Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Globe Special: Grisly Find in Cambridge

"Arrest follows grisly discovery of human remains in Cambridge" by Jacqueline Tempera, Jennifer Smith and Derek J. Anderson, Globe Correspondents  April 04, 2015

CAMBRIDGE — One person is under arrest after a bag of human remains was discovered outside a Biogen building near Kendall Square Saturday morning, according to the Middlesex district attorney’s office.

Additional remains were discovered later in the day inside an apartment building across the street after authorities began a homicide investigation.

“We found human remains, and there is an individual under arrest,” Marian T. Ryan, the Middlesex district attorney, said during a brief 6:30 p.m. press conference at Cambridge police headquarters.

She said the person under arrest will be arraigned Monday in Cambridge District Court on charges of being an accessory after the crime of assault and battery, and improper disposal of human remains.

The human remains were identified, according to a statement from Ryan’s office late Saturday night, but the identification is being withheld until relatives are notified. The suspect’s identity had not been disclosed as of late Saturday.


A 24-year-old contractor at Biogen said that he first noticed police activity at about 9 a.m., and that by noon, more than 30 police vehicles were surrounding the property.

The contractor, who asked not to be identified, said he was working outside when the police activity attracted his attention. Going over to the scene, he said, he saw a red duffel bag that appeared to contain human remains in the bushes outside the building.

“It’s weird,” he said. “It’s usually a quiet street.”

The contractor said, “Whoever dumped it has [nerve] to leave it right there; Biogen has lots of cameras, and the police station is right here,” a block away.


Biogen employees at the scene declined to comment, saying company officials asked them not to speak with the media.


Raed Alsemari, a 21-year-old resident of the building, said Saturday afternoon that he had been blocked from reentering for about two hours. He said a friend came by to visit him around noon and when he went downstairs to let her in, police prevented the two of them from going back in.

Alsemari, who was dressed in pajamas, said, “I’d really like to change and get back into my home.”

Around 9 p.m., authorities were still inside the apartment building. The doors were locked and an officer checked with anyone entering if they were residents. All others were turned away.

You had to SHOW PROOF of RESIDENCE, and this is really starting to stink!

Residents entering or leaving the building declined to comment.

In the statement released Saturday night from Ryan’s office, Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert C. Haas said officers would be going door-to-door addressing any questions or concerns residents had. He also asked the public for any further information that could assist the investigation to contact Cambridge police.

Check the cameras, and the police station was just down the street!

“We’re confident that this was not a random act and there is no threat to the public’s safety as a suspect has been taken into custody,” said Haas.



"Remains found in Cambridge still mystify neighbors; Police say crime wasn’t random" by Eric Moskowitz and Jan Ransom, Globe Staff  April 06, 2015

CAMBRIDGE — Kendall Square neighbors remained mystified and shaken Sunday, one day after Cambridge police discovered human remains stuffed into a duffel bag in a walkway near Biogen, then found more remains in an apartment building across the street — just 100 yards from police headquarters.

Authorities provided no new details in the case Sunday, but they reiterated Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert Hass’s earlier message that whatever happened was not random. With one man under arrest in connection with the grim discovery, the police commissioner said Saturday night that he perceives no wider threat to the public.

The man police arrested, whom officials declined to name, is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning in Cambridge District Court on two charges, for accessory after the fact to assault and battery causing serious bodily injury and for improper disposal of a body.

I will be providing a further update below rather than carrying forward a new post.


Nine residents of the apartment building, which sits a short block south of police headquarters, said in interviews Sunday that they knew little beyond the scant details officials had released and a note posted by management asking anyone with relevant information to come forward to police.

That note, which said the remains had been found in a “common waste area,” sought to reassure neighbors that “this was not a random crime,” and that “there is no other threat or safety concerns for the residents in the community or in the building.”

Zongliang Cao, 34, moved to the building a year and a half ago from Michigan, one of many residents staying there temporarily for a work or academic assignment.

He said authorities told him not to get off on the third floor — where police were investigating — when he rode the elevator Saturday.

“They said don’t get out on the third floor. It was definitely a surprise,” said Cao, who said the disturbing discovery may prompt him to move. “I’m Chinese and my wife is superstitious. We believe this will bring us bad luck. I would never have imagined this could happen around myself.”

Cambridge police referred all questions Sunday to the Middlesex district attorney’s office, which declined to indicate whether other charges might follow or to provide any other details.

“This is still a very active and ongoing investigation,” said Jacquelyn Goddard, a spokeswoman for Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan. 

They have nothing, and one now wonders if they even have a person under arrest. That could be disinformation in the papers so the killer will relax and make a mistake thinking they are safe. It's happened before. That and the obvious public relations maneuver of preventing a panic -- although they say they will be putting someone forth today.

Ryan indicated Saturday night that while the remains found along the walking path were enclosed in a bag, those in the apartment building were not. Word of both discoveries startled nearby residents.

“It’s shocking, considering it’s known to be a safe neighborhood, with the police right there,” said Jorge Rodriguez, 25, who lives nearby and walks on the path daily with girlfriend Nicola Segal. “You don’t expect something like this to happen in the area of a police station, and you don’t expect something of this magnitude.”

Yes, this is very, very strange. 

So how about those surveillance videos and stuff? Still making, 'er, looking?

Segal, who is 23, said the discovery of the remains had her on edge. “You wouldn’t think there would be a bag with just pieces of a body in it,” she said.

Homeless people do sleep in them. I've seen them. Scared the shit out of me when they moved. Thought someone was just dumping garbage.


One resident, Kord Smith, called the building “ridiculously quiet,” even during the arrest and the crime that apparently preceded it.

“I didn’t hear a thing,” said Smith, 60, whose apartment overlooks the walkway. “It’s very upsetting it would happen to somebody, but in this building it’s one of those things . . . one of those really unfortunate things.”


Strangely cavalier considering the butchery nearby and two people being dead.

One man who had lived at Kendall Crossing since it opened said he knows none of his neighbors and recognizes only two faces when the fire alarm goes off. He seemed unperturbed by the discovery of human remains in his building.

“I’m not really one who’s easily rattled,” he said.

Now I'm thinking psyop and excuse for a mind-manipulating, pre-programming seizure of an apartment building. That, sadly, is what it has come to with the propaganda pre$$. The stuff is literally unbelievable, and one wonders if they are simply making these people up (it's happened before; think Cape Cod Times and Jason Blair of the NYT, remember?)

But he could not figure out why anyone would dispose of human remains so openly, and so close to a police station. “I’m just sort of like, ‘What?’ ”



It all stinks and is strange, but it is “probably a crazy guy.” Always is.


Bail set at $1 million for man in Cambridge dismemberment case

Was Durst anywhere nearby? That would be my defense.

Speaking of plastic bags:

"Cambridge city councilors voted Monday night to end the use of thin, single-use plastic bags at supermarkets and retailers, making Cambridge the largest city in the state to enact such a ban. The measure also requires businesses to charge a 10-cent fee for paper bags, a move Councilor Dennis Carlone said will further encourage people to bring their own bags. The move faced some industry opposition, but supporters said the environmental benefits outweighed any inconvenience it might cause shoppers. “All in all, I think it’s a win-win for everybody,” said Carlone. “We somehow survived without plastic before, and we will do it again.” Now that the ordinance, known as “Bring Your Own Bag,” has passed, storeowners have until March 30, 2016, to deplete their current stock of plastic bags. Businesses could face $300 fines if they continue to give out plastic bags after that."

Let's hope no more body parts are found in any, although I guess this is one way of stopping that. I'm sorry I worry about the person running the machine making the things as well as the oil company profits that will be lost.

"Cambridge man in dismemberment case charged with murder; Suspect faced trouble in past" by Jan Ransom, Globe Staff  April 08, 2015

Dominique Camilien called for justice Wednesday, just days after his nephew’s remains were discovered inside a recycling bin at a Kendall Square apartment building and in a duffle bag dropped nearby on a walkway.

Hours later, Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan announced that her office was charging Carlos D. Colina, 32, with murdering Jonathan Camilien, 26, of Somerville, last weekend.

Colina is expected to be arraigned Tuesday in Cambridge District Court.

Lock him up and throw the keys away,” Dominique Camilien said after learning about the latest charge. “They should bring the death penalty.”

Camilien was last seen entering Colina’s apartment building on Sixth Street near Binney Street in Cambridge on Friday.

A duffel bag containing a torso and parts of limbs was found Saturday near the biotech company Biogen. Security camera footage led Cambridge police to Kendall Crossing, a seven-story apartment building where Colina lives.

Police searched Colina’s apartment building and discovered additional human remains in a third-floor recycling bin. After Colina exited his apartment wet and reeking of chemicals, he was taken to the police station on the next block.

Moments later, officers searched Colina’s apartment and found more evidence.

At a meeting with Kendall Crossing residents Wednesday night at Cambridge Police Headquarters, Police Commissioner Robert Haas told tenants that “people recognized him as being different, but he didn’t do anything really outrageous [prior to his latest arrest.]”

Ryan, who was also at the community meeting, said the men were acquaintances but declined to say how they knew each other or for how long.

Because they were gay?

Dominique Camilien said the two were friends. It is unclear how they met.

Colina was described by many in his neighborhood as being hungry for attention.

“He was a strange guy,” said Lourdes Goncalves, who recalled that Colina bought beer at a liquor store where she worked years ago.

Time to ban beer.

Colina, who participated in a weight lifting competition held by a trainer at the Cambridge Athletic Club, proclaimed he was a weight lifter and often posted YouTube videos of himself in action.

But those who participated in weight lifting did not take Colina seriously.

“For the most part, he was really just seen as a strange guy who didn’t know how to train properly, but was very clearly into what he was doing,” said Alex Viada, a member of several lifting-focused groups.

Colina was banned from the gym after he assaulted a patron in November, court records show. He still faces charges in that case.

The gym’s fitness director, who gave only his first name, recalled that after the fight, Colina said, “There’s been a lot of things going on in my life.”

Colina grew up in Bowdoinham, Maine, and graduated from Mt. Ararat High School in 2001. Around the same time, he was charged with cruelty to animals, criminal trespass, and indecent conduct.

That is a signal right there. God help us if we ever get a leader like that. Who knows what could happen.

He pleaded guilty to the animal cruelty charge and received an eight-month suspended sentence with a year of probation.

A neighbor who helped rebuild Colina’s family home in Bowdoinham after a fire in 2000 described young Colina as “a very quiet kid, a reserved kid.”

The neighbor, who declined to give his name, said Colina’s parents divorced. His father ran a body shop out of their home.

Reached Wednesday, Colina’s relatives declined to comment. Colina’s father, Carlos Colina Sr., would say only, “I’m going through a very big time right now with this situation.”

Colina is being held on $1 million bail. He was initially charged with improper disposal of human remains and assault and battery.

Along the walkway where body parts were found, a makeshift memorial with balloons and a poster with Camilien’s name and kind words has been assembled.

Dominique Camilien said Jonathan’s siblings remain distraught.

“We are looking for justice,” he said. “But there is no justice that will bring Jonathan back.”


Related: "The circumstances surrounding Jonathan Camilien’s death remain a mystery. Authorities and relatives of both Camilien and Colina have declined to comment on their relationship or how the two met. A Camilien relative told the Globe last week the two were friends." 

I'm thinking gay and something went wrong, but to say so would give gays a black eye.