Wednesday, September 18, 2013

AmeriKan Military Bans Sex Magazines

"Playboy, Penthouse get the ax at military stores" by DAVID CRARY |  AP National Writer, August 02, 2013

NEW YORK — Playboy, Penthouse, and other sex-themed magazines will no longer be sold at Army and Air Force exchanges — a move described by the store operators as a business decision based on falling sales, and not a result of recent pressure from antipornography activists.

The 48 ‘‘adult sophisticate’’ magazines being dropped are among a total of 891 periodicals that will no longer be offered by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service at its stores on US military bases worldwide. Other titles getting the ax include the New York Review of Books and the Saturday Evening Post.

Morality in Media, an antipornography group, called the decision a victory in its campaign against sexual exploitation in the military, and said it would continue to urge operators of Navy and Marine Corps exchanges to follow suit.

Chris Ward, a spokesman for the service, said the cuts would free up room at stores for more popular products.


You know what that means, right?

"Accuser in Navy assault case questioned" Associated Press, September 02, 2013

WASHINGTON — Defense attorneys for three US Naval Academy midshipmen charged with sexually assaulting a fellow student finished lengthy cross-examination of the woman on Sunday.

She testified that Josh Tate, one of the men charged in the case, told her that the two had sex after an April 2012 party where she had been drinking heavily. She says that during a subsequent phone call he said he’d only been kidding.

Tate, 21; Eric Graham, 21; and Tra’ves Bush, 22, are accused of sexually assaulting the woman at an alcohol-fueled off-campus party.

The woman has testified that she has no memory of having sex with any of the three men. She has said she learned of what happened after hearing gossip that she had slept with multiple partners at the house where football players gathered.

An attorney for Tate replayed a brief recorded telephone conversation between the woman and Tate that occurred roughly a week after the party. In that call, the woman asks Tate to tell Navy investigators nothing happened between them. She said in the call that she hated to ask him to lie, but that she did not want the case to go forward.

Tate can be heard responding that what she was saying ‘‘ain’t cool.’’

Bush and Tate are charged with aggravated sexual assault. Graham is charged with abusive sexual contact. A hearing to determine whether the three men will face a court-martial began Tuesday at the Washington Navy Yard. 

Oh, wow! 


What Happened at the Washington Navy Yard?
Wiping Up the Washington Navy Yard Shooting 

Kind of a they said, we said situation there.


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"Midshipmen questioned in sexual assault hearing" Associated Press, September 03, 2013

WASHINGTON — Lawyers on Monday questioned Naval Academy students who attended a toga party last year about how intoxicated a female midshipman appeared at the off-campus house, where she allegedly was sexually assaulted by three students on the Navy football team.

The woman has testified she had been drinking heavily before and during the April 2012 party in Annapolis, Md. She has said she has no memory of having sex with the midshipmen, but became concerned after hearing gossip shortly after the party that she had had sex with multiple people.

When will you girls learn?

During a hearing to help determine whether the three men will face a court-martial, lawyers have tried to establish just how intoxicated the woman was at the party. On Monday, they focused on the recollections of midshipmen who saw her there at the crowded house.

Midshipman Christa Kamon testified the woman was slurring her words and falling down while dancing. ‘‘She was obviously drunk,’’ Kamon testified.

Defense lawyers questioned her recollection, saying she had not mentioned that the woman had been slurring her speech when Kamon talked to investigators in August 2012.

Lawyers also called Midshipman Kenyon Williams to the stand. Williams described himself as a close friend of the alleged victim who had been with her when she drank rum before going to the party.


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