Thursday, April 9, 2015

Where Is Lindsey McNamara?

My feeling is no one is looking to hard:

"Police seek woman missing in Ashland; Had allegedly thrown bacon, sausages in police station" by Emily Sweeney, Globe Staff  February 17, 2015

A 24-year-old Ashland woman who was allegedly caught on video throwing raw bacon and sausages inside the Framingham police station in December is missing, according to police.

Ashland police posted a photo of Lindsey McNamara on their Facebook page and asked that anyone who has seen her contact the Ashland Police Department at 508-881-1212, extension 0.

Police said McNamara’s family reported her missing.

She was last seen Feb. 14 dining with a man and a woman at P.F. Chang’s restaurant in Natick, said Lieutenant Richard Briggs of the Ashland police. He said McNamara’s car, covered with snow, was found Tuesday morning at Home Depot in Natick. The car “had clearly had been there a good amount a time,” he said.

Briggs said McNamara was involved in a bizarre incident Dec. 26 at the Framingham Police Department. A video released by Framingham police shows a woman throwing uncooked sausages at the dispatcher’s window and smearing a handful of raw bacon on the glass. McNamara was charged with malicious destruction of property and disorderly conduct. Both charges were dismissed Feb. 11, according to the Framingham District Court clerk’s office.



"He is trying to transform the legacy of this frightening place — where companies made dyes that were later linked to rare forms of cancer among his friends and other townspeople — from despair into art. Last year, Borelli received a $75,000 grant for the project from ArtPlace America , a collaboration of foundations, banks, and federal agencies."

This bankrupt, austerity-preaching government sure has a lot of money to dole out along with the wealthy elite so concerned about income inequality.