Sunday, April 12, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: Thompson Guilty Plea is Golden

"Fugitive treasure hunter to plead guilty to contempt charge" Associated Press  April 04, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A fugitive treasure hunter plans to plead guilty to a contempt of court charge related to his refusal to testify about gold he discovered from a historic shipwreck, court documents indicate.

A plea agreement was filed in federal court Thursday in the case of Tommy Thompson, 62, along with a criminal information document used by prosecutors when a deal has been reached and a defendant has agreed to plead guilty.

Thompson disappeared three years ago amid demands he appear in court. He was apprehended in January at a hotel where he was living near Boca Raton, Fla.

Thompson has faced accusations of cheating investors since he found the S.S. America, known as the Ship of Gold. The gold-rush era ship sank in a hurricane off South Carolina in 1857 with thousands of pounds of gold aboard.

Thompson and his crew brought up thousands of bars and coins, much of them later sold to a gold marketing group in 2000 for about $50 million.

The 161 investors who paid Thompson $12.7 million to find the ship never saw the proceeds.


Since the Globe unearthed and tracked down this item I would just like to say goodbye to it. Why am I wasting my time on this nothing filler of distraction and diversion, if not showing to you, the world viewer, what garbage I no longer want to read.