Monday, August 24, 2015

Pathetic Pokemon Psyop

Are we supposed to take this seriously?

"Threats to Pokémon event were ‘real, serious’; Iowa pair had guns, knife in car, police say" by Jacqueline Tempera Globe Correspondent  August 23, 2015

Police on Saturday arrested two heavily armed Iowa men who they said had threatened to kill attendees of the Pokémon World Championship at the Hynes Convention Center, thwarting what officers called a “real, serious threat.”

Kevin Norton, 18, and James Stumbo, 27, were arrested in their Saugus hotel after police found a cache of weapons in the car they had driven from Iowa to Boston for the weekend’s festivities, police said.


In social media posts on Thursday, Norton and Stumbo had threatened to kill championship attendees, police said. Rachel McGuire, a spokeswoman for the Boston police, said she could not be specific about the threats, but “they were violent in nature.”

On a public Facebook page called “Mayhem Pokemon Crew,” Stumbo posted a photo of a white sedan, with two military-style weapons crossed over the trunk.

Hey, LOOK AT US, LOOK, LOOK, LOOKEE!! We just incriminated ourselves, blah, blah, blah. 

I mean COME ON!!! Who is writing this abysmal propaganda for the pre$$? It has to be third-tier relations who couldn't cut it in college!!

“Kevin Norton and I are ready for worlds Boston here we come!!!” wrote Stumbo. When a group member posted wishing the two men luck, Norton responded, “With killing the competition?”

Upon hearing of the threats, investigators increased security at the convention center. Stumbo and Norton were stopped at the door and barred from entering Thursday evening.

OMG! They could have hurt someone along the way, yet they were allowed to travel!! The cops were waiting for them at the door! Are you-flipping-kidding me?

Officers seized their vehicle, and the men were released, pending authorization of a search warrant. On Friday, police executed the search warrant and recovered the weapons. Just after midnight Saturday, the men were arrested at the Red Roof Inn in Saugus.

No one felt they were a danger to the community, huh?

At the convention center on Sunday, security guards and police officers lined the entrances. Bags were being inspected at random inside the arena. 

This staged and scripted slop was all to advance the agenda, huh?

Javier Escobedo, 18, of Natick, with his game console in his hands, called the threats “cruel.”

“Why would someone want to do that?” he asked. 

I'll tell you why! No more backpacks and bags must be searched!

Attendees milled around the arena in costume after the competition ended Sunday, trading cards, playing Nintendo DS video games, and discussing the threats. Boston police officers and K-9 units weaved through the crowds.

Emma Theberge, 18, of Wayland said she was disturbed that men would target a peaceful event, mostly attended by children.

“This is supposed to be a good day,” she said.

A young woman dressed in a Pikachu outfit, Sam McLaren, 23, said she was outraged.

Guns should be banned,” said McLaren, who had traveled from the Washington, D.C., area to attend the convention. “There’s no reason for them.”

A-HA! The unveiling of the agenda!

The Pokémon Company International applauded Boston police for their quick response.

Yeah, this was good public relations for them, too!

“Due to quick action, the potential threat was resolved. The Pokémon Company International takes the safety of our fans seriously and will continue to ensure proper security measures are a priority,” officials said in a statement.

McGuire said Boston police are proud they stopped the potential attack and said it was a “testament to how well BPD operates.”


Norton and Stumbo are each being charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and other firearm charges. They are scheduled to be arraigned on Monday in Boston Municipal Court, where they could face additional charges, McGuire said.

Once again, pathetic patsies are Stumboing around on stage.


Maybe you guys should try video games next time.


"Police feared a mass shooting in alleged Pokémon plot; Iowa duo held without bail" by Mark Arsenault and Astead W. Herndon Globe Staff  August 24, 2015

For some reason the lead paragraph in this page A1 item has been axed, but it read as follows:

They made sinister threats in an Internet chat room, shared a photograph of firearms on social media, and drove 25 hours from central Iowa to the Pokemon World Championship at the Hynes Veteran Memorial Convention Center with weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in their car's trunk, authorities said.

Let's begin:

Police said they worked on the case with Boston’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, a partnership that includes federal agents.

So the feds had a role in this pathetic plot, huh?

“That could have been a mass shooting,”  Police Superintendent Paul A. Fitzgerald said. “So obviously the federal agencies were concerned with that.”

I feel like I called it, and damn near helped prevent it (btw, both Tsarnaev and Holmes back in the pre$$ again)! 

Stumbo and Norton are now being held without bail.


Both men were registered for the Pokémon tournament, police said. Stumbo appears to have won state tournaments this year in Nebraska and Minnesota, according to online results. The game is an international sensation, pitting players against each other using Pokémon trading cards.

Authorities have not said what they believe motivated the men. In court Monday, defense lawyers for the men said neither has a criminal record and both are employed. 

So what mind-warping controller did they come in contact with?

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said in a statement they currently do not face charges for making threats, but the investigation is ongoing.

News of the charges stunned passionate Pokémon players.

I'll bet they are bewildered.

Justin Lo, 23, knew the accused men from Iowa’s competitive Pokémon circuit. Lo traveled with them across the Midwest to compete in Pokémon tournaments over the past four years, he said.

“I would never think of these two as plotters of any kind of violence,” Lo said in a Globe interview. “They were good to everybody who came up to talk to them. They were very smart, very good Pokémon players.” He remembered them as goofy, funny friends who loved the Pokémon community, he said. Neither ever mentioned guns and violence in Lo’s presence. 

It's always the same old script, 'er, story.

But Lo, an Iowa State University student, said he noticed a change over the past two years.


Stumbo and Norton became much closer, and Norton’s online persona dramatically shifted. Back when Lo and Norton became Facebook friends, Norton’s Facebook picture was of himself, smiling into the camera. Today, it’s a picture of Norton aiming a handgun, Lo said.

This stinks.

Fitzgerald, who commands the Boston Police Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis, said at a Monday news conference that a moderator in a private online forum about Pokémon noted the threat, notified the Hynes Convention Center, and officials there told police.

Hynes security officials stopped Stumbo from entering the convention center Thursday evening and notified police, according to police reports. While officers were escorting Stumbo from the building, they found Norton as he arrived.

Rather cavalier and casual regarding guys who were threatening a shooting spree, huh?

Norton told officers he had a shotgun and Stumbo’s rifle in his car, which was parked in a public garage, the report says. Neither man could produce a firearm license, according to authorities.

Was he wearing a sign saying arrest me?

Police executed a search warrant on the car and found the weapons Friday, and the next day arrested Norton and Stumbo at the Red Roof Inn in Saugus, police said. Evans said police let the men go back to their hotel Thursday feeling confident that the public was in no danger.

That confirms, in my eyes, the STAGED and SCRIPTED NATURE of this FICTITIOUS EVENT!

Good job, guys! Go back to the hotel and wait for us.

Police declined to say if they had kept the men under surveillance in the meantime. 

Meaning they did, and more taxpayer money lost in the city of Boston, with all its budget shortfalls and cuts in the schools, etc, and its homeless population exploding. 

Norton and Stumbo were banned from the Pokémon event following the alleged threats, officials said.

A promising career down the drain, huh?

Stumbo’s attorney, Steven Goldwyn of Cambridge, sought to shift responsibility to Norton. “There is no probable cause for arrest,” Goldwyn said in court. “My client was not found in possession of the firearms or ammunition and the car belongs to Mr. Norton.”

Norton’s lawyer asked the judge for leniency, contending that his client has “been fully cooperative.”


OMG! Look at those LOSERS!!!!