Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sunday Globe Special: Teen Crime Spree

Just catching up and getting ahead of things I care nothing about. Sorry.

"Teen couple from Ohio arrested in three-state crime spree" by Julie Carr Smyth Associated Press  June 07, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A teen couple from Ohio who authorities suspect of a crime spree across three states was apprehended in West Virginia after a police pursuit, investigators said Saturday.

The sheriff’s office in Wyandot County, Ohio, said the 16-year-old boy and 15-year-old girl were in the custody of West Virginia State Police. The two crashed a vehicle that had been stolen in Pennsylvania and fled on foot before they were caught, authorities said.

The teens, from the communities of Upper Sandusky and Sycamore in northwest Ohio, had been reported missing Monday. Family members had expressed fear for their safety.

Now, West Virginia and Pennsylvania state police are jointly investigating a series of crimes that may be connected to the juveniles, including armed robbery, car theft, and fleeing from police.

Authorities did not immediately say if any charges were filed against the teenagers.

That is where the print copy ended.

The Associated Press is not naming them because of their ages.

Sheriff Michael Hetzel told WTVG-TV last week that the two fled Ohio in a stolen pickup truck after allegedly stealing shotgun shells from a Walmart in Bucyrus, about 20 miles east of Upper Sandusky. They allegedly continued east toward Pennsylvania, stealing one or maybe two more vehicles and evading law enforcement possibly by hiding out in wooded areas.

Thought they would sweat it out, huh?

Police were called Thursday to an armed robbery at the P&W mini-mart in Elizabeth Township in Allegheny County, authorities told CBS Pittsburgh.

An officer sustained minor injuries after grabbing a trailer hitch and being dragged some distance before falling off, authorities said.

The teens’ parents were notified their children had been apprehended and the parents traveled to New Martinsville, W.Va., to meet with investigators, the sheriff in Ohio said.