Sunday, August 23, 2015

Finally Crossing the Marathon Finish Line

Took me four months:

"Drone-detection firm brought net guns to Marathon" by Steve Annear Globe Staff  April 21, 2015

The company tapped to detect drones near the Boston Marathon came equipped with special net guns to capture any unmanned aerial vehicles violating a ban along the race course. 

Imagine what such things could do to a person, and is this society ever getting a shove into Terminator-land lately or what? 

That is what I was thinking of as I was running this post out.

Officials never deployed the nets — no illegal drones showed up during the 119th Marathon — but the technology is another example of how the airborne machines are changing the security conversation.

RelatedPentagon plans to increase drone flights by 50 percent

Yeah, you read that right. It's Russia and China next, because of "their aggression!"

DroneShield, which installed a detection system at the Marathon, offered its services at no cost Monday.

That is how drug dealers get people hooked.

The company placed 10 sensors along a stretch of the 26.2-mile route. The gray boxes can pick up the sounds of a drone as far as 150 yards away, and alert officers via text or e-mail about its location.

Police warned race attendees before the event that drones were not allowed for filming or any other purpose at the Marathon, and said officials would take notice.

DroneShield cofounder Brian Hearing said he showed up to the event Monday with a small arsenal of net guns just in case. Police did not use the guns because they had not trained with them ahead of time, Hearing said. But he believes the devices could be very useful.

Hearing said the net guns, which the company sells on its website for $129, technically are not guns; they operate using CO2 cartridges similar to a BB gun. He said the devices are commonly used to capture small game and wildlife when hunting.

CO2 cartridges? Hunters and wildlife adding to the greenhouse gases?

I have to give Rivero a good point the other day at the end of his show. He cites the $cience of cooling, I doubt the $cience of warming (they were caught hiding, distorting, or lying), some say it really is warming, I admit the weather has been freakish, and I have no forecast except the Farmer's Almanac to live by but, but regardless of that, his point was that the same people chicken-littling climate change and calling for a carbon tax are the same ones littering the planet with depleted uranium with all their bombings and wars while Fukushima leaks radiation daily, fracking (and the EPA) are polluting our drink in waters, the Gulf is still in abysmal shape despite splashing by the ma$$ media, and it got to where is what point well taken, especially regarding the goddamn wars bit. 

Kind of a baseline for me here. Wall Street bankers cause much misery and are behind the things, but the immediate devastation and death makes it worse for average everyday people that exist all over this planet in a common collective bond of unconscious even if they don't know it.

Okay, enough sermonizing on the Sunday morning jog.

Described as “more of a novelty,” the antidrone guns are used by Hearing’s Washington, D.C.-based company most often during demonstrations at trade shows.

Not for long.

He said they can shoot large nets up to 50 feet, bringing a drone to the ground, and are a last resort in dangerous situations.

“Police had asked what they should do if we see a drone. The bottom line is, nothing. We might follow it and see if it lands, and who is controlling it, but there was no means or any plans to take it down or disable the drone,” said Hearing, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A gun won't do it?

Police did not respond to a request for comment.

There has been growing concern about the use of drones, especially at major gatherings like the Marathon. And officials said before this year’s race that they implemented the ban in hope of avoiding any trouble.

Hearing said while the Boston police must have been pleased that no drones disrupted the Marathon, he was disappointed because he wanted to test his company’s detection technology at a large event.

“It was a new environment, and I wished we could have detected something,” he said.

Yeah, too bad a false flag drill wasn't scheduled for that day.


Was some trouble:

"Man in body armor at hospital helipad is arraigned" by Laura Crimaldi Globe Staff  April 21, 2015

A New Hampshire man who allegedly was discovered armed and wearing body armor near the Boston Medical Center helicopter pad over the weekend was ordered Tuesday to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether he is fit to stand trial.

Brad W. Clarke, 41, of Pelham, N.H., was arrested Saturday after police said he was found with guns and drugs near the helipad. He told police he was “just enjoying my civil liberties” before struggling with officers, according to a report filed in court.

Yeah, we don't need that kind of help, thanks. 

The psycho psyops are never going to stop, are they?

See: Dead Zone 

There is a sequel.

Clarke will be evaluated at Bridgewater State Hospital, where clinicians will assess his competency to stand trial and his mental state at the time of the alleged offense, said Jeffrey Miner, a forensic psychologist who spoke with Clarke before his arraignment.

Uh-oh! Massachusetts' prime torture center. 

“Mr. Clarke, in short, gave a . . . statement which leads me to believe there’s some issues of a psychiatric nature here which would impair his capacity to stand for competency at this time,” Miner said.

I've seen this scrip before, ad nauseam.


In the weekend episode, prosecutors allege, Clarke had parked his Toyota Tacoma near the helipad gate and was standing with his back to a wall holding binoculars when a Boston University special officer approached him around 3:50 p.m. Saturday.

According to the report, the officer asked Clarke, “How is it going? Can I help you?” and Clarke responded, “Just enjoying my civil liberties.”

Soon after, more officers arrived and Clarke repeated the comment. Police saw a bulge under his jacket that resembled the outline of a ballistics vest, according to the report.

This actually starts tying into the theater shootings.

The officers saw Clarke looking at the items on their duty belts and told him they would conduct a pat-frisk for safety purposes. He said, “You don’t wanna do that,” the report said.

He was placed in handcuffs after a brief struggle, and officers seized a loaded handgun and ammunition from his coat pocket, as well as the vest that he wore, a second vest inside his vehicle, and another handgun in the Tacoma, according to the report.

Officers seized additional items from the vehicle, including goggles, nunchaku martial-arts sticks, a water filtration system, and smartphone-controlled drone, as well as three plastic bags of marijuana, the report said. 

Honestly, this really reaches the stench of completely staged incident to further justify certain agendas.

Don't worry. All campus police are now in fact armed.

Defense lawyer Patrick Murphy said Clarke had “couple of restraining orders that were closed many years ago” and suggested he may be suffering from recent mental health problems.

Who didn't see that coming?

He said Clarke is a “very skilled machinist” who owns a business in Tyngsborough and employs seven people. 


That I did NOT SEE coming!

“By all other accounts, he’s doing fine, although it appears he might have had some sort of a breakdown here,” Murphy said."

So which pharmaceuticals was he on?


Sorry to be cutting up these narratives with skeptical disbelief, but I'm in the home stretch now:

"Man with meat cleaver in car arrested outside court, police say" by John R. Ellement, David Ryan and M.G. Lee Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent  June 24, 2015

A man with a meat cleaver in his car was arrested by police after he showed up outside the federal courthouse where the Boston Marathon bomber was being sentenced on Wednesday, officials said.

See: Tsarnaev's Sentence

Patrick Carrerio, 24, of Woburn, allegedly jumped a curb and skirted a security checkpoint to enter the off-limits area, prompting officers to stop his car, police said. He was ordered out of the car and told to sit underneath a tree while police searched his vehicle.

Vincent Lisi, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston field office, said the Joint Terrorism Task Force will look into what may have motivated him to show up with the cleaver.

He left it for them.

He said Carrerio was in the custody of the Boston police and there was no immediate indication of a terror link, but the task force was dispatched “in an abundance of caution.’’ 

It's all linked to "terror." It's a massive mind f*** on the American people to keep them constantly afraid and on eggshells from anyone, from any corner, except of course, the murdering forces of benign government and its loving "security."

Officers who spoke with Carrerio learned he had driven to the courthouse to “express his opposition and dissent with the death penalty,” police said.

Oh, yeah?  

Don't need that kind of help. 

Thanks!! :-)

The incident happened while Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was formally being sentenced to death inside the courthouse by US District Court Judge George A. O’Toole Jr.

Carrerio never used the cleaver or threatened anyone and was arrested without incident, Boston police said.


Turns out, he works in a butcher shop.

How will we survive all these psyops?

"Atyia Martin hired as Boston’s ‘resilience officer’; Marathon victims’ aid coordinator gets new job: helping the city cope" by Katie Johnston Globe Staff  August 10, 2015

The city of Boston is about to get a new administrator, one whose duty it will be to help the city cope with stress.

Atyia Martin has been named “chief resilience officer,” a two-year position funded by the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program. Boston is one of 67 cities worldwide selected so far for the program, which aims to help cities cope with social, economic, and physical challenges.

Are you flipping kidding me? 

Nothing like buying people of and supporting the globali$t agenda with $elf-$erving good works, 'eh?

The 100 Resilient Cities program covers Martin’s $110,000 salary and benefits for two years and will help her design a strategy and provide services to help carry it out.

Boston is known for its stellar response to the Marathon bombings, said Andrew Salkin, chief operating officer for 100 Resilient Cities, but also for the disastrous shutdown of the MBTA last winter. 

Is that how it was?

“What about Boston Strong all the time, every neighborhood, every day?” he said.... 

Do we have to wave the flags and salute, or....?


I'm finding my resilience in resistance now:

Watertown could soon see development spike

Marathon organizers apologize for shortage of medals

They had to give one to an Iraq War vet.

Marathon survivor finds grace, wisdom in recovery

She was groped during the running.

Bridgewater State to rename institute for Martin Richard

Kid caught up in the Craftiness, unlike Carlos and the crisis actor.

Marathoner proves that inspiring guys can finish last

Fond memories, huh?

With that, I bid the subject adieu and move along....

UPDATE: New waterfront park to pay tribute to Martin Richard