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Time to Reflect on Tsarnaev Trial

Before going to bed:

"Break in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial allows for reflection" by Kevin Cullen, Globe Columnist  April 12, 2015

The FBI did some breathtakingly good investigative work in connecting many of the dots leading to the bombings. Finding Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s discarded backpack, full of incriminating evidence, in a New Bedford landfill, was a textbook case of a grid examination. They’ll study that at the academy for years.

Maybe they will study how they didn't connect the dots beforehand, huh?

The accumulation of video evidence — from the Tsarnaev brothers on Boylston Street loping up to the bombing sites, to the murder of MIT police Officer Sean Collier, to the escape of carjacking victim Dun Meng, to the shootout on Laurel Street in Watertown — makes this perhaps the most technologically savvy investigation in US history.

The defense was able to poke the FBI in the eye from time to time, pointing out that a few Google searches would have shown some of the words attributed to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were not incriminating but merely rap lyrics. Still, the evidence assembled by the FBI was overwhelming.

But that nagging question — why wasn’t Tamerlan Tsarnaev identified earlier — won’t go away. And it feeds the nagging sense that the FBI knows far more about Tamerlan Tsarnaev than it’s sharing.

I have a nagging sense the Globe is being disingenuous given that the FBI cleared the guy when asked of him. The limited hangout tells us no connections to terror when case status was reviewed.


One of the other nagging questions is whether the Tsarnaev brothers had any accomplices in gathering all the gunpowder from fireworks they used in their bombs. Listening to testimony about how much powder was needed to make the bombs, it seemed like the Tsarnaev brothers would have to be doing nothing else but dismantling fireworks for months.

That sort of black powder is notoriously messy, but there were virtually no traces of it in the places where both brothers lived.

So were the bombs built elsewhere, and did someone else help them?

FBI instigator comes to mind, and the question doesn't nag him for long.


One man who could have shed light on all of this is Ibragim Todashev, but he’s dead, shot to death a month after the Marathon bombings by an FBI agent when Todashev allegedly flipped out and attacked the agent after allegedly confessing to helping Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the triple homicide in Waltham.

You can start at the end for more on that.

There is, of course, one other unanswered question, and that is how the victims and survivors of the death and mayhem Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother brought to Boylston Street two years ago will feel about listening to the explanations the defense gives for why he used a bomb to kill and maim innocent people.

As hard as it was to listen to what the bombs did to the bodies of Krystle Campbell, Lingzi Lu, and Martin Richard, as difficult as it was to hear the clinical detail of what bullets did to the face and head of Sean Collier, this could be just as bad.

Judy Clarke, one of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s lawyers, told the jury that what her client did was inexcusable. But Clarke’s job now, the job of all of Tsarnaev’s lawyers, is to talk about mitigating factors, to explain why he did the inexcusable.

In a legal sense, mitigating circumstances are facts that show why someone did what they did.

But if you’ve lost a leg or a loved one, that sounds an awful lot like trying to excuse the inexcusable.

There he goes doing his job and flogging the appeal to outraged emotion again.


That's the narrative we are being given so we might as well pick it up there:

"Tsarnaev Guilty, but Who Made the Bombs?

April 13, 2015 by

It took a jury just over 11 hours to find Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev guilty of 30 counts in connection with the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11. Federal prosecutors argued Tsarnaev, 21, deliberately “shredded the bodies” of his victims and waged violent jihad to “punish Americans.”

Assistant US Attorney Aloke Chakravarty portrayed Tsarnaev as a heartless terrorist who, along with his  brother Tamerlan, carried out the April 2013 attacks that killed three and injured 264 others.

But while evidence of Tsarnaev’s culpability—including an admission of guilt from his own defense team—virtually guaranteed a guilty verdict, that wasn’t enough to stop prosecutors from twisting important facts to suit their own agenda.

Referencing “bomb-making” paraphernalia seized from Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s apartment, Chakravarty told the court that, “there is evidence, at least in part, that the bombs were built at 410 Norfolk Street.”

What the jury didn’t know is that in May 2014, prosecutors said they had no evidence the bombs were constructed at Norfolk Street, and in October 2014, a year-and-a-half after the bombings, the FBI said it still had no idea where the bombs were built, or who actually built them.

The government’s own witness, FBI explosives expert David McCollum, testified he could not determine where the bombs were constructed—a fact seemingly forgotten by Chakravarty during closing arguments Monday.

And when prosecutors tried to explain away the total lack of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s fingerprints on the ‘bomb making’ materials, they simply tossed aside the pressing issue of who really constructed the marathon bombs and where:

Inspire magazine [an Al Qaeda publication] advises to wear gloves when building bombs—it could mean the defendant was wearing gloves,” said Chakravarty. “But more important than who built the bombs is how they used the things.”

While no one was expecting anything other than a guilty verdict for Tsarnaev, the question of who built the bombs and where is a salient one. It should concern anyone who would seek to prevent future bombings.

In the rush to condemn Dzhokhar to death, why is the government seemingly content to ignore evidence that might point to the involvement of others in the planning and execution of the attack? What is their overall objective here?

For context, see this article in the Christian Science Monitor, on a recent case in which the FBI lured an unstable young man into a bomb plot and then practically handed him a bomb—albeit one that, at least in that case, was inert. This follows a long history of the FBI “helping” those expressing anger at the US to fulfill their wildest fantasies of revenge, before busting them. That the FBI was in contact with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the now-dead elder brother of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, prior to the Boston bombings, obviously deserves much more attention given the uncertain provenance of the bombs themselves.


"Note that the Official Story admits that there had to have been other conspirators, yet officials show absolutely no interest or concern in finding them." -- xymphora


"Boston Marathon Bombings’ Guilty Verdict Exposed as a Gross Travesty of Justice

by Joachim Hagopian

With the official government narrative of the 9/11 attack filled with a plethora of lies that have since been subsequently exposed, the next biggest “war on terror” event on US soil that the feds failed to stop was the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. And now the lone living suspect from that horrific crime that killed three people, left 17 limbless and injured 264 victims (though that number’s been accused of being purposely inflated) has now been found guilty of all 30 counts after the jury’s 11 hour deliberation earlier this week. As we mark the second anniversary of this tragic event and the second and final phase of the trial beginning on Monday that will decide the fate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – whether he’ll live out the rest of his life in prison or be put to death, a critical review of preceding events and developments surrounding his high profile, extremely significant case seems both timely and much needed.

Despite Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pleading not guilty to the 30 counts (17 carrying the death penalty) he was charged within a week after the April 15th bombings last year, his lead defense attorney Judy Clark several days ago conceded to the jury that her client was guilty in her closing argument. Apparently blaming the dead brother whose due process was denied became Dzhokhar’s only defense strategy. The defense team insisted that he was coerced and bullied by his older brother into committing alleged acts of terrorism. Considering no real solid proof other than photos placing Dzhokhar and older brother Tamerlan both wearing backpacks at the scene of the crime where the two bombs exploded was even presented at the trial, no justice for either the Tsarnaevs nor the many victims can possibly come from this guilty verdict.

If the purpose of the US judicial system in criminal trials is to ensure that all factual evidence surrounding an alleged crime or crimes be accurately and fairly presented so that the jurors can properly assess the best semblance of the truth as presented by both prosecution and defense in order for the jury to adjudicate and decide a defendant’s true guilt or innocence, this trial was a complete travesty of justice. And if a basic tenet of the justice system in the United States holds that a defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty, then again this verdict outcome is an obscene farce and a shameful joke exposing America’s justice system for its gross injustice. Just as the 9/11 commission failed to adequately address and answer dozens of questions that its official narrative failed to deliver, and years earlier the Warren Commission failed JFK and America, so does the prosecution’s case of evidence of Tsarnaev’s guilt fail to be convincing, much less provide definitive and unequivocal proof that the 21-year old Chechen American with his brother committed the Boston Marathon crimes.

And the prime reason why is that so much of the testimony and so called evidence was based on the FBI and local law enforcement’s dishonest versions of events that were based near exclusively on the government’s one star witness’s faulty, changeable, non-credible accounting of events. The identity of this sole witness that even through the trial was never revealed, testified in court by his fake name “Danny.” Later it was learned that Danny’s real name was Dun Meng. A Chinese national finishing his masters at Northeastern University in engineering, during his alleged carjacking, Meng claimed that the deceased brother Tamerlan confessed that he and his younger brother were responsible for both the Marathon bombings as well as the murder of the MIT campus policeman.

Throughout his trial testimony, the key witness maintained constant eye contact with what seemed almost like his handler, Northeastern University criminology professor James Fox. Fox clearly acted as Meng’s coach and gatekeeper ensuring that Fox would be present in a tentative interview with WhoWhatWhy journalist Russ Baker though it turned out Fox made sure it never happened. In a television interview with the immigrant gas station attendant that Meng ran to when he escaped, it was Fox once again guarding his henhouse, making sure the attendant stayed on script, an odd role for a criminology professor. But in a case where the entire story was badly scripted by the feds, necessitating absolute control over all outgoing information to the public, Professor Fox was merely playing his part. And that part also included state propagandist. Samplings from articles he wrote for the Boston Globe, starting with his response to the difficulty of finding a cemetery that would accept Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body, he wrote:

I truly understand and appreciate why many folks want nothing to do with the corpse of a man who apparently hated America and our way of life… If and when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were scheduled to die, his name and image would be plastered all over the news, further increasing his undeserved celebrity in the minds of those on the political fringe who view our government as evil and corrupt… The bombing seems to have been an attack against American life, not specifically American lives. Those killed and injured were unfortunate surrogates of the intended target: America and the freedoms we enjoy.”

When the strength of the state’s evidence to convict and execute a man relies solely on one incognito witness whose tightly controlled testimony repeatedly kept changing depending on whom he talked to, how can a guilty verdict be considered legitimate or fair? Virtually the entire guilt or innocence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev rested on what this one alleged witness claimed, yet he kept changing his story on numerous occasions despite his gatekeeper’s best intentions.

The other so called incriminating evidence used against Dzhokhar was a bogus, totally unbelievable written confession that he is purported to have written in the dark on the inside wall of the boathe was hiding out in. Dzhokhar was supposedly laying there nearly bleeding to death from the alleged gunshot exchange with police a few hours earlier. Yet on video footage the young man is seen emerging unassisted from the boat appearing bloodless and uninjured only to be admitted minutes later to the emergency hospital room in critical condition suffering from a deeply sliced neck wound that prevented him from speaking for weeks. How did that happen while in police custody? And that came after a swarm of police shot a slew of bullet holes into the boat while Tsarnaev supposedly lay there gravely injured.

Just as the French authorities made sure that no prisoners were allowed to be taken alive in the alleged Hebdo Paris crime spree in January, nor in Osama bin Laden’s alleged execution in Pakistan in 2011, nor in the JFK assassination, that barrage of gunfire into that boat by FBI and/or local police was also intended to kill the only suspect. That way the government’s complicity, criminal involvement and subsequent cover-up would have conveniently been eliminated – wiped clean of any messy complications in the form of a suspect trial and the truth inadvertently leaking out. So the US government proceeds with a pseudo-trial that kept the defendant silent and unable to ever present his side of the story. In effect, he may as well have been silenced by the bullets intended to kill him.

Another of the dozens of discrepancies in this case is over how and when older brother Tamerlan actually died. A series of photos of a naked and handcuffed Tamerlan were taken as the police placed him into custody and inside a patrol car. Both CNN and the Boston Globe reported that Tamerlan was alive in police custody. Yet the feds’ official line was that after the brothers robbed a 7-Eleven, Tamerlan was killed in the Watertown shootout with the police while Dzhokhar backed the car over him as he made his temporary getaway. It can only be one or the other. The photos don’t lie. Cops do.

For so many incredulous inconsistencies to actually be accepted as convincing “evidence” while so many discrepant facts directly contradict state evidence, and then the “no questions asked” defense and mainstream media throughout the trial passively swallowing it hook, line and sinker in its rush to convict Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (trial being over in less than a month with 95 witnesses) is utterly preposterous and again, a complete and total miscarriage of justice. For nearly two years all the potential defense witnesses were constantly harassed, deported, jailed, and even killed, thus, virtually silencing any chance of a fair defense for Dzhokhar.

But then the propaganda lies built into this case from the start were designed to convict the brothers as the patsy fall guys all along. Going back to the JFK assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald, every false flag operation has its unwitting stooges who are used by the feds as props to take the sole blame. From President Obama to the FBI to their propagandist presstitutes, they were all publicly weighing in their guilty verdicts no sooner than the release of the photos that within days of the bombings identified the two brothers as the only prime suspects, thus prejudicing the entire case, effectively swaying Americans into believing that the one suspect still alive was guilty long before his trial ever began. And we know based on both Obama and the FBI’s track records that they both are constantly lying through their teeth and obviously cannot be trusted.  The overwhelming majority of American citizens per last August’s CNN poll, an all-time high of 87%, of Americans simply do not trust their own government, knowing that they are constantly being lied to every day. And with so many blatant holes in the state’s case, anyone half aware and informed of what’s been allowed to go down in the Boston Marathon bombings case would be near 100% certain that the government is once again producing an over-the-top false narrative designed to hide its own criminality. But then the US federal government’s become a militarized dictatorship, part of an international crime cabal that uses state propaganda as effectively as the Nazis ever did.

All kinds of unexplained anomalies are rampant throughout this case. A number of paid mercenaries from Craft International, a paramilitary private security contractor out of Texas (not unlike notorious Blackwater/aka Xe/aka Academi) were also spotted in photos wearing those same black colored government-issued-like backpacks. The question of whether any of them laid their backpack and its contents on the ground never quite came up in the trial. Apparently these guys were part of a Homeland Security training exercise that just happened to be training at the exact same time and place as the so called terrorists on that Boston Marathon day. Think about those odds, kind of like America’s entire national air defense on 9/11 conveniently being absent, purposely diverted to training exercises in the Atlantic just so the 9/11 false flag could be executed as planned. In Boston the unmistakable heavy presence of the military and special ops personnel assembled en-masse instantly on the scene after the marathon explosions is yet another giveaway indicating that the feds had something if not everything to do with this tragedy.

Clearly it was a training exercise alright, Bostonians was used as a guinea pig litmus test for assessing how a large US urban population of over a million people would react to a first practice, simulation dry-run of martial law in America, conveniently prepping us for what’s to come. The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act upheld by the US Supreme Court a year ago now permits the US military to invade our homes without warrant, arrest us without charges, and imprison us indefinitely without trial, legal representation or due process. After the marathon bombings the feds’ stand down order issued over an expansive, densely populated metropolitan area to remain in their homes while a massive police state-army dressed and armed for war against its own people without warrants entered thousands of homes with automatic weapons drawn in the largest, monster-scale manhunt in US history searching for one teenager from a family with whom the feds were already very familiar.

Perhaps the most respected independent news team that’s been diligently investigating the Boston Marathon bombings the last two years – WhoWhatWhy – has asserted that older brother Tamerlan was most likely an FBI informant. Through court motions last year Dzhokhar’s defense team submitted evidence that the FBI had approached the older Tsarnaev brother in an effort to recruit him to spy on his fellow Boston Chechen and Muslim community. The US intel community has a verifiably long history both here and around the globe of seeking out troubled youth and young people like the Tsarnaevs as informants in its worldwide clandestine operations.

The FBI and CIA’s common misuse of paying informants to entrap others globally into joining plots of terrorism was well documented in researcher-author Trevor Aaronson’s book The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism. Between 9/11 and 2011 he confirmed that 508 defendants were recruited by informants paid up to $100,000 in multiple sting operations. In fact, in all but only three high profile cases were the FBI and their informants not involved. Again, this demonstrates that the US government’s calling card around the world reads “Terrorism-R-US,” just another M.O. for squandering hard earned taxpayer dollars to keep its invented “war on terror” very much ongoing and alive forever.

What seems most probable are efforts by the FBI to recruit Tamerlan to become a snitch in the neocons’ self-serving war on terror. Yet this piece of crucial evidence has been purposely withheld from all court proceedings and MSM’s dubious, half-ass coverage. 26-year old Tamerlin was a down on his luck, unemployed boxer whose dream of Olympic gold had been shattered, married to a nurse’s aide working 60 hours a week to make ends meet. Yet WhoWhatWhy states that just two days prior to the bombings, Tamerlan could afford sending his mother in Russia $900 cash along with paying for the backpacks (or were they government issued?), ammunition and bomb-making materials. Yet this critical piece of information was also prohibited from further inquiry during the trial.

Of course the FBI predictably denied any Tsarnaev solicitation to become an informant. Prior to last month’s trial, the US Circuit Court judge presiding over the case explicitly ordered that the brother’s involvement with FBI not be allowed to enter his courtroom during the trial. It remains to be seen if Judge George A. O’Toole will permit the defense to present this critical information during the upcoming sentencing phase. Because the government has so much to hide and has failed to address so many discrepancies in the case for obvious high stakes reasons, it probably won’t be included, which of course only reinforces what many of us already know, that this trial is but a sham for police state propaganda and truth suppression.

Of all the receipts for typical everyday items purchased, the only receipts found in Tamerlan’s pockets were receipts for his self-incriminating bomb-making materials. That’s almost like finding the unblemished passport belonging to the lead 9/11 box-cutter a couple blocks from the towers’ ashes the day after, or the Hebdo gunman’s wallet with ID left carelessly on purpose in the cab so those terrorists could instantly be identified. This calling card pattern smacks of yet another inside job rendition with the same shabby, grubby fed fingerprints carelessly smudged all over it.

Another inconsistent weakness in the prosecution’s case was the sophistication required for making the “pressure-cooker” bombs used at the marathon. Supposedly Tamerlan learned off an al Qaeda internet website where the article’s authors mention the directions being beyond the scope of a novice. Throughout the trial, the prosecution team would go back and forth promoting the notion of the bombs’ complexity whenever it served their purpose. For example, as the reason used to justify the FBI interrogating Dzhokhar for two days straight without reading him his Miranda rights, the FBI suspected that others were also involved, partially based on the bombs seeming more than homemade-like. Yet whenever it would come up as a reason to mitigate seeking the death penalty, the notion of lone wolves would get drummed home every time.

The traces of bomb materials in Tamerlan’s apartment underwent the same flip floppy logic as a transparent prosecution ploy used to convict the younger brother. Three times the feds changed their tune on traces of the bomb material being found in the apartment and whether the brothers had outside help or not. These discrepancies consistently went unchallenged by the defense during the trial as if pre-scripted to let the shady government off the hook in its back and forth rendition of “truth,” protecting the feds’ cover-up lies of discrepancy in order to allow the US government to get away with its incriminating part.

The one thread of unfailing consistency throughout this entire two year story is the constant inconsistencies and the countless conspicuously avoided bottom line questions that smack of inside cover-up. Initially the Tsarnaevs were not the suspects. Apparently once the photos of the Tsarnaev brothers at the Boston Marathon were made public asking for help in identifying their names, overheard on a Boston police scanner and then scooped up immediately by social media network sources, the names Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Trapathi were erroneously identified as the suspects. The fact that the FBI knew who the two men in those photos were because they had previous dealings with them enough to place them on a no fly list, the FBI willfully lied to America pretending it needed the public’s assistance to identify them. And then the police put out false names of innocent people as suspects. Mike Mulugeta reportedly was shot dead though any actual accounts confirming his death are completely absent. However, East Indian American and Brown University student Sunil Trapathi who had been reported missing since mid-March was found floating face down in pond water in Providence, Rhode Island about a week after the Marathon explosions. What little information about his suspicious death was released through his family and the question of whether the death resulted from foul play is still largely unknown.

More bogus, planted propaganda against the brothers shortly after they were identified as the prime suspects was the FBI claim linking them to the triple murder case in Waltham, Massachusetts that took place on September 11th, 2011. Only during the trial did it come out that there existed absolutely no evidence that Tamerlan was involved. Yet the systematic damage of misinformation supporting the brothers’ guilt was already done, ensuring that in the court of public opinion the Tsarnaevs were guilty as charged right from the get-go.

Here the Tsarnaev brothers were supposedly on a no fly list acting as more evidence supporting prior contact with intelligence agencies, yet Tamerlan was permitted to fly to known terrorist hotbed Chechnya and neighboring Dagestan from January 21, 2012 to July 17, 2012. His family members insist he spent his entire time with family, among them a distant cousin who heads a non-violent organization critical of Western policies toward Islam. Yet his visit was used by prosecution as so called evidence that the older brother was “radicalized” there and came home an inspired terrorist seeking revenge on America.

New York Times article dated April 20, 2013 suggests that Tamerlan was first approached by the FBI in January 2011 after a return trip from Russia. Russian intelligence services that monitored phone calls in Chechnya warned the FBI in March 2011 that Tamerlan was becoming a potential threat. Thus two plus years well in advance of the bombings, the FBI was already cognizant of Tamerlan’s extremist leaning activities. Yet the FBI allowed him to travel yet again to Russia despite being on a no fly list and less than nine months after his return from that final trip abroad, the Boston Marathon bombings occurred. This damning piece of government evidence makes the feds minimally guilty of criminal gross negligence if not actually a criminal accomplice.

Yet another despicable chapter to this tragic saga is the FBI’s murder of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s friend in Florida. Within weeks after the Boston bombings, an unarmed Ibragim Todashev was shot by an FBI agent previously reprimanded for excessive force as an Oakland police officer. Initially the FBI lied about the circumstances, falsely claiming Todashev wielded a knife. The victim’s family is suing the FBI for $30 million. Even after admitting the lie about the victim brandishing a weapon, the Justice Department (overseeing the FBI) and a Florida prosecutor cleared the murdering FBI agent of any wrongdoing. The official government’s response that in effect supports such egregious acts of violence toward innocent civilians strongly indicates that the victim knew too much and the crime syndicate’s answer for people aware of the feds’ evildoing is to systematically assassinate those who might incriminate the federal government. Neutralizing perceived threats is standard operating procedure.

As an aside, the Tsarnaev brothers’ uncle who went public shortly after the bombings blasting his nephews as “losers” was married for several years in the 1990’s to the daughter of well-known CIA career officer Graham Fuller. Fuller is the CIA architect for creating the Mujahedeen movement that fought the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980’s, the same outfit whose leader Osama bin Laden emerged as the so called 9/11 al Qaeda mastermind.  Fuller was a committed advocate for using Islamic fundamentalists as US proxy war mercenaries. Another coincidence that the CIA VIP’s son-in-law and his nephews came from Chechnya, a hotspot for separatist Muslim terrorist activity?

Once again the United States government appears to be at least complicit in another state crime against its own citizens… and then applying a media blackout to any real investigative reporting that would ask the dozens of questions to get to the truth. Even the defendant’s legal representation abandoned Tsarnaev’s right to a fair trial, and by co-opting to act in accordance with the government’s “no questions asked” implicitly applied gag-rule, it too is complicit in this heinous crime for neither seeking the truth nor any real justice for either the defendants or the scores of victims. The US crime cabal and its fabricated “war on terror” is perpetuated globally, both on US soil and around the world as an ongoing crime against humanity. The truth behind 9/11 is in-our-face, and so is the truth behind these Boston bombings. The criminals in Washington must pay for their crimes.


"The Boston Marathon Bombing Trial

by Miles Mathis
First published April 3, 2015

The Boston Marathon trial is now being manufactured for your amusement in the media, so we will take a quick look at it, for more proof this is all theater.  On the front page of most newspapers, we got this headline on March 5:


That is telling us that the defendant, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is guilty as presumed. But notice who is saying that. It is Tsarnaev's own defense attorney, Judy Clarke, in her opening statement. Don't you find it a little odd that Tsarnaev's attorney is admitting he is guilty in her opening statement? Do you really think the legal system works that way? I will tell you a secret: all lawyers and law students know this trial is fake, and they know because they know that real trials don't work like this.  Our legal system is an adversarial system, where the two attorneys argue opposite sides.  In a criminal trial, the prosecuting attorney is hired to argue the side of the State and the defense attorney is hired to argue the side of the defendant.  The defense attorney must argue for a not guilty finding, even if he or she knows the defendant is guilty. That is the process. If both attorneys are arguing for a guilty verdict, then the trial is pointless. You might as well have a summary finding by the judge. But it isn't done that way.

In our system, the accused has a right to a trial and a right to an attorney.  As part of that right, the accused has a right to have an attorney argue in his favor.  If the defense attorney argues he is guilty, his rights have just been violated.In a real trial, as soon as Tsarnaev's attorney said, “it was him,” the judge would have declared a mistrial, and the defense attorney would have been dismissed, fined, and possibly disbarred.  Since none of that happened, we know this trial is fake.  It is another Hollywood trial, like the Manson trial, the Hearst trial, the Chicago 8 trials, the Unabomber trial, and hundreds of other high-profile trials....

I will be told that the defense strategy was to admit the defendant's guilt but try to blame his brother Tamerlan* as the mastermind. Again, that isn't how it is supposed to work in the criminal justice system of the US. Remember, Dzhokhar pleaded not guilty. Therefore, his attorney is expected to argue he is not guilty. What is the point of pleading not guilty if your attorney is going to admit you are guilty in her opening statement?

We see more ridiculous claims here:

Rebekah Gregory, who lost much of her left leg, posted her open letter to Tsarnaev on her Facebook page hours after giving her emotional testimony in federal court.

That is from USA Today. But they are just relying on your ignorance of the law, since that couldn't happen in a real trial.  Notice that she is referencing things that supposedly went on during the trial: “You   are   a   coward.  A  little   boy   who   wouldn't   even   look   me   in   the   eyes." She is saying that Tsarnaev wouldn't look at her in the courtroom. That, too, should cause a mistrial, since those who give testimony during the trial aren't allowed to broadcast that testimony. Active participants in a trial are not allowed to repeat testimony to the press or to publicly broadcast trial proceedings, which is what Gregory is doing here. Go here to read the rules for yourself.

I also draw your attention to the name of Tsarnaev's attorney:  Judy Clarke.  Hmmm.  They seem to be recycling names here. I would say they need a deeper hat of fake names. Is Judy Clarke related to Marcia Clark, O. J. Simpson's fake attorney? No, of course not, I will be told. They spell their last names differently.

Like Marcia Clark, Judy Clarke isn't doing much of a job as an alleged attorney. The prosecution argued for more than a month, while the defense rested after only two days. While the prosecution brought 92 witnesses to the stand, the defense only brought 4. Actually, the defense didn't bring any, since.

The four witnesses included two digital forensics experts and two FBI investigators previously examined by the prosecution.

We are supposed to believe that Tsarnaev's entire defense consisted of re-questioning these 4 witnesses for the prosecution? Despite being given more than a year to mount a defense, this defense team couldn't come up with anything but to admit their client was guilty in opening statements? This despite the fact that independent researchers (like me) have come up with a mountain of evidence the entire event was faked, and posted that information freely on the internet? We are supposed to believe Tsarnaev's defense team doesn't have internet access, I guess. Judy Clarke's computer is on the fritz.

Tsarnaev's team didn't think to subpoena members of Craft International who were photographed at the scene wearing backpacks? The Craft is a private military organization, and its website admits it is “ Registered with the Defense Security Service HUMINT and SIGINT infrastructure.”That just means that, like Blackwater, Craft International is an arm of Military Intelligence.  They claim to be private to avoid some laws that apply to Federal organizations, but they are really just another subset of Intelligence.

Tsarnaev's team also didn't think to follow the lead through the boys' uncle to Graham Fuller, vice chair of the National Intelligence Council? Judy Clarke apparently didn't find it curious that Fuller's daughter was married to this uncle of the Tsarnaevs, and that they had lived in his house for more than a year. Just a coincidence, right? Graham Fuller, vice-chair of the NIC, had no idea his in-laws were terrorists, right? And this same Graham Fuller, vice-chair of the National Intelligence Council, had no idea that Craft International—which works with Intelligence—was at the Boston Marathon event with his in-laws?

But since Intelligence manufactured the Boston Marathon event as well as this fake trial, we wouldn't really expect them to out themselves, would we?

Another thing the defense team forgot to tell the jury is that since Tsarnaev is a Chechen living in the US, the probability is around 100% that he is an asset of the US, not an enemy of the US or terrorist. Chechens have been at war with Russia for decades, but they are not in any sort of holy war with the US. On the contrary, Chechnya is an ally, and we funnel arms into Chechnya as part of our opposition to Russia. We have been using Chechnya as a pawn against Russia, since Chechnya is right on the border of the old Soviet Union (actually, it is currently inside “Russia”, having been retaken in the second Chechen War about a decade ago).

In telling the ridiculous story of this fake trial, the storytellers are relying on the towering ignorance of the American public, which not only knows squat about the legal system, but also knows less than squat about world geography or world politics. Only those with zero knowledge of recent world events would buy the story that these Chechen boys are terrorists. This also explains why Tsarnaev is said to have “a slight grin” on his face most of the time in the courtroom.  He can't suppress his mirth at the absurdity of a Chechen being tried as an Islamic extremist terrorist, since—being a Chechen—he knows that Chechnya has been a US ally for decades.

Again, Tsarnaev's uncle is married to the daughter of a high-ranking US official, an official in Intelligence. Do you really imagine US Intelligence doesn't know who these Tsarnaevs are?

Not only that, but in trying to sell Tsarnaev as an Islamic fundamentalist, the storytellers are faking the entire history of Chechnya. There is a good chance the Tsarnaevs aren't Muslim at all. Places like Wikipedia tell you most Chechens are Muslims, but that isn't true, either. That area of the world is a mix, with Christians and Muslims in the same general area.  Many other religions are represented in the area as well, with many Chechens being Jews or Khazars.  Many Chechens are descended Vainakhs, whose religion was pagan.  What they don't tell you is that paganism is still very strong in the area, with the Khazars also still practicing a similar form (Tengriism).

Remember, Georgia is to the south and west of Chechnya, and Stavropol to the north, both Christian strongholds. So to just assume the Tsarnaevs are Muslim since they are from Chechnya is absurd. They could belong to any of about ten religions, or none.  Since they are working for US Intelligence, I would assume they are atheists.  They probably don't care about religion at all.  They care about the money they are making as actors.

Here's another problem:

Some people were appalled that Rolling Stone seemed to be glamorizing Tsarnaev by putting him on the cover looking like a rock star. But even these people asked the wrong question. Tsarnaev had long been in police custody by that time. We are told he has been in solitary confinement for most of the past two years. What is the first thing they do when you go to jail? They cut your hair. It's like the army: they don't allow you to look like a hippie. So as soon as these photos hit the magazines, everyone should have known it was a fake.

That is supposed to be Tsarnaev in the courtroom, drawn by the court artist. So he still has all that hair, or more of it. Do you really think he is allowed to have hair like that in jail? No, the hair is for effect. Is is part of his role.

But let's return to his alleged defense attorney Judy Clarke. Who is Judy Clarke?

In this 2013 article, Huffington Post told us:

The names of her past clients – Susan Smith, Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski and most recently, Tucson shooter Jared Loughner – run like a list of the most reviled in American criminal history.

Yes, and it also reads like a list of fake people. Since my first paper on the Boston Marathon bombing was first published, I have written and published a long paper showing that Ted Kaczynski was a CIA agent and actor and that his entire event was faked.

That also applies to Susan Smith. Remember, Smith is the one we are told killed her kids in 1994. She went on national TV claiming a black man kidnapped them, then nine days later confessed that she killed them by driving her car into the lake.  All theater. Any time you see sensational 24-hour-a-day national coverage of an event like this, you can be pretty sure it is manufactured to play on your emotions. [They also borrowed her name: Susan Smith is a famous Playboy Playmate.] And of course it also applies to Jared Loughner, who is said to have shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in early 2011. More theater. It never happened. Giffords may have been injured somehow, but not in the way we are told. The shooting is said to have been caught on the Safeway store security camera, but the video has never been released. Neither has any other convincing evidence.


So let us return to the Boston event and Tsarnaev's attorney Judy Clarke. Since Clarke was involved in all these previous fake events, it is just more proof that she, like her namesake Marcia Clark, is a MATRIX-attorney. She plays an attorney in the media, nothing more. She is likely an Intelligence asset like all the rest of these people.

In addition to this obviously fake trial, we find obviously fake letters to the editor planted in prominent newspapers. If you do a BING search on this Boston trial, one of the links that comes up on the first page is this letter to the New Jersey Courier-Post (a Gannett Company). It is claimed to be from a Cheryl Gilbert in Oaklyn, and she says that there is no need for a trial, since Tsarnaev is “200% guilty”.

Rather, we should publicly execute him instead, as further entertainment. Let's see, that would be Oaklyn, NJ. According to a people search, there is only one Cheryl Gilbert in Oaklyn, NJ, and she is supposed to be “over 65.” I encourage you to contact her and ask her if she wrote this. I would bet she didn't. It has all the earmarks of a fake letter, written and posted from Langley.

Finally, I beg you to ask how we are supposed to pronounce the name Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. That's right, the correct pronunciation of that first name is “Joker.” Doesn't that tell you something? I mean, c'mon. The storytellers here are just spitting in your face.

While you are wiping that from your eye, try to dodge this gob:

While this fake trial is meant to cement in your mind the fake terrorist event which will justify the Federal government spending billions of your taxdollars fighting fake terrorism, and which will justify further gun control measures, and which will cause more anxiety which will cause you and everyone else to buy more drugs—further   enriching   the   pharmaceutical   companies—those aren't the only endgames here. Another is local: these Hollywood trials cost tens of millions of dollars to put on, even though they are just show trials. The fake trial in Denver of the Batman shooter has already cost taxpayers over ten million, and the Boston Marathon trial will generate similar revenue for all these government actors and agencies in Massachusetts. So basically they are manipulating your mind with huge fake events, and then sending you the bill for it. You are paying for your own brainwashing. You are being taxed for the privilege of being lied to all the live-long day.


I'm forking over $16 a week for the privilege.

Sister of slain MIT officer opposes death penalty for Tsarnaev

The crisis actor's name is Jennifer Lemmerman(!!).

How about this years race?

"Police release spectator guidelines for Boston Marathon" by Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff  April 13, 2015

Drones will be banned along the entire Boston Marathon course for the first time next week. Spectators are being urged not to carry weapons, backpacks, coolers, large handbags, or blankets. No bandit runners will be allowed to jump into the race.

“We are asking the public to exercise vigilance and common sense,” Kurt Schwartz, the state undersecretary of public safety and director of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, or MEMA, said during a news conference Monday. “These guidelines are not onerous.”

Despite enhanced security, which has become the norm since the bombings near the finish line in 2013 killed three people and wounded 260, officials said they are confident it won’t interfere with the spirit of the event.

“This is about celebration,” said Massachusetts State Police Colonel Timothy P. Alben, noting that the Marathon, April 20, falls on school vacation week and on a day when the Red Sox will be playing at home. “It’s not meant to be prohibitive. We want you to come out and enjoy this.”


"After the snowiest winter on record, the baseball god blessed the Red Sox and their fans with one of the more spectacular April afternoons of all time. Fronted by a 9-year old Marathon bombing victim, patriotism gave way to the New England Patriots and Pete Frates, a local hero since his Ice Bucket Challenge raised hundreds of millions of dollars for ALS research.... 

What a waste of water when California is under drought.

Winter took us into extra innings, but spring hit a walk-off homer on Monday. Beleaguered and nursing a wicked Vitamin D deficiency, Greater Boston emerged into the warm, bright outdoors. At Fenway Park for the Red Sox home opener, at the Public Garden downtown, and at parks and picnic spots all over the area, Bostonians finally found themselves blinking into the . . . wait, what do you call that bright yellow circle in the sky again? Fans in shorts and T-shirts filled Lansdowne Street behind Fenway, scarfing down sausages and waving to friends on sunny balconies overhead. Baseball was back. And so, in some measure, was Boston. New security measures at the ballpark’s gates slowed things down a bit for those going to the game, but after the snowiest winter on record, an extra few minutes didn’t really matter much. And besides, has any city ever been more deserving of a beautiful day for a ballgame? Gene Foster came to the game with a little bottle of an unfamiliar potion dangling from a clip on his belt loop: Sunscreen.... 

Yeah, the tyranny based on lies is no big deal and who has ever been more arrogant, I mean, deserving?

.... And so the words “play ball” echoing around the Fens take on a deeper meaning this year. You don’t have to be a baseball fan to feel this way. If you’re a gardener, you know that as soon as the Red Sox start playing on that deep green grass, green things will be sprouting on your own patch (Obligatory disclosure: John Henry, the guy who owns this newspaper, also owns the Red Sox. He bought the Red Sox about 35 years after I went to my first game at Fenway with my father.) No sport is more identified with rebirth than baseball, its season beginning in spring, a time when anything is possible. And as chilly as some of the early games at Fenway are, the promise of spring is that summer always follows. We long to be cold at the ballpark again in October, because that means the Red Sox are still playing. Like all sports, baseball is mostly a welcome diversion from other more pressing things that consume us. Our family. Our jobs. Our health. But baseball can only divert us so much."

From what?

Btw, did you find a place to park even though the city doesn't know how many there are?

Runners and spectators at the Marathon should expect the same enhanced security as last year, with 3,500 police officers and National Guard soldiers patrolling the course. There will be security checkpoints, bag searches, and officers sweeping the crowds with bomb-sniffing dogs. 

I'll be sure to stay far, far away.

While most of the guidelines issued by state officials for this year’s Marathon are the same as last year’s, the ban on drones and all remotely controlled model aircraft is new. They are prohibited from flying over runners or spectators along the 26.2 mile course that starts in Hopkinton and winds through Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, and Brookline, finishing in Boston.

“The entire course this year will be a No Drone Zone,” said Schwartz, noting it means “over the course, over spectators, or anywhere in sight of runners or spectators.”

Does that hold for the cops as well, or is this just a way of limiting contradictory evidence that may come from the crowd should anything happen?

Alben said there has been a growing concern around the country about the use of drones, including at sporting events, and police are warning Marathon-goers, “Look, don’t create problems by flying these things.”

Officials are urging spectators to participate in a “See Something, Say Something” campaign, by calling 911 or alerting police in the area to report any suspicious activity.

And blow the false flag operation while framing oneself? Forget it!

MEMA and the Boston Athletic Association, which organizes the race, have established “Massachusetts Alerts,” a free app that allows Android and iPhone users to get public safety updates on the Marathon.

The 119th Boston Marathon will be held the day before a federal jury is scheduled to reconvene in the second phase of the trial of convicted bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to consider whether the 21-year-old should be sentenced to death.

The timing is uncanny!

During Monday’s news conference, Alben said law enforcement officials were unaware of any threats related to the upcoming Marathon.

We were told the same in 2013.

Thomas Grilk, executive director of the Boston Athletic Association, urged bandit runners, who are not registered entrants, to stay out of the race. He said they cause security concerns and could be a drain on medical resources intended for official runners.

The BAA’s website, baa.org, offers details about street closings, restricted items, and additional information for runners and spectators.

Schwartz said there will be “firewalls” of security in some areas near the starting line in Hopkinton and the finish line in Boston.

Any drills planned this time?

“Outside those areas for most of the 26.2 miles this is an open venue,” Schwartz said, adding that spectators can “come and go as they please.” Spectators are urged to carry personal items in clear plastic bags.

Why not just go naked?


"Richard Donohue, Heather Abbott give blood in Watertown" by Jeremy C. Fox, Globe Correspondent  April 11, 2015

The quiet, 4-square-mile community became the focus of world attention just after midnight on April 19, 2013, as police pursued Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev into Watertown, leading to a confrontation on Laurel Street that left Tamerlan Tsarnaev dead and Donohue nearly bleeding to death.

Four days earlier, the brothers had detonated two bombs near the Marathon’s finish line, killing three and injuring more than 260.

Resident Sheri Rosenberg said the community’s notoriety from the shootout lingers.

“Watertown used to be our sleepy little town that nobody heard of, and now no matter where you go in the country, you mention Watertown, Mass., and everybody knows where that is now, unfortunately,” she said.

Rosenberg said she gives blood at least once a year, participating for the past decade at the annual Sept. 11 drive hosted by the Boston Red Sox, where she is manager of alumni and player relations.

Rosenberg recalled the anxiety she felt two years ago as police scoured the area for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after he fled the scene of the shootout, and then-Governor Deval Patrick ordered Greater Boston residents to shelter in place....

After a while this stuff does seem scripted and made up.


It was "another sign of his healing and the healing of a community."

Related: What went wrong in Watertown

Slow Saturday Special: Watered-Town Report

Boston After-Action Report Raises Still More Questions–Inadvertently

That's what happens when a cop is shot in Boston.

You can keep on running with this if you want, readers. 

What I'm going to do the rest of the night is reflect upon whether I even want to blog about the Boston Globe anymore. It was supposed to be my kitschy shtick, covering them, but truth be told I am simply sick of the rich man's propaganda and pre$$. Sorry.

Reflecting upon these Next Day Updates:

Before turning to the Globe (yes, I'm once again a $ucker), I was struck by the panoply of a blog roll.  I see someone working hard every day, and it's a little early for lunch but it hit the spot. I guess they got their man there. Sorry to bark so much about it so much before continuing. 

It's a Sterling roll, and I see Iran is most prominent as the Saudi slaughter is endorsed by the U.N. (outed as a tool of the EUSraeli Empire -- as if there were any doubts). Just seeking the Seeking the Truth, folks, and what an evil ce$$pool it is as we head into the New American century with the lynch mob (whose next?) right behind him

No wonder the Saudis are doing US bidding; they are the fall guy being blackmailed. One wonders when that backwards-ass government will finally wake up (little stirring in the veins with the oil production, and is that the $ign of a healthy economy?).

I also see that SILLI, 'er, ISIS, is camped out on the Mexican border(!!). I wonder if the Justice department will arm them directly like the drug gangs or whether the U.S. military will make an oopsie drop of arms shipments for Mexican moderates before invading.

And look what I found in the Petri Dish:

".... The more things don't change, the more they remain the same. It's freakish indeed, the way the Israeli trained police Morlocks are carrying on these days. The brutality meter has red-lined. Events like the following are happening in multiples every single day. Meanwhile in Make believe La La Land, hope and change have reached the level of the sheer ridiculous and bizarre media manipulated religions, are bombing the planet with false narratives, brought to you by the authors of the Armenian, Russian and Ukrainian massacres; not to mention also being the authors of every Middle Eastern genocidal war in recent decades.The irony! The irony! Ah... the lambs of vengeance suckle at the teats of irony.

In concert with everything else that is going on, the wealthy are in desperate need of ever greater and greater handouts  Then, in the latest horrific monstrosity, crypto-Zios are killing without conscience and don't give a damn what anyone thinks....

We scrolled down the pages of several alternative news sites this morning and it was dark and dreary, much like that evening when the raven came to visit Poe. I'm looking for bright spots shining through the cumulo-nimbus thunderheads but there is not a great deal of that; not today anyway. Some of the Blackwater murderers got a whole lot of time in prison. Looks like someone dropped the ball or the whole thing was so egregious that they had no choice....


Yes, I caught the tail of that last one for a couple of days in the Globe. 

Speaking of which, here are today's tall stories relating to what is above:

"On this second anniversary of the April 15, 2013, Marathon bombings, remembrance remains a focal point, in defiance of the crime and its horrific consequences." 

Yeah, it made the Medford mayor resign! I'm sure there will be more heroes made this year, whatever happens or not.

My stomach is growling now so it must be time for lunch (with a flower on the table, please).

There will be no posts today as I wish to leave this important item at the top of the blog for another cycle. I will be working on consolidation and cutting issues today and have a basketball game to play this evening with a friend I have not seen in a long time. Sorry. I still need more time to reflect on what I want to do here, if anything.