Friday, August 21, 2015

Tsarnaev's Sentence

After taking some time and reflecting on the matter.....

The announcement covered the entire front page when it came (as well as the entire editorial&opinion section):

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev gets death penalty for placing Marathon bomb

Drugged up Dzhokhar and defense did their job, that's why the no comment.

KEVIN CULLEN After what jurors saw, no simple choice

I generally dismiss Cullen comments now, and I think you may know why.

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Sense of relief for some survivors, but little peace

news analysis Defense unable to generate sympathy for a terrorist

That is because there wasn't a defense.

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A6Emotions ranged from satisfaction to sorrow after sentencing
A7After the sentencing, what happens next?
A8MBTA Transit Police officer Dic Donohue returns to work

At least Dzhokhar won't be alone.

RelatedDzhokhar Tsarnaev Gets Death Penalty in Boston Marathon Bombing 

Yes Dead men tell no tales

Now, for the first day of the sentencing phase:

"Tuesday marked the first day of the sentencing phase in Tsarnaev’s trial, in which jurors will decide whether he should be put to death or spend life in prison. The first phase of the two-part death penalty trial determined Tsarnaev’s guilt."

Also see:

EXCLUSIVE: In Defense of Dzhokhar: The Real Smoking Gun in Boston

Faking the Boston Bombing and How it was Done

"FBI Evidence Proves Innocence of Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev" by Paul Craig Roberts.  I always go back to what I can sense, and there is no way there is a big round pressure cooker in his knapsack.  It was the Craft mercenaries who had black knapsacks.  As the Islamophobic War on Terror progresses, the incongruity between the ease of prosecution and the complete lack of evidence becomes more obvious." -- xymphora

FBI Evidence Proves Innocence of Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Asks Why Prosecuted?

"Missing Evidence of Prior FBI Relationship with Boston Bomber" (the request by the FBI for public assistance in identifying someone known to the FBI is the big giveaway):
"Keeping an eye on the ball being constantly moved by the feds, one inevitably focuses back on Mueller’s remarkable if unnoticed admission, which raises these questions:

•  Considering all of the previous contact, if the FBI had publicly admitted it knew the Tsarnaev brothers right from the get-go, wouldn’t that have averted not only Collier’s death—but also that remarkable sequence of post-bombing events in Boston, including the unprecedented lockdown of a major American city, a carjacking, shootings and bomb  tossing, the serious injury of another police officer, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev dead and his younger brother Dzhokhar badly injured?

•  If the FBI and CIA had acted on their knowledge of the Tsarnaevs, could they have prevented the bombing itself? (Russia’s FSB also sent a “warning” to the CIA.)

•  Why wasn’t the FBI able to recognize either brother after the bombing despite being in possession of a trove of photos of them at the Marathon? And didn’t they look familiar to the FBI counterterrorism agent who, by the Bureau’s own admission, had interacted repeatedly with Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his family?"

--  Rich kids

"Similar to Stasi, FBI maintains 15,000 informants"  Read the article cited:
 "Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who would eventually plant bombs at the Boston Marathon, was ejected from his local Boston mosque the year before the attack for making anti-American political statements. An attendee of his mosque who spoke with The Intercept suggested that the pervasive fear of government agent provocateurs among the congregation led many to choose disengagement from people who expressed troubling views, rather than trying to work with them to sway their opinions."
 The Muslim community is so terrified by the probability of FBI informants that Americans are much less safe.  If anyone in the community seems a bit off they don't try to help him, or report him, but assume he's a government agent and stay away from him.

The Russians were convinced, certainly correctly, that Tamerlan was an American operative working to destabilize Dagestan:  "Is US-Russian Spy Intrigue Behind Boston Bombing?" -- xymphora

I think the government and media were hoping to hang this around Russia's neck in preparation for the aggression in the Ukraine.

I now sentence you to this:

"Jurors openly wept Wednesday as shattered families, in various stages of healing, were a central theme of the prosecution’s case. Prosecutors told the judge that they are likely to finish their case on Thursday. The judge has told jurors the defense will probably begin its case on Monday, and they should expect three more weeks of testimony before they begin deliberating Tsarnaev’s sentence. Wednesday’s session proved to be emotionally grueling. Jurors were introduced to the pre-bombing lives of several families.... after the bomb exploded, Tsarnaev was literally out of the picture and was heading to Cambridge to buy a half gallon of milk." 

I'm not buying the acting jobs. Weeping jurors, families in healing, emotionally grueling, it's really good script as the Cullen narrative of Tsarnaev is of....

"Flipping off the dead, a swaggering combination of arrogance, defiance, and insouciance.... who smiles occasionally, despite some paralysis on the left side of his face, but he otherwise exhibits a blank look. His body language in court, as well as his facial expressions, suggests passivity, and may feed into the defense’s image of Tsarnaev as a follower; however, jurors have also seen images of Tsarnaev that suggest cold-heartedness — and defiance. Tsarnaev’s look in court could “cut both ways,” with some jurors seeing his dispassionate face as reflecting an ashamed and troubled soul, while others might see it as a sign of a remorseless killer. A question that looms is whether Tsarnaev will take the stand to save his life. He apparently wants to live — the law requires that his lawyers carry out his wishes, so if the 21-year-old Cambridge high school graduate wanted to be sentenced to death, he could ask his lawyers to stand down, but his legal team is working to save his life.... A Marathon bombing victim who had never fully shared his story in public took the stand in federal court Thursday, providing a dramatic endpoint to the prosecution’s case that the bombings were so heinous that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev deserves to be put to death."

Yes, the prosecutors built their case, and the only outcome could be death for "the cardboard figure before the jury,” (what are they trying to say as they laugh in our faces with the subtle little word games?) despite it being something we do not want.

That's the thing about war-making governments and their lying pre$$titues: they are always more bloodthirsty than the population -- and they portray themselves as heroes!

Of course, image (even if illusion) is everything, and the arrival of the family didn't help matters. Questions were raised about the wife as well as the brother....

"Defense lawyers other target was Tamerlan’s wife. The name of Katherine (Russell) Tsarnaeva — who dropped out of Suffolk University, converted to Islam, married Tamerlan in a mosque, and had a baby with him — has emerged with regularity this week in Skype messages exchanged between the couple during the six months in 2012 that Tamerlan was in southern Russia." 

Turns out she is a terrorist, and after a brief pause, testimony resumed with Tsarnaev crying only after seeing his own family (they must have weaned him off the drugs by then, the "nice little boy whom everybody loved) and with a former teacher testifying that he broke his promise to her.

Of course, that is always the family's fault, and not even a nun can save him (I'm told the very next day that the defense will rest. One deception after another, but the planned narrative remains intact.)

So as the trial winds down, who do you trust?

 "Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be formally sentenced to death at a one-day hearing, possibly in late June. Tsarnaev was condemned by a federal jury to death last week, and although their decision is binding, only a judge can officially impose the sentence. Lawyers for Tsarnaev had asked that the hearing be held in mid-August, to give them time to file motions for a new trial and a request to vacate Tsarnaev’s conviction and death sentence. Such motions are typical in any criminal case."


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentencing set for June 24
Judge set to impose Tsarnaev death sentence

The appeal may focus on victims’ stories while linking the Boston officer’s death to Marathon manhunt.

Tsarnaev apologizes for attack; judge sentences him to death

The keepers of the narrative were skeptical regarding the apology, and so were others:

Boston bomber apologizes, gets death sentence -

Having reportedly "shot away his voice box" in a botched suicide attempt, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has miraculously recovered his voice to admit his guilt

" ... and into the witness protection program he goes for his cooperation. Or at least that may be what he was told! :) -- whatreallyhappened

Those who were talking for him:

"In her closing argument, Judy Clarke, Tsarnaev’s attorney, delivered a surprising concession, telling jurors they could quickly endorse some of the sections of the verdict slip that refer to the factors that permit, but do not require, the imposition of the death penalty for her client. “Check them off,” she said with a dismissive flick of the wrist. Clarke acknowledged there was ample evidence presented during the trial that Tsarnaev, among other things, intended to kill, that his crime was premeditated, and that it was especially cruel and heinous — all factors that make his offenses subject to capital punishment. But Clarke, as has been her style since the beginning of the trial, when she startled the courtroom by conceding that Tsarnaev committed the crimes, continued to try to show jurors that she was leveling with them and that she was a high-minded attorney looking to not waste their time with legal technicalities. In her 90-minute statement, Clarke struck a more philosophical note, saying sometimes good kids emerge out of chaotic, troubled homes to become good young adults — but sometimes not. She went through photos and evidence suggesting that Tsarnaev’s parents were emotionally, and later physically, absent from his life, and that Tsarnaev’s older troubled and radicalized brother, Tamerlan, filled the void. The root cause of the violence that erupted on Boylston Street on April 15, 2013, was Tsarnaev’s older brother, Clarke said. “Dzhokhar would not have done this but for Tamerlan,” she said. Clarke admitted that she did not know why Dzhokhar Tsarnaev transformed from a kind, hard-working teenager to a failing college student who embraced his brother’s violent ideology and participated in a bombing that killed three and injured hundreds more. “If you expect me to have an answer, a simple clean answer, I don’t have it,” she said."

That is some defense(!).

Needless to say, the people of Bo$ton were dancing in the streets, hugging and kissing at the prospect of a firing squad even as counselors were set to help jurors.

Then there are the friends of Tsarnaev who got sucked into this whole thing simply by association. 

Oh, they can appeal to the government, but that does no good. Might as well just drop it and serve the sentence for whatever you did (or didn't) do. Apparently, just having dinner with them was a crime (so is lack of memory when it comes to one so honored):

Middlesex DA to speak Tuesday on Watertown manhunt

That's because the original report was watered-down.

"Confirming long-held witness accounts, a report issued Tuesday concluded it is very likely that the MBTA police officer critically wounded in the Watertown shootout with the Boston Marathon bombers was shot accidentally by one of the 19 police officers firing at the suspects."

“Law enforcement did a damn good job in Watertown that day,” Watertown Police Chief Edward P. Deveau said. “But I compare it to the Patriots winning the Super Bowl. [Patriots coach] Bill Belichick doesn’t stand at the podium and say it was perfect; he says it just worked out and we won.”

Maybe you should ask Donohue or Moynihan.

Of course, shootouts in Boston are nothing new, so it's no surprise when cop falls, is beaten, is run down, or is murderedKind of ‘scary’ when you think about it, be it the Theater DistrictLynn, Roxbury, or Braintree. There is always some sort of robbery or rape over there, and the slaughter goes on despite the buybacks (the point of the spate of false flag scripts or simply taking advantage of an "opportunity?") and the prisons fill upNot even the T is safe anymore (what's with the impish smile?). 


Boston Police spent nearly $750,000 on overtime for Tsarnaev trial

It is not uncommon for law enforcement agencies to use overtime to provide a public safety presence. For instance, city officials said about $1.4 million was spent on police overtime at Occupy Boston, the 2012 protest encampment at Dewey Square in the Financial District. 

As good a re$on for the death sentence as any, right? He cost us money! Now never you mind the cratering economy, the thieving bank$ters, or the mass murdering war machine.

Also see:

Head of FBI in Boston announces retirement

He kept it quiet until now:

"The outgoing head of the FBI in Boston said Friday that law enforcement must continue to monitor national security and cybersecurity threats in the region and that his agency has worked to better relations with the community. “The days of the FBI operating behind a veil of secrecy, this mystique, that has to be over,” said Vincent B. Lisi, who announced Thursday that he is retiring after 26 years with the agency, the last two as the region’s special agent in charge. “What I call the ‘Whitey Bulger hangover’ is long behind us,” Lisi said. “We had to acknowledge that the action of a few FBI agents tarnished our reputation, and that’s our job to regain their trust and reputation.” He said the FBI is not a corrupt agency, but, “It’s our job to make sure people realize that’s not the case.” Lisi said the region must continue to monitor national security threats. Since June, three people in Massachusetts have been charged with plotting to carry out domestic attacks in support of the Islamic State terrorist group, and a fourth was shot and killed by police when he allegedly attacked them with a knife. Lisi said the region is not specifically prone to attacks or extremism, but added, “I think the concern with terrorism here is the same with anywhere else in the country. The ISIS threat can pop up here, it can pop up anywhere, we just have to make sure to be diligent about it.”

What a Bulging bunch of bullish.... 

Well, I'm done speaking out on the subject. I've collected all the articles I can, and it is time to close the book regarding Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. No need to reopen the case or proceed with further charges (a safety valve if conviction overturned on appeal). 

Too bad he wasn't tried in Nebraska, huh?

So when is the conventional myth and narrative going to made into a movie?