Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trump Says President is His Civic Duty

You be the jury:

"Donald Trump takes break from campaign trail, reports for jury duty" by Jake Pearson Associated Press  August 18, 2015

NEW YORK — The billionaire found himself seated next to ordinary, wage-earning, subway-riding New Yorkers, forced to wait for the wheels of justice to turn.

The Republican presidential candidate reported for jury duty in Manhattan on Monday and spent much of the day like everyone else, filling out forms and wondering whether he would get picked.

By late afternoon, he was released without getting selected for a trial, his civic obligation fulfilled.

Trump had high praise for the public servants at the courthouse, saying: ‘‘The people in the court system are really professional. It was an honor to see how it worked.’’

Business criminals of his stature never see the inside of one. Too big to jail (look at him pandering for votes, too).


A murmur went through the 75 or so other prospective jurors when Trump walked in. But they largely kept a respectful distance from the real estate mogul, reality TV star, and GOP front-runner.

The civic duty was somewhat overdue for Trump, who had been summoned but didn’t appear five times before. His campaign explained that Trump never got those summonses because they had been sent to the wrong address.

After filing through security, Trump was escorted to a front-row seat in a juror waiting room to fill out a questionnaire about biographical basics, hobbies, experiences with crime and the courts, and occupation....

A special team of uniformed and plainclothes officers shadowed him to make sure he could get around the courthouse easily.

Trump said he hadn’t asked for a postponement, because serving jury duty is ‘‘the right thing to do.’’ But asked whether he hoped to get cut loose after only one day, he said: ‘‘I hope so.’’

I'd say he is like everyone else, except I look forward to jury duty. For once I'm asked to make a decision that is really important. I take that seriously.

Also Monday, Governor John Kasich of Ohio landed the endorsement of a fellow governor, Robert Bentley of Alabama, as the presidential hopeful seeks to build support for his White House bid and courts voters in the South.

In announcing the endorsement at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame in Birmingham, Bentley said Kasich has the executive level experience and background necessary to lead.

‘‘I have watched him over the years and I chose him because of his heart,’’ Bentley said, adding that he believes the two have similar approaches toward governing.

The pre$$ is really pushing Kasich lately.


Have you reached a decision on this shallow pos filler? I have.