Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Maybe Life Would Be Better on Mars

How odd that it has the reputation as the planet of war, huh?

Only here on earth....

"Stoneham man in semifinals for Mars colonization project" by Steve Annear, Globe Staff  March 23, 2015

Peter Degen-Portnoy was selected as a semifinalist for the “Mars One” project, a nonprofit venture aiming to populate the distant planet within the next 12 years — a plan some say is far-fetched and unachievable.

But Degen-Portnoy, a software engineer, says he can picture himself on Mars one day, looking out toward Earth.

“The whole thing is a dream come true,” Degen-Portnoy, 51, said.


Two years ago, Mars One put out a call for submissions from people interested in volunteering their efforts to bring life to the Red Planet. The Dutch organization says it received more than 200,000 inquiries before whittling the list down to 100 applicants last month.

If all goes well, the intent of the project is to create a self-sustaining colony that can produce food, oxygen, and water for explorers.

So how did colonization work out down here, anyway -- be it human or otherworldly?

Degen-Portnoy remains optimistic about the journey to the planet, despite skepticism about the feasibility of the mission.

Even if nothing comes of the actual mission, Degen-Portnoy said the experience and his involvement so far have been worth it. 

I a$$ume some money will be doled out and changing hands?

Both Degen-Portnoy’s family and employer have been supportive of his dream, and he believes the project will have the technical capacity to keep him connected with loved ones.

“They will be able to send me text messages, and e-mail messages, and video messages,” he said. “That’s the part that makes it possible for me. We will always be in touch.”


One co-worker, however, asked him why he would want to travel to Mars “just to die.”

I wouldn't worry. Doesn't really look like he's going anywhere.

“Aren’t people just staying here on Earth to die? To me, it would be worth the sacrifice. I’m not participating in this with the intent of dying,” he said. “This is about standing on another planet, being there, and saying ‘Yep, here I am, and I’m making this my life.’ ”


Readers, it has reached the point where I now doubt there was ever a landing on the moon (didn't they even make a movie about this?). I know that raises hackles in some quarters; however, given all the staged and scripted fictions and hoaxes we have seen in only the last few years the onus is now on authority, not us. They the ones that have some 'splainin' to do! Same with the aliens. Too much of them on TV for it to be real.