being directed off-camera? Was that his implied message?

Was he playing to or admitting to the suspicions of an increasing number of people that this was a staged performance? Micro-scrutiny of an event so photographed is going to occur in a nation where half the workforce is sitting around on-line, either employed or not. Frankly it seems a better social use of time challenging dubious authoritarian proclamation than trolling beaver.cum for unilateral dating opportunities, but idle time offers much to keep on one’s hands and both activities can be enjoyed by those so inclined.

Why do people feel it was a staged event? The explosions to begin with: big and billowy, loud and flashy but signifying much less than the IED bombs that go off in, say, Iraq or Afghanistan in sheer carnage and property damage. Were pressure cookers actually filled with projectiles and explosives, the public and property damage would likely have been far greater. Yet photos show windows in direct line with the blast blown outward, toward the explosion, not inward toward the business, as one would expect were numerous projectiles burst toward them.

They show people clustered around the thing that blew them apart: bombs burst from a fixed position and whatever is around them is blown away from the explosion. Yet photos show people clustered where they should be dispersed with an explosive of such magnitude. Their clothes are ripped from their bodies but no burns or torn flesh or spurting blood is evidenced, while others stand nearby watching instead of diving to the ground which most would do if something exploded but a few yards from them.

The explosions looked like special effects, something seen in movies or on TV. Real explosions are hot and fast, completely uninteresting for camera because they are over so quickly. Try filming a firecracker exploding. To achieve an even marginally interesting explosion on camera the normal 24 frames per second must be cranked up to 300. And it’s still over in a flash. As on 9/11 they were placed and timed for maximum camera capture – get all eyes and lenses turned toward the first explosion and when the second goes off, boom! the money shot.

Runners reported the presence of militarized police and their sniffy dog partners along the route with announcements over loud speakers that they were to remain calm, running there as they were, as the authorities were just doing some drills. Live fire bomb drills. In Boston, on the day of the marathon. Like in Washington DC or New York on 9/11 when they were doing drills for, you know, a terrorist attack. Or in London of 7/7 when they were doing drills for exactly the very kinds of bombings that went on that day.

This doesn’t escape those with historical grasp – live fire drills occurring just as random unknown terrorists show up for the real thing. Emergency management drills on the very day in the very place that random, unknown terrorists show up and blow the shit out of everything. Does a reasonable mind merely pass this off to coincidence?

What of the military cut-outs who some suggest work for the private mercenary organization, Craft? They are all in the same tan khakis and boots, black jackets, dark glasses and big black backpacks, like the ones used to conceal the bombs, not little grey ones like Dzhokhar’s. Three of them appear to be some policemen who were interviewed on camera for the Sandy Hook slaughter, though why three Connecticut police officers would be at the finish line of the Boston marathon precisely when things started exploding has to go on to the expanding list of those pesky questions. I for one am glad they are being asked.

Then we have Jeffery Bauman, the one who fingered Tamerlan as the mad bomber. He said that Tamerlan looked him in the eye, then walked away, Jeffery apparently uninterested in the reason a stranger would just set a laden backpack on the street at his feet and then leave. Jeffery identified Tamerlan from his hospital bed. Jeffery is the guy in the pictures being wheeled away from the carnage with his legs blown off.

Jeffery is a conundrum. Invisible before the event, he inexplicably became even less visible to those around him during it. Then he became a hero. Photo after photo shows him lying, writhing on the blood splattered pavement, his legs blown to shreds, surrounded by people completely oblivious to him. Next to him lies a fellow in a dark hoodie and dark glasses. In one shot, surrounded by smoke and pandemonium, Jeffery lying legless before him, he puts his dark glasses on. As many of the emergency workers were also in dark glasses, perhaps it was a fashion thing.

In another shot, the hoodie dude lies on his side in a casual pose listening to someone shouting instructions, Jeffery writhing around on the ground behind him. Nobody is even looking at him. The hoodie dude is apparently whole, no blood spurting out, his limbs intact; he changes position from shot to shot with no wailing or apparent difficulty. Yet there is a shot of him being tended to by two guys in gloves while Jeffery lies unattended inches from them, completely ignored.

Then, to make it all the more plausible, they wheel some people clearly less injured out on gurneys, but Jeffery, who has just had his legs blown off, which I think would probably hurt like hell, they roll out in a wheel chair. Now, I can’t speak for others, but if I had my legs blown off, I think I’d want to keep off of them. Instead, they put him in a wheel chair. Lots of gory shots of him, you know, for kids.

So, two days after a considerable event in his life, in a hospital bed, loaded up on goofballs, Jeffery IDs Tamerlan as his antagonist. And while I am angered at any loss of life or limb to senseless and unnecessary violence, I feel a responsibility to raise the question: could not the person who set the bomb be among those impacted by it? Is it plausible post 9/11 that a swarthy stranger setting a mysterious and heavy backpack at the feet of a bystander in a crowd, then looking into his eyes and fleeing, would elicit no response? It seems to me a hero would have immediately alerted authorities regarding such a thing, not just stood there until it exploded.

As established, by their own accounting as well as those of reporters on the ground, Tamerlan was taken without incident (beyond his shameful public nudity) only to be murdered disgracefully by the authorities. They accused him / they executed him. They lied to us about it. They also stated that Dzhokhar engaged them in a shootout, hiding there in a Watertown local’s boat, then shot himself in the throat a la Tyler Durden in Fight Club.

The Israeli doctor at Beth Israel hospital where both the Muslim brothers were taken for treatment stated that Dzhokhar probably would never speak again. Yet the LA Times reported that the young ruffian cursed the people in the ambulance mightily on his ride to what might strike some as an interesting choice of hospitals. Then another lie: it turns out, contrary to multiple police reports, that Dzhokhar had no gun. It was another one-way shootout.

Coupled with official warnings to not believe a word that comes out of their mouths, we have the words that come out of their mouths. No decisive video footage showing the boys in their nefarious deeds. No conclusive still photos. No logical course of action, no reasonable characterization of events, all official statements are contradictions. We are expected to accept ridiculous piled on ridiculouser. That's ridiculous.

I haven’t found any shots directly preceding the explosions, yet all manner of wide and gory representation immediately afterwards. It seems the shots prior would be of more interest than all the ones immediately afterwards because they tell much more. Cameras were pointed that way; numerous high resolution shots exist of the moments immediately subsequent to the event in grim relief. Where are the same angles just before?  In those shots we might see Tamerlan set his bundle before Jeffery, standing there.

Or maybe something else entirely.

“Look, we live in a very dangerous world. We know there are people who want to take away our freedoms. New Yorkers probably know that as much if not more than anybody else after the terrible tragedy of 9/11.” New York Mayor, Nanny Bloomberg

We are to believe that the expanding police state is the result of anti-social miscreants like the brothers Tsarnaev or brown people who don’t speak English so good half a world away, but in fact it is people like Bloomberg who work to enslave us, to steal our freedom. It is American politicians who gut the Constitution, not the bin Ladens or Husseins or even the instructive minority. They reap the benefits of the police state they demand and the citizens pay the price. They show us that all their Draconian measures are useless against virtually any threat they can manifest, then demand that we get more Draconian still. As with physicians of old, if you don’t improve from the mercury treatment they’re clearly not giving you enough.

“The people who are worried about privacy have a legitimate worry. But we live in a complex world where you’re going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will. And our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change.” Bloomberg again

That doesn’t sound good. So, to further expose the masterminds behind our rapidly diminishing freedoms the Mayor supports the further diminution of our freedom. BMII was clearly a test of the people in regard to their Fourth Amendment rights as armed militarized teams stormed through Watertown homes for no apparent reason other than to see if they could get away with it.

They did.

Bloomberg is among the new vanguard not content to control the content of our heads, but indeed working to control our physical content as well. Oddly, privacy, it seems, should only be applied to those in public office. We must be open to every intrusion they impose upon us for our own good. To protect our freedom we must surrender our liberty.

And as the leader of the free world, how does the estimable President of the United States weigh in?

"Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror."

The terrorists reveal themselves.

Remain calm – this is not a drill.


"Boston Marathon False Flag Attack: Proof Positive It Was (Badly) Staged.... Where The Heck Were The Emergency Crews And Ambulances?

This Boston Marathon "bombing" truly stinks to high heaven... There, I have said it.... The more and more we look closely at this "bombing" the more we find even more evidence that it was a preplanned training exercise that was turned into a fraudulent "terrorist bombing" by both the criminals in our media and our own governments.....

One thing that we always see in real accidents, shootings, and "bombings" is the rapid response by emergency crews who quickly converge on the scene with fire trucks, emergency medical personnel, and of course... Ambulances..... But one thing that was overlooked with this so called Boston Marathon "bombing" was anyone asking a very hard question:  Where the heck were the Ambulances?.... It is startling that with all these supposed victims and "bodies" lying around in pools of "blood" that we do not see any AMBULANCES in any of the videos, or even the media reports!   Supposedly, the Ambulances were hundreds of yards away from the victims themselves.... And I thought...Come on now!....We have seen again and again in REAL bombings where not only the emergency personnel were everywhere right at the scene of the crime, but the streets would be absolutely choked with ambulances and fire engines as well!

To help answer the riddle of the missing ambulances, fire engines, and emergency medical crews, in this fraud "bombing"... I want to turn to an interesting article that comes again from Jim Stone's online website, at, that shows that the lack of ambulances and emergency medical crews at the scene of this "bombing" is the dead give away that this entire "terrorist attack" is a fraud.  Here is that important article for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have additional thoughts and comments to follow:

I want to also bring forward this very interesting video that shows that not only there were NO ambulances on the scene of this "bombing"... But the fraud in the wheel chair that had his "legs blown off" was wheeled again and again through the scene of the crime so that the cameramen could get a good image of him being wheeled away to an "ambulance" that was not even in the vicinity!

When the Sandy Hook fraud operation occurred months back, we found images where roads were choked that prevented any ambulances from getting either to the phony school, or prevented any ambulances or fire engines from leaving that "school" as well.....  We also saw how rather than put the ambulances and fire engines into total disarray which usually occurs in a real shooting, the fire engines and ambulances were neatly parked in rows right besides the "school" itself!   How phony was that????

This should indeed have people asking more hard questions and have them finally realize exactly what this "bombing" was.... A phony operation to scare the crap out of the American public.

I for one am sickened by the ignorance of the general public that they have been fooled by the criminals in our governments and media into the false belief that this and others are "terrorist attacks"...... The brainwashing has been so intense that most are now absolute gullible fools that are like lambs heading for the slaughter.

Wake the hell up, everyone!

"Boston Bombing Investigation: FBI Searches For a Needle In a Haystack

by Shepard Ambellas
April 16, 2013

The establishment and media alike, continue to ignore key reports and crucial evidence the Boston Marathon bombings were potentially part of a live drill and (or) a state sponsored terror plot as they keep feeding the populace ludicrous distractions.

Another troubling detail about all of this is how multiple family members are claiming that the brothers suspected of the Boston bombing on April 15 2013 were framed.

In fact, the two suspects mother stated in a Russian press conference that, “It’s all lies and hypocrisy,” she said from Dagestan. “I’m sick and tired of all this nonsense that they make up about me and my children. People know me as a regular person, and I’ve never been mixed up in any criminal intentions, especially any linked to terrorism.” By watching the suspect’s mother’s emotions and demeanor on camera, one can notice the genuineness. The mother truly believes her son was framed.

In fact, John Miller tried to take it one step further in his TV presentation sponsored by the FBI stating that the mother now even believes crisis actors were used in the bombing and that she is going through the stages of grieving and that we are seeing several sides to her emotions.

Other media sources are touching on a shoplifting charge the mother faces in the US, trying to discredit her further.

In a Russian press conference, the bombing suspects mother stated while crying, “I would prefer not to live in America now. Why would I even go there?…. America took my kids away from me, only America.”

And for whatever reason the press has ignored the fact the the bombing suspects aunt stated in an interview with a Press For Truth reporter that she believes the older brother Tamerlan is still alive after a video of a naked Tamerlan being stuffed into a police car has been circulating on the Internet.


"Boston Bombing: Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev a CIA Asset They Cashed In?

by Scott Creighton
April 25, 2013

UPDATE April 26th: Wayne Madson seems to agree with me:

“Well, I think there is some evidence that the mother is correct about at least the older son Tamerlan Tsarnaev of being co-opted either as an asset or some sort of an agent or informant by the Central Intelligence Agency.” Wayne Madson

We know that Tamerlan’s uncle Ruslan Tsarni was a Big Oil exec with ties to the CIA. He had been a contractor for them from 1996-1998 via USAID.

We know that Tamerlan was fingered by the Russians back in 2011 for being involved with these CIA backed terrorists and the FBI “checked him’ and of course, once they found out he was a CIA asset, they cleared him.

But he was put on the terrorist watchlist anyway.

Somehow, he was still able to board a flight out of the country back to his native soil and he stay there from Jan. 2012 thru July of 2012.

While he was there, it is reported, he attended a conference sponsored by the Fund of Caucasus, a “pro-democracy” NGO in Georgia and Russia.

It’s claimed he was “radicalized” by our CIA linked terrorists during that time.

His mother, father and even the Big Oil/CIA linked uncle admit that Tamerlan had been approached and was being “mentored” by a mysterious Muslim convert named “Misha” for the past few years.

Was Tamerlan an asset being groomed to return to his home and help neoliberalize it? Was he the next “Screwball” character or is that role going to be played by his multimillionaire uncle? Did they cash him in along with his brother in order to advance their “greater good” agenda? Did their own uncle sign-off on it?

His uncle is definitely deeply involved in the efforts to bring back the good-old Yeltsin days of plunder in Russia. He is directly linked to several oligarchs who are under investigation and it would now appear that Tamerlan may have been following in his footsteps.

That is not to say that Tamerlan knew about the bombings that were about to happen when he went down to meet someone at the Back Bay Social Club as I showed in an earlier article.

What they do in black ops like this one is set the patsies in the proper place so they are on scene. They did it with Oswald. They did it with their 19 hijackers. And it would seem they did it with Tamerlan and his brother.

In cases like these, they do not entrust the op to the patsies. Most of the time, they aren’t qualified to do the job. Oswald could not have been trusted to make such a magical shot on the president from that window and if he failed, Kennedy would surely have upped his security. They picked 3 professional assassins for the job and triangulated the position for optimal efficiency.

In the case of 9/11, the patsies could hardly fly. They were not the sort to hinge the entire New American Century on their skills and commitment so instead, they were simply put in place to serve as a plausible team of hijackers when in fact the planes were hijacked by remote control and flown by highly skilled remote pilots.

In this case, they didn’t want to trust the op to a 26 year old with a wife and kid and his 19 year old dumbass brother so they simply put them in the right place at the wrong time and let the professionals take care of the rest.

That’s how these ops work. Put the dupes in place and let the professionals do their work.

These connections cannot be ignored. Nor can the fact that their official story is starting to fall apart at the seams. Many people are asking questions about this and many disinfo agents are working hard to send people down the wrong path.

But this seems very clear to me at this point: they cashed in an asset but they didn’t anticipate Russia would disclose as much information about him as they have. That may be the fatal flaw to their most recent mass casualty event in their ongoing American Gladio campaign. We will wait and see.

Also see

"We are getting into Stephen Hatfill territory here. Hatfill was the scientist wrongfully accused of the Anthrax letters in 2001. The FBI was so desperate to frame him (possibly to protect Dr. Philip Zack, the man actually caught entering the lab where the Anthrax was kept without proper clearance after being fired for a racially-motivated attack on an Egyptian co-worker) that they drained a pond near Hatfill's home and found ... mud.

But anyone conversant with computers knows that simply tossing a computer is not a good idea simply because of all the personal information on it. They would wipe the disk, or simply remove the hard drive and destroy it. Many of the computers donated to the Oahu Computers For Kids charity came without hard drives. If one is a terrorist needing to get rid of a computer, the best approach is to destroy it entirely, such as dropping it into the ocean where depth and salt water would make the machine unrecoverable (or that could let the TSA handle it, because that guaranteed my laptop would never work again).

We may be getting ready for a new "Laptop of death", a reference to another famous propaganda fraud involving a laptop supposedly containing Iran's plans for building a nuclear bomb, but actually created by Mossad and fed to US intelligence by the MEK.

So we may see the FBI "find" the Tsarnaev laptop on which will be whatever "evidence" is needed to justify shutting down various independent media that have pointed out the many flaws in the official story of the Boston bombing." -- What Really Happened

"Boston Bombing: CBS “News” Correspondent and FORMER FBI ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Creates “Landfill Laptops” Story

April 27, 2013
by Scott Creighton

Everything up until now has been a complete lie and the public is starting to see through this latest mass casualty event. So now we have a new “lead”… Landfill Laptops just sitting the garbage waiting to be “found” by the FBI. And oh, what wonders of evidence they will have on them. Who’s site will be linked to the Brothers Chechen and their Bags of Doom? Di$info’s? Boiling LIHOP? Or Global Research, Land Destroyer, Pan African Newswire, Voltaire and little old me? Who can tell. Hell, they may even finger sites that haven’t been created yet. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t get more obvious than this folks…

The Boston Police department, the Feds, the National Guard and the State Police imposed martial law on Watertown and nearly all of Boston for a period of 12 hours while they supposedly searched for a 19 year-old unarmed boy in a stolen SUV with active tracking GPS and apparently still with a victim’s cell phone also broadcasting it’s location.

The FBI lied about not knowing who the suspects were on Thursday before the big man-hunt… they lied about him and his brother robbing a 7-11.

They lied about a one hour gunfight in some guy’s backyard because obviously, if they had one gun between them and it was recovered the night before and no weapons were recovered there, he wasn’t engaged in a gun-fight with anyone.

They lied about Dzhokar Tsarnaev running over his brother Tamerlan as he made his escape because had that been the case, the guy live-Tweeting the events of that standoff would surely have mentioned it, as it would have been the most dramatic thing he saw possibly in his entire life. And according to his pictures, he would have seen it as clear as day.

According to the secret witness/victim/”hero” “Danny”, it was Tamerlan who car-jacked him and now the story is that Dzhokar Tsarnaev followed behind in the green car and not the original story that he got in and rode with the two of them. A secret witness.

The famous photo the FBI or someone produced which purports to show Dzhokar dropping his bag at the blast site actually shows him walking by the location, on his way someplace else like the Back Bay Social Club, CARRYING the bag in his left hand. It isn’t on the ground like the pressure-cooker sized bag the two ladies put on the ground then shoved under the guard rail in the exact location where the bomb went off.

And with all of that non-evidence, what emerges to cinch his guilt in the public mind are reports coming from NBC “News” from “unnamed sources” that he is confessing via writing before he was read his rights and lawyered up. Even Glenn Greenwald has taken notice of this highly irregular and suspect “evidence”
News reports purporting to describe what Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told US interrogators should, for several reasons, be taken with a huge grain of salt. The sources for this information are anonymous, they work for the US government, the statements were obtained with no lawyer present and no Miranda warnings given, and Tsarnaev is “grievously wounded”, presumably quite medicated, and barely able to speak. That the motives for these attacks are still unclear has been acknowledged even by Alan Dershowitz last week (“It’s not even clear under the federal terrorism statute that this qualifies as an act of terrorism”) and Jeffrey Goldberg on Friday (“it is not yet clear, despite preliminary indications, that these men were, in fact, motivated by radical Islam”).” Glenn Greenwald
Glenn does a good job as usual, but forgets that these reports are coming from NBC “News” and it was the same NBC “News” who ran at least two stories leading up to the bombing setting up the narrative that the evil Muslim terror cells in the U.S. were thinking of striking out against us with pressure-cooker bombs just a few weeks prior to the attack.

Their uncle has long-standing connections to the CIA and it would appear that Tamerlan was being groomed to be some kind of Chechen dissident in the style of the Libyan destabilization campaign and the ongoing one in Syria.  The fact that his uncle sought the spotlight immediately after his two nephews were fingered by the Feds as the suspects is very telling indeed. Apparently his handlers were smart enough to figure out he could help seal the deal as too implicating the patsies and at the same time, hide his connections to the secret services in plain sight… as if he had nothing to hide. Yet another “coincidence”

There is no evidence that Dzhokar Tsarnaev did anything aside from following his brother to a spot in downtown Boston to meet with someone who never showed up. He was living his life as normal a day before his and his brother’s images were released to the public at 5:00pm on Thursday. My guess is he was already in their custody at that time.

The have nothing on these two brothers except for the lies from various secret witnesses or the corrupt CIA linked uncle. Their confessions, written not stated on video, are not going to hold up for long. So they need something else.

Now they are going to the landfill to look for laptop computers which they will find and which they will discover has a treasure trove of information on them showing how they were “radicalized” and planned out the bombings.

The story comes from a CBS correspondent who used to be an FBI assistant director.
“FBI agents picked through a landfill near the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where 19-year-old suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was a sophomore.
On “CBS This Morning: Saturday,” CBS News senior correspondent John Miller, a former assistant FBI director, reports the agents were looking for a couple of laptop computers that belonged to the suspects.” CBS
This is absurd. It’s obvious and absurd.

This is completely and absolutely absurd. A former FBI director now Mockingbirded into CBS “News” putting out the story that they are finally going to find the “real evidence” against these kids while everything else the FBI has done and told us so far in this case has been absolute bullshit.

Meanwhile, on Di$info Jone$, another Mockingbird plant for the FBI, Sibel Edmunds, does an interview with Di$info claiming that the FBI was really trying to catch these guys and it was the CIA which blocked them, same with 9/11 according to her. The fact that she used to work for the FBI and probably still does and this “revelation” of hers clears the FBI of their complicity in this matter goes unnoticed by Di$info.

Hence the name.

This is remarkable in that it is so obvious a child could see it. But we aren’t supposed to or at least if we do, we are supposed to have the good taste not to mention it.



Boston Bombing: Even the MSM has to Admit the Official Story Doesn’t Work – Magic Bullet Theory in the Making

I never watch TV news.

ps I just want to go on record saying I do not believe the Boston Bombing was "staged". 

You just lost me, even though I agree on Alex and some of that disinfo.

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"Bombers may have had training, say key lawmakers" by Christopher Rowland  |  Globe Staff, April 28, 2013

WASHINGTON — Key lawmakers said Sunday that the suspected Boston Marathon bombers may not have acted entirely alone and that law-enforcement officials continue to investigate the possibility they received outside encouragement or training....

Many questions remain about suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s 2012 six-month visit to the Russian state of Dagestan and whether he received some sort of training from Islamist radicals while there, said Representative Mike Rogers, a Republican from Michigan and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, speaking on ABC’s “This Week.’’

“The Russians need to step up to the plate here and provide us with information,’’ Rogers said. “I think they have information that would be helpful and they haven’t provided.’’

They already have.

Another Republican, House Homeland Security Committee chairman Michael McCaul of Texas, said some officials in the Obama administration have suggested prematurely that the brothers acted alone....

“There could be a wider conspiracy,” McCaul said on “Fox News Sunday.” “What I found astounding is that right out of the box, US officials anonymously are saying there’s no foreign connection to this case, when in fact, the FBI just began their investigation in this case.”

McCaul also said he thinks the suspects’ mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, played ‘‘a very strong role’’ in her sons’ radicalization process and if she were to return to the United States from Russia, she’d be held for questioning....

This is such bull. This is a way to keep the mother out and from talking, as well as increasing pressure on the kid to "come clean."

In the past two weeks, a number of lawmakers and counterterror specialists have questioned how US authorities failed to “connect the dots’’ on a number of warning signs and place greater scrutiny on Tamerlan Tsarnaev after Russia warned the FBI and the CIA in 2011 he was becoming radicalized.

Yeah, they had a breakdown.

Tsarnaev was an ethnic Chechen and citizen of Kyrgyzstan who was living legally in Cambridge after his parents was granted asylum in 2002. The FBI interviewed him in 2011 after Russia’s warning and determined that he did not pose a threat.

Rogers said it is too early to point fingers at the FBI, although he said questions remain about whether Tsarnaev should have been interviewed a second time once he returned to the United States from Russia in 2012....

Why would he be? They know where they sent him.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,’’ Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah asserted that the United States needs to heighten its scrutiny of immigrants as they travel.

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“People that are coming here and claiming asylum, and then taking trips back to the region, that should probably raise some red flags,” he said.

Representative Jan Schakowsky, a Democrat from Illinois and member of the House Intelligence Committee, said the FBI had information that both Tamerlan and his mother were becoming radicalized. The Associated Press reported Saturday that the Russians had intercepted communications that included discussion of jihad.

She's a lawyer, for God's sake -- or another US agent.

“The FBI thought it had more to do with internal Russian politics, and not a threat to the United States of America,’’ Schakowsky said on ABC’s “This Week.’’

Yeah, right, the Russians did it.