Tuesday, April 7, 2015

California Cop Drunk With Power

Here's the hangover:

"Warrant issued for Los Angeles rookie officer in killing" Associated Press  March 17, 2015

POMONA, Calif. — An arrest warrant was issued Monday for a rookie Los Angeles police officer suspected of killing a man during a Pomona bar fight while he was off duty.

Police said 27-year-old Henry Solis was wanted in the shooting death of Salome Rodriguez, 23, early Friday.

The Ontario, Calif., warehouse worker was shot in the lower torso.

Authorities located Solis’ personal car about five blocks from where Rodriguez was shot early Friday.

So he drove drunk?

Solis failed to report to work after the shooting.

Admission of guilt if there ever was one?

His whereabouts are unknown, but investigators said they have reason to believe he knows he is wanted.

Well, yeah, now.

Pomona is a small city east of Los Angeles. Police said the shooting occurred in a downtown bar district after two men got into a fight.

I say ban alcohol! It's responsible for so much trouble in the world. Of course, it's a big $cene over here, $o.... just you try getting a medical dispensary going.

Witnesses told police the attacker fled, and they saw a compact car leaving the area.

Detectives don’t believe the two men knew each other.

Solis had no disciplinary issues since joining the force.

Off the force, in jail, if there is any justice left.


I wonder if they ever caught him, or is he passed out in an alley somewhere.