Friday, April 3, 2015

Jordan’s Journey

I'm not buying it:

"Man reported missing at sea 2 months ago found alive" Associated Press  April 03, 2015

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Louis Jordan had been living on his docked sailboat at the Bucksport Plantation Marina in Conway, S.C., until January, when he told his family he was ‘‘going into the open water to sail and do some fishing,’’ said his mother, Norma Davis, of Jacksonville, N.C. The family had not heard from him since, she said.

‘‘We expected him to come back and he did not return,’’ Davis said in a phone interview. ‘‘We knew something happened. To us it’s just a miracle. We’re just so thrilled that he was found alive.’’

Davis said Jordan’s father, her former husband Frank Jordan, spoke to their son after he was recovered by the Coast Guard and said that in addition to injuring his shoulder, he was dehydrated.

Louis Jordan had spent months sanding and painting his docked 1950s-era, single-masted sailboat in Conway, where marina manager Jeff Weeks said he saw him nearly every day.

Jordan appeared to be knowledgeable about wild fruits and mushrooms and fished for his meal in inland waterways, Weeks said. But his January trip may have been his first time sailing in the open ocean

So what mission was he on?

‘‘He might sail up and down the Intercoastal Waterway, but he didn’t have the experience he needed to go out into the ocean,’’ Weeks said. 

They sure seem like they weren't very surprised by the disappearance and are kind of cavalier about it.

Records show that Louis Jordan sailed out of the marina in Conway, on Jan. 23, aboard the sailboat Angel, said Marilyn Fajardo, a spokeswoman for the Coast Guard’s Seventh District. Fajardo said the Coast Guard in Miami was notified by Frank Jordan on Jan. 29 that he hadn’t heard from his son in a week. A week later, Davis confirmed Jordan was still missing.

A search was begun on Feb. 8, but Fajardo said the Coast Guard abandoned its efforts after 10 days.


Despite reports from other sailors claiming to have seen Jordan’s sailboat, none of the sightings were confirmed. 

Does any of this make sense to you?

Coast Guard officials in Portsmouth said they received word from a German-flagged ship about 1:30 p.m. indicating they spotted a man and his sailboat approximately 200 miles east of Cape Hatteras.

A Coast Guard helicopter crew from North Carolina flew to the ship and were going to airlift Louis Jordan to a hospital in Norfolk, Va., said Lieutenant Krystyn Pecora, a spokeswoman for the Coast Guard’s Fifth District office.

She said Jordan, 37, had a shoulder injury, but she did not have any additional information about his condition....



"A section of scaffolding collapsed Monday at a high-rise construction project in downtown Raleigh, killing three workers and sending another to a hospital. Jeffrey Hammerstein, community outreach chief for Wake County Emergency Medical Services, said three men died in the accident at the Charter Square building, where scaffolding had peeled away from the exterior and fallen into a parking lot below."

A different kind of journey, and its over for them. 

Did it drop down at free fall speed like those WTC towers?


"Jordan walked away from a hospital in good condition, with no obvious sunburn, dehydration, or other signs of distress."

I love the shit-eating smirk along with this bullshit story, don't you?