Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quitting on Quincy

Time to ban booze. It kills people.

"A Quincy father of two died Friday after being severely beaten in an “entirely unprovoked” attack inside a Quincy bar March 23, officials said. Keith W. Boudreau, 42, was beaten by Paul J. Fahey, 42, of Quincy inside Home Ice Sports Bar, Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey said in a statement."

"Quincy father removed from life support; Man was beaten at bar" by Aneri Pattani, Globe Correspondent  April 01, 2015

A Quincy father of two was taken off of life support after being severely beaten in an “entirely unprovoked” attack inside a Quincy bar on March 23, officials and his family said Wednesday.

The family of Keith W. Boudreau released a statement saying he is not expected to live. He has two sons, the family said.

“First of all, we want to thank everyone who has reached out and shown their support and love,” the family said. “Keith is a loving, caring son, father, and brother. He has two wonderful boys, 15 and 8, whom he loves very much. And they think the world of him.’’

The family called Boudreau “the kindest person. Even on his worst days, he is kinder than most. He would not hurt a person; he just didn’t have it in him. He knew no color barriers, he didn’t judge people.”

The family also thanked State Police and Quincy police for “gathering the facts and identifying the defendant. We are very grateful to them.’’

According to Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey, the investigation by police identified Paul J. Fahey as the person who launched a brutal assault on Boudreau while he was inside the Home Ice Sports Bar in Quincy on March 23.

Fahey, 42, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in Quincy District Court last month to charges of assault and battery resulting in serious bodily injury and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, prosecutors said.

On Wednesday, Fahey took the unusual step of waiving his right to challenge the prosecution’s request and agreed to be held without bail for at least 90 days, prosecutors said.

In court last month, Assistant District Attorney Craig Kowalski called the attack “entirely unprovoked,” according to prosecutors.

Fahey is to appear next in Quincy District Court on April 30.


"Fatal beating in Quincy was unprovoked, officials say" by Peter Schworm, Globe Staff  April 06, 2015

QUINCY — Keith Boudreau and his girlfriend had gone out drinking on a Monday afternoon and eventually wound up at the Home Ice Sports Bar. Boudreau was loud and cursed a few times, a bartender would later tell police. But after he finished his beer, the pair left without incident.

Just a bit later on March 23, Boudreau, 42, returned to the Quincy sports bar alone, looking for his girlfriend. As he scanned the room, witnesses told police he looked in the direction of Paul Fahey, a burly man sitting at the bar.

Without a word, Fahey, 42, left his bar stool and leveled Boudreau with a right hook, crumpling him to the ground, the witnesses said. He then allegedly stomped on Boudreau’s head with while wearing black boots, and dragged him unconscious out the back door. Boudreau died Friday from his injuries.

On Monday, Fahey was arraigned on murder charges in a Quincy courtroom just blocks away from the sports bar. The prosecutor, Norfolk assistant district attorney Craig Kowalski, said Fahey had a history of violence, and that the attack was completely unprovoked.

“To characterize it as a fight is absolutely false,” he said. “It was a brutal attack.”

The man was severely beaten in an “entirely unprovoked” attack inside a bar, officials and his family said.

Fahey was later caught on video footage outside the bar bragging about knocking Boudreau out, Kowalski said.

Boudreau, who police said was homeless, died from “blunt force injuries to the head” after being taken off life support, authorities said.

But he had money to hit the bars and WhereTF was his loving family? 

Don't get me wrong, he didn't deserve to have his head bashed in, but.... 

Fahey pleaded not guilty and was ordered held without bail. His lawyer declined to comment.

Outside the courtroom, Boudreau’s family declined to comment. In a statement last week, they remembered him as a loving, caring son and a father of two boys.

“Even on his worst days, he is kinder than most,” they wrote. “He would not hurt a person. He just didn’t have it in him.”

The owner of the sports bar, Gerry DeLuca, initially told police that he found Boudreau unconscious outside the bar around 8 p.m. But after police reviewed other surveillance footage showing that Boudreau never left the front door of the bar after entering by himself, DeLuca admitted that Fahey had assaulted Boudreau.

DeLuca apologized to police for misleading them, and said he was “scared for my life” for speaking to the authorities about Fahey. He described Fahey as a “dangerous person” who is a member of the infamous Outlaws motorcycle gang.

The US Justice Department says the Outlaws are involved in producing and dealing methamphetamine and engage in a range of violent criminal activity. They compete with the Hells Angels for members and territory.

DeLuca told police that Boudreau returned to the bar to ask whether anyone had seen his girlfriend. He appeared to be in a daze, and was staring in the direction of Fahey and Fahey’s girlfriend. About a minute later, Fahey punched him.

“He just got up and hit him,” DeLuca told police, according to the investigators’ report. When DeLuca saw what had happened, he came out from behind the bar and asked Fahey, “What the hell are you doing?” Fahey just stared at him, and after a pause, told him, “Don’t say anything.”

Fahey dragged Boudreau through the kitchen and out the back door, DeLuca told police. The bar owner and Fahey dumped water on him in hopes of reviving him, before Fahey and his girlfriend left. DeLuca then called 911.

A spokesman for the Quincy Police Department said investigators have not determined whether DeLuca will face charges. DeLuca could not be reached for comment.

A bartender said Boudreau seemed “out of it” when he returned to the bar, and that Fahey attacked him without warning. The two did not exchange words, she told police.

The bartender said she and DeLuca sat him up a bit and rubbed his shoulders, hoping he would come to, until the ambulance came.

Other video footage reportedly shows Fahey outside the bar with two other men, reenacting the assault. One of the men told police that Fahey explained the attack by saying, “He kept staring at me.”


At least he didn't make it to the cell:

"Quincy man dies while being held in police cell" by John R. Ellement, Globe Staff  March 16, 2015

An investigation is underway after a 34-year-old Quincy man became unresponsive and died in the custody of the Quincy Police Department, officials said Monday.

Kevin T. Shaw was arrested by Quincy police Saturday after he got into a physical confrontation with another man whom he knew, Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey’s office said Monday in a statement.

Shaw suffered visible injuries during the confrontation with the other man, but apparently declined medical attention from emergency medical service responders at the time of the fight, according to Morrissey’s office. The other man also declined medical care, prosecutors said.

Shaw, a Granger Street resident, was arrested for assault and battery and was being held for a court appearance in Quincy District Court Monday, officials said.

Around 3:45 p.m. Sunday, Shaw did not respond to police during a regular cell check. Officers began giving Shaw CPR until an ambulance crew arrived. Shaw was taken to the former Quincy Medical Center, now operated as Steward Satellite Emergency Facility – Quincy, where he was pronounced dead, prosecutors said.

Shaw’s death is under investigation by Morrissey’s office, along with State Police assigned to his office. Investigators are reviewing surveillance video of the prisoner detention area inside the police station, Morrissey’s office said.

The state medical examiner’s office conducted a preliminary examination on Monday, but a cause of death was not identified and authorities must wait for toxicology tests to be done, according to Morrissey’s office.

Quincy police referred questions about the incident to Morrissey’s office.