Wednesday, August 19, 2015

EPA Should Have Mined Its Own Business

Maybe I should have minded mine.

"Anger rises as EPA says Colo. mine spill is three times larger; 3 million gallons entered river; Health threats of water unclear" by Julie Turkewitz New York Times  August 11, 2015

DURANGO, Colo. — Anger about a spill of toxic water from a mine that turned this community’s river into a yellow-orange ribbon is rising after the Environmental Protection Agency announced that the spill was three times larger than previously stated.

In other words, they lied and were hoping to cover up.

The EPA said it is still unsure whether the polluted water poses a health threat to humans or animals.

Take a drink and find out!

The agency, typically charged with responding to toxic disasters, has claimed responsibility for the spill, which unleashed a chemical brew that caused levels of arsenic, lead, and other metals to spike in the Animas River, a tributary that plays a vital role in the culture and economy in this patch of southwestern Colorado.

Agency officials said Sunday that the spill is larger than originally estimated: more than 3 million gallons rather than 1 million.

That's a lot more.

The wastewater, from the abandoned Gold King Mine, began spilling Wednesday when an EPA-supervised cleanup crew accidentally breached a debris dam that had formed inside the mine.

Governor John Hickenlooper issued a disaster declaration Monday that will release $500,000 to assist businesses and towns affected by the spill. It also helps pay for water quality sampling by the state, assessing effects on fish and wildlife, and possible cleanup. Hickenlooper directed state agencies to seek federal funds or low-interest loans to help entities affected by the spill.

La Plata County and the City of Durango also have declared states of emergency, and the county estimates that 1,000 residential water wells could be contaminated.

The river is closed indefinitely, and the La Plata sheriff has recast his campaign signs into posters warning river visitors to stay out of the water.

The yellow plume has traveled down to New Mexico, where Governor Susana Martinez also declared an emergency to make funds available to address the problem. Farms along the Animas and San Juan river valleys in New Mexico have no water to irrigate their crops after the spill.

As if the price of food and wasn't high enough already and hunger wasn't increasing.

Residents packed a school auditorium Sunday night in Durango for a meeting with the agency’s regional director, Shaun McGrath. During a public comment session that lasted more than two hours, residents flouted a sign on the wall that instructed the auditorium’s typical patrons — middle schoolers — to refrain from calling out, jumping up, or insulting others during assemblies.

Unruly public concerned about their lives!!

Shouts rang out. A few people cried. One resident questioned whether the agency had refashioned itself into the “Environmental Pollution Agency.” Others demanded to know what would happen to wildlife, livestock, water wells, sediment, and river-based jobs.

“When — when can we be open again?” said David Moler, 35, the owner of a river-rafting company who had approached a microphone. “All I hear is a handful of ‘gonna-dos,’ ” he added. “What should I tell my employees?”

McGrath and his colleagues urged patience and assured residents that they would provide information about health risks once they had it. The agency, he said, is awaiting test results to determine whether the water poses a risk.

Yeah, well, they failed the biggest test of their tenure and ever since.... 

“We’re going to continue to work until this is cleaned up,” McGrath said, “and hold ourselves to the same standards that we would anyone that would have created this situation.” 

Why wouldn't you? 

Isn't he really saying the government actually views itself as above the law?

On Wednesday, a team from the Environmental Protection Agency was investigating the former Gold King Mine, about 50 miles north of here. Officials said it was last active in the 1920s, but it had been leaking toxic water at a rate of 50 to 250 gallons a minute for years. It is owned by a group called the San Juan Corp.

Speaking of toxic water leaks.... still dripping despite the drop in coverage.

A call to the company’s lawyer was not returned.

The agency had planned to find the source of the leak in the hope of one day stanching it. Instead, as workers used machinery to hack at loose material, a surprise deluge of orange water ripped through, spilling into Cement Creek and flowing into the Animas. The burst did not injure workers.

Like they let it loose on purpose almost. No one hurt?

The next day, as the neon water slid into Durango, masses of community members watched from the riverbanks. Some called it a painful procession: The Animas River is considered the cultural soul of this region, a sort of moving Main Street that hosts multiple floating parades a year and is typically bustling with rafters and kayakers.

Children study the river. Sweethearts marry on its banks. Its former name, given by Spaniards, is Río de las Ánimas, coincidentally, “River of Souls.”

State Senator Ellen Roberts, a Republican who lives near the river, cried softly as she considered the pollution, adding that she had dropped her father’s ashes in its depths.

“It is not just a scenic destination,” Roberts said. “It is where people literally raise their children. It is where the farmers and ranchers feed their livestock, which in turn feeds the people. We’re isolated from Denver through the mountains. And we are pretty resourceful people. But if you take away our water supply, we’re left with virtually no way to move forward.”

No one lasts long.

There are about 200 abandoned mines in the Animas watershed, the last of which closed in the early 1990s. Colorado has about 23,000 abandoned mines; the United States has an estimated 500,000.


Looks like urine -- or butterscotch pudding.

Some are saying it was an on purpose spill to justify superfund monies; however, of all government isn't EPA above all reproach?

"As anger rises, EPA takes blame for mine spill" Associated Press  August 12, 2015

Shouldn't that quell the anger?

ALBUQUERQUE — Townspeople watching millions of gallons of orange-colored mine waste flow through their communities demanded clarity Tuesday about possible long-term threats to their water supply.

Colorado and New Mexico made disaster declarations for stretches of the Animas and San Juan rivers and the Navajo Nation declared an emergency as the toxic waste spread downstream toward Lake Powell in Utah.

EPA workers accidentally unleashed an estimated 3 million gallons of mine waste, including high concentrations of arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals, as they inspected the long-abandoned Gold King mine near Silverton, Colo., on Aug. 5.

EPA administrator Gina McCarthy said Tuesday that she takes full responsibility for the spill, which she said ‘‘pains me to no end.’’



Utah Governor Gary Herbert expressed disappointment with the EPA’s initial handling of the spill, but said the state has no plans for legal action. New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez said that she would not take anything off the table.

The EPA has said that the current flows too fast for the contaminants to pose an immediate health threat.



Drink up!

"EPA tests reveal toxic stew in flow from Colorado mine; Agency promises to cover costs for damages" by Michael Biesecker, Matthew Brown and P. Solomon Banda Associated Press  August 14, 2015

SILVERTON, Colo. — The US Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday that surface-water testing revealed very high levels of lead, arsenic, cadmium, and other heavy metals as a sickly-yellow plume of mine waste flowed through Colorado.

These metals far exceeded government exposure limits for aquatic life and humans in the hours after the Aug. 5 spill, which sent 3 million gallons of wastewater through three states and the Navajo nation.

How in the hell are they going to spin this, or better yet, I'll bet it will soon be ignored.

The EPA, which released the results after 2 a.m. Eastern time under increasing political pressure, said its analysis shows the heavy metals quickly returned to ‘‘pre-event levels’’ once the plume passed through the area it tested, on the Animas River between Silverton, Colo., and the downstream municipal water intake for Durango.

They put out that damnable lie when you were sleeping!

The abandoned Gold King mine had been slowly leaking a toxic stew for decades before an EPA crew accidentally unleashed a torrent of waste during an Aug. 5 inspection. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy has taken full responsibility and promised that the agency will pay for any damage.

Too late, although there image is taking a major hit! 


The 100-mile-long plume has dissipated, its metals settling into riverbeds, during the 300-mile journey toward Lake Powell, where the flow joins the Colorado River that supplies water to the Southwest.

Makes it sound like a good thing, all those poisons in the soil!

McCarthy said Thursday that these results show that the river is restoring itself.


If I didn't know better I swear EPA was more concerned about indu$try!

She spoke during a visit to Farmington, N.M., where she announced that the EPA has released $500,000 to supply clean water for crops and livestock in northwestern New Mexico.

McCarthy acknowledged the concerns of state, local, and tribal officials about the heavy metals now trapped in the river bed and along the banks, and promised to work on the sediment problem over the long term, but offered no specifics.

More hot air from EPA.

Outside specialists are warning of the potential for continued risk to wildlife and humans for many years as the toxic metals settle into river bottoms and seep into groundwater.

EPA says river restored, everything okay!

‘‘Heavy rains or flash floods could release any lingering contaminated sediments now trapped in the Animas river bed,’’ said Marco Kaltofen, a Boston-based civil engineer specializing in water pollution.

Over the long term, these metals can seep into the water table, polluting drinking wells. 

Like fracking.

Attorneys general from Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah vowed to ensure citizens and towns are compensated, even if the full impact isn’t understood for many years.

‘‘We have to be vigilant as attorneys general, as the lawyers for the state, as protectors of the environment, to be sure that the assurances that we received today from the Environmental Protection Agency are the same in two years, in five years, even 10 years when we discover what the damage to the environment actually is,’’ said Colorado’s attorney general, Cynthia Coffman.

The spill happened as an EPA-supervised crew inspected the Gold King mine, which was abandoned in 1923. There are hundreds of thousands of abandoned mines nationwide. 

Could happen again?


Lead, arsenic, cadmium was found, and that was the last I saw of it.

"EPA proposes cuts in methane emissions" by Joby Warrick Washington Post   August 19, 2015

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration outlined plans on Tuesday for sharply reducing emissions of methane gas from oil and gas operations, taking aim at a potent greenhouse gas that studies suggest is playing an accelerating role in the earth’s warming.

Given the radiation pouring into the Pacific, the still-gooey Gulf, and now the river out west, you will forgive me if I put the -- pardon the term -- fart mi$t aside for a minute.

A proposed rule announced by the Environmental Protection Agency seeks to slash methane pollution from the nation’s energy sector, in part by requiring emissions controls on new hydraulic fracturing or ‘‘fracking’’ operations and by curbing leaks from pipelines and storage tanks, agency officials said.

Probably a good idea in any event.

The proposed measure, which faces heavy opposition from fossil-fuel companies, represents the first effort by the EPA to directly regulate emissions of methane, the primary component in natural gas. As a greenhouse gas, methane is 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide in trapping heat in the atmosphere.

Okay, that should put an end to the carbon tax scheme being promoted by bankers and greedy government. Think what you want on what is going on outside, but it is clear the carbon tax is something else entirely.

EPA officials said the proposed rule builds on previous efforts to reduce air pollution, while also helping energy companies recover and sell methane that otherwise would be allowed to escape into the atmosphere.

They aren't even in it for environment; once again, it's a bu$ine$$ interest that comes fir$t.

‘‘We can continue to accelerate the transition to a clean-energy economy by capturing fuel that would otherwise be wasted, while also preventing pollution that harms our climate and the health of our families and communities,’’ said Janet McCabe, the EPA’s acting assistant administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation, in announcing the measure. 

Yeah, right, keep that in mind for down below.


Industry officials criticized the proposal, saying the EPA was imposing more costs on oil and gas companies without taking into account industry efforts to reduce emissions through voluntary measures. Energy companies already have a strong financial incentive to avoid wasting methane, said Jack Gerard, CEO of the American Petroleum Institute.

‘‘The oil and gas industry is leading the charge in reducing methane,’’ Gerard said. ‘‘The last thing we need is more duplicative and costly regulation that could increase the cost of energy for Americans.’’

If already leading the charge why would costs increase?

He said emissions from hydraulically fractured natural gas wells have fallen nearly 79 percent in the past decade, ‘‘due to industry leadership and significant investments in new technologies.’’

Environmental groups voiced support for the proposal, though some said the measure would not achieve the kinds of emissions cuts that the EPA has projected....

The EPA’s announcement coincided with a study that suggests that the industry’s contributions to methane pollution far exceed official estimates.

I wonder what the AmeriKan war machine is spewing on a daily basis.

The study, in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, said methane leaks from processing and storage facilities were three times as high as the EPA’s data suggests. The study, by 11 scientists from Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, based its conclusions on new measurements taken from more than 140 natural gas facilities in 13 US states.

So was the flood of yellow-orange down the river.


Here's a real Obummer for environmentalists:

"Hillary Clinton breaks with Obama on Arctic drilling" by Globe wire services   August 19, 2015

WASHINGTON — In her first major break with President Obama over environmental policy, Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that she opposes drilling in the Alaskan Arctic because it is too dangerous.

‘‘The Arctic is a unique treasure,’’ Clinton said in a personally signed tweet. ‘‘Given what we know, it’s not worth the risk of drilling.’’

The statement came one day after the Obama administration gave final permitting approval for Royal Dutch Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean’s Chukchi Sea, a move environmentalists fiercely oppose.

How can you take what the man says seriously?

It provides the latest indication that Clinton will move to the left on environmental policy: Late last month she laid out a climate plan in which she pledged the United States would obtain 33 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2027, which exceeds Obama’s goal to generate 20 percent of America’s electricity by 2030. Right now, renewable energy accounts for 7 percent of the nation’s electric power supply.


The issue of drilling in the Arctic is contentious and comes two weeks before Obama is set to become the first president to visit the Alaskan Arctic. Obama has consistently defended the idea of drilling there despite potential risks, saying Shell had taken additional precautions under pressure from federal regulators.

The war machine needs all the oil it can get.

Speaking to reporters during a Camp David press conference in May, Obama emphasized that when it came to Arctic drilling, ‘‘nobody is more mindful of the risks involved and the dangers’’ given his experience with the Gulf of Mexico spill. He added that Shell had to ‘‘revamp its approach’’ based on stricter federal standards his officials wrote.

(Blog editor just shakes his head; the guy bis either delusional or a liar)

Shell declined to comment Tuesday on Clinton’s new offshore drilling position. On Monday, Shell spokesman Curtis Smith wrote in an e-mail that the company had already begun drilling in its Burger J well site in the Chukchi Sea on July 30 and now that it is allowed to explore oil-bearing zones, it would aim to drill deeper this month.


We truly are all endowed by our.... well, whatever.


Arctic drilling foes dangle from Oregon bridge to stop Shell icebreaker

Protests over, icebreaker leaves Oregon

They must want Russia to win and not the U.S..

Some reviews take longer:

"US review of Keystone XL taking 5 times longer than average" by Josh Lederman Associated Press  August 13, 2015

WASHINGTON — The federal review of the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada to Texas has dragged on for nearly seven years, more than five times the average for such applications.

The White House insists it’s simply following a standard and well-established process.

In the 6½ years since TransCanada Corp. first applied for a permit, the $8 billion project has become a flashpoint in the debate over climate change.

Under a George W. Bush-era executive order, oil pipelines crossing US borders require a presidential permit, setting off a governmentwide review coordinated by the State Department.

The Dicider!

An Associated Press examination of every cross-border pipeline application since 2004, when Bush revised the process, shows that the Keystone review has been anything but ordinary.

Since April 2004, when Bush signed his order, the government has taken an average of 478 days — less than a year and a half — to approve or reject all other applications. TransCanada has waited nearly seven years for a ruling.

Former Bush White House officials who helped develop the policy say it was never intended that the final decision about a presidential permit would be delegated to a Cabinet department. The revamped process was intended to quicken permits for major public works projects, those officials said.

Approving a pipeline permit ‘‘was seen as the most routine, boring thing in the world,’’ said Robert McNally, who was an energy adviser to Bush.

And it still is, apparently:

Oil leaks contained after train derails

It was a one-day wonder whose coverage was aborted before the fire started.

Other than that, everything is fein now.

Republicans and energy advocates have pressed Obama to approve the project, which environmentalists say would promote dirty tar sands and risk oil spills.

The company first applied in September 2008 for a permit to build the 1,179-mile pipeline, which would connect Canada’s tar sands with crude-oil refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Controversy over the proposed route through Nebraska led to a tweak, which led the State Department to revisit its assessment. When Congress in 2012 gave Obama a deadline to make a decision, he rejected the permit on grounds he didn’t have enough time to thoroughly review it. He allowed TransCanada Corp. to reapply.

The administration has declined to say what’s taking so long or to offer insight into the deliberations.

‘‘This is under a review process at the State Department,’’ White House spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters recently. He did promise a decision sometime before Obama leaves office in January 2017.

Yes, all him, not Clinton. I predict it will be after the 2016 November vote -- if we even have one.


RelatedMore gas pipelines may not be the energy answer

It's a taxing question that needs an$wering.

Electricity shopping website planned for Massachusetts

Hope the software ain't crap.

Environmental group criticizes Berkshire Gas pipeline investment

Pipeline moves forward, despite lack of customers

That is because they are overseas.

"Religious leaders take lead in protesting pipeline" by Katherine Landergan Globe Correspondent  July 27, 2015

DEDHAM — More than 200 protesters chanted, drummed, and marched along the proposed route of the controversial West Roxbury Lateral gas pipeline on Sunday afternoon.

“Spectra is like a schoolyard bully,” Seamus Whelan, 53, of West Roxbury, referring to Spectra Energy Corp., told the crowd as it prepared to march. “The best way to stand up to a schoolyard bully is with numbers.”

Like the world is to the EUSraeli Empire.

“Fee-fi-fo-fum! Look out Spectra, here we come,” chanted the protesters, many of whom were wearing red.

At 3 p.m., local religious leaders led a service at a field near Dedham’s downtown, followed by a rally at 4 p.m. The protesters marched to Boston’s West Roxbury border with Dedham, where they held hands to form a “human chain” for several minutes.

Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman of the Temple Sinai of Brookline said climate change is the pressing moral issue of our time, and religious leaders must speak out against practices that are destroying the environment.

Now I know it is not.

“The continuity of a livable planet starts in these very small and symbolic moments,” she said as she walked with the protesters.

As Israel and AmeriKa let the weapons of mass destruction fly!

Emily Kirkland of the Better Future Project, one of the rally’s organizers, said residents are worried about the pipeline’s proximity to an active quarry and its negative impact on the environment.

You people!

“Every dollar we invest in this pipeline is a dollar we are not investing in wind or solar,” she said.

I agree there, but we have had over a dozen years of war that wasted all that money.


Boston politicians have sided with neighbors who say the gas line’s proximity to the gravel quarry poses a threat to public safety. The town of Dedham and city of Boston are engaged in legal battles with Spectra over the pipeline.

That has to be a first, politicians standing with the people against big bu$ine$$.

Spectra has said the pipeline expansion is necessary to increase the supply of natural gas to its customers, including NStar and National Grid.

Marylee Hanley, director of stakeholder outreach for Spectra, said in an e-mailed statement that the pipeline will provide homes and businesses with a “more affordable, environmentally friendly energy source” to New England.

Shah Hadjebi of Dedham said the United States should be at the forefront of developing new kinds of renewable energy, not “pulling up the rear.”

“We’ve sent a man to the moon,” said Hadjebi, 50, as he walked with his wife. “Why can’t we have green energy?” 

I've even questioned that first premise after having been lied to for so long, and just questioning it really angers some people.


You really need the full Spectra on that.

RelatedPlan to build New England’s largest wind farm moving forward

Believe it or not, the company is from Texas.

N.H. power-line plan called a threat to tourism, wildlife 

Then bury it!

As markets change, clean tech industry reduces ambitions

As oil and gas prices plunge, and we been here before! Remember 2007!

Biodiesel joins UPS’s fuel menu 

Regardless of where you come down on the global warming thing, is it really a good idea to burn food for fuel when there are so many hungry mouths in this world?

I'm sure if it is left in the hands of Obummer everything will be fine:

"Obama-initiated rule for power plants to compel steeper emissions cuts" by Josh Lederman Associated Press  August 03, 2015

WASHINGTON — Aiming to jolt the rest of the world to action, President Obama moved ahead Sunday with even tougher greenhouse gas cuts on American power plants, setting up a certain confrontation in the courts with energy producers and Republican-led states.

Another jolt.

In finalizing the unprecedented pollution controls, Obama was installing the core of his ambitious and controversial plan to drastically reduce overall US emissions, as he works to secure a legacy on fighting global warming. Yet it will be up to Obama’s successor to implement his plan, which has faced steep Republican opposition from Capitol Hill to the 2016 campaign trail.

Opponents planned to sue immediately and to ask the courts to block the rule temporarily. Many states have threatened not to comply.

The Obama administration estimated the emissions limits will cost $8.4 billion annually by 2030. The actual price won’t be clear until states decide how they will reach their targets. But energy industry advocates said the revision makes Obama’s mandate even more burdensome, costly, and difficult to achieve.

‘‘They are wrong,’’ the Environmental Protection Agency’s administrator, Gina McCarthy, said flatly, accusing opponents of promulgating a ‘‘doomsday’’ scenario.

This was before what happened down by the river.


Immediately, Obama’s plan began reverberating in the 2016 presidential race, with Hillary Rodham Clinton voicing her strong support and using it to criticize her GOP opponents for failing to offer a credible alternative.

‘‘It’s a good plan, and as president, I’d defend it,’’ Clinton said.

But Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, a Florida senator, predicted electricity bills would go up for millions of Americans and called Obama’s policies on power plants ‘‘catastrophic.’’

‘‘They will do nothing to address the underlying issue that they’re talking about, because as far as I can see, China and India and other developing countries are going to continue to burn anything they can get their hands on,’’ Rubio said Sunday at a conference of conservatives organized by the billionaire industrialist Charles Koch....


A change to the initial proposal marks a shift for Obama on natural gas, which the president has championed as a ‘‘bridge fuel’’ whose growing use can help the United States wean itself off coal power while ramping up renewable energy capacity. The final version aims to keep the share of natural gas in the nation’s power mix at current levels....

And the drilling in the Arctic? 

You think the Gulf was bad....

Twenty to 30 states were poised to join the energy industry in suing over the rule as soon as it’s formally finalized, said Scott Segal, a lobbyist with the firm Bracewell and Giuliani who represents utilities.

That wouldn't be the 9/11 Rudy Giuliani, would it?

The Obama administration has a mixed track record in fending off legal challenges to its climate rules. Republican leaders in Congress were also weighing various legislative maneuvers to try to block the rule.

To say the least.

The National Mining Association lambasted the plan.

Almost enough to make one be for it.


By clamping down on emissions, Obama is working to increase his leverage and credibility with other nations whose commitments he seeks for a global climate treaty to be finalized this year in Paris....

I hope they freeze their asses off like they did in Copenhagen.

‘‘We’re positioning the United States as an international leader on climate change,’’ said Brian Deese, Obama’s adviser. 

Just ignore the biggest polluter on planet Earth (and exempt from all controls), the AmeriKan war machine.

Power plants account for one-third of all US emissions of the heat-trapping gases blamed for global warming, making them the largest single source.

And you wonder why I'm not taking a $niff?



"Opponents of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan prepared Monday for all-out war"

Kind of coal-koched 'em, he did.

Obama leaves coal with nowhere to go

Except nuclear, of course:

Pilgrim facility cuts its power

The sea water used by plant was warmer than is allowed.

US Fish and Wildlife Service seeks 160k acres in 4 states

Federal government wants 160,000 acres in 4 states for wildlife refuge

Give 'em an inch (top article) and they will take a mile (bottom link), and they are literally lapping up on the shores of my town. Land grab for my own good.

I don't know if I will be posting more today, readers. I've kind of run out of energy.


This was the big hitter of the day (after I shamefully chastised the readership with my impatience), and the Globe follow-up a week and a day later is located in the upper-right-hand corner of page.... C7?

Smells fishy to me.... as does this:

"Earth just keeps getting hotter. July was the planet’s warmest month on record, smashing old marks, US weather officials said. And it’s almost a lock that this year will beat last year as the warmest year on record, they said. ‘‘It just reaffirms what we already know: that the Earth is warming’’ 

They say this every month and year, does lying, cheating, always wrong with their predictions NOAA. Sorry.

Scientists have been reluctant to link the state’s drought to global warming, saying there was not enough data to support such a conclusion. The current study, however, is part of the growing evidence that is changing the minds of researchers."

Well, you do need a fire to cook the fish. 

I've moved more into the doubtful category lately. I don't believe the globe is warming, if for no other reason than it being argued so vociferously by pre$$ and government (they want a carbon tax, and they can't claim cooling after so long, and yes it has been a hot August. Imagine, a hot August in New England).

I know there is also a hurricane on the way, more what I view as God's punishment for the vile and mass-murdering war policies of this government, not global warming. 

I know I'm going of the rails there, so why not go even further? Maybe you could even hear a HAARP at some point, because as I've backed of the global warming issue I've become more convinced of weather modification. I've seen them up there. Used to look up and just think look at the whisky clouds. Now I know better, and I know such feelings make a lot of people angry.

All I'm basically saying is I don't know what is going on with the weather, but whatever it is the goodne$$ of this government is clear.