Sunday, August 30, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: French Trains Slow

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"Attack draws new scrutiny of EU train safety" by Lori Hinnant and Lorne Cook Associated Press  August 29, 2015

PARIS — The attack Aug. 21 on the Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris happened at the height of the summer travel season, when the cars were packed with tourists, including the three American friends — two in the military — who tackled and ultimately subdued the gunman. The attacker, identified as Ayoub El-Khazzani, selected the train, refusing a ticket for an earlier connection.

He had been flagged for links to radical Islamists by Spain, and German officials tracked him flying from Berlin to Istanbul in May.

Trains in Europe have been targeted for terrorist attack before, notably in London and Madrid.

Those examples they vaguely allude to were the crisis drills gone live Tube attacks and a follow up false flag in Spain.

It's all mind manipulation and re-triggering imagery and narrative in your brain. That's the purpose of these false flags at best, scripted and staged fictions at worst, events that are being constantly run at us.

And Europe is not alone in its vulnerability. Rail networks in Japan and the United States operate similarly. The Eurostar connecting Britain to Brussels and Paris requires a passport and luggage checks, and China has X-ray checks on subways.

More incremental tyranny, and you'll hardly notice.

But the latest incident has left authorities puzzling over how to boost security without causing transport gridlock, imposing exorbitant costs on security services, or revising the painstakingly drawn-up agreement that allows passport-free travel.

Yeah, the pesky false flags meant to subdue the population with their mind-bending psyops does come with a cost, and I have always maintained a "screw bu$ine$$" attitude when it comes to corporate pre$$ whining. Call out the false flags and the rest, or shaddup. 

In any event, you do not want to board a plane.

‘‘It is better to concentrate on concrete measures that we can put into place easily and that will actually improve security,’’ said Nathalie Goulet, a French senator who led a commission investigating jihadi networks.

France hosts emergency talks in Paris on Saturday, with representatives from other high-speed international rail nations — Belgium, Britain, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland, as well as the European Union’s top transport and interior affairs officials.

‘‘The Thalys is a train that covers four countries. This has to be dealt with on a European level,’’ Guillaume Pepy, the chief executive of France’s SNCF rail network, told the BFM television network this week.

What this (and the migrant crisis) demonstrate is that the European Union is being formed into cement before anyone else has a change to contemplate an exit (after what happened in Greece. Bankers and elites don't want to go through that again). 

I would think the British might note that(?).

Without open borders, rail services could not compete with low-cost air travel.

Sort of explains another "intractable" problem, doesn't it?

Indeed any security measure that might stop people easily hopping on an international train downtown could be the system’s undoing.

‘‘It is important not to act rashly or overreact,’’ said Libor Lochman, executive director of the European railways umbrella organization, CER. ‘‘The level of threat from terrorism is different in each EU country, so flexible measures are needed to adapt to changing security threats.’’

Really $lammed on the brakes there, didn't he?


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Haven't even glanced at it, and will explain why above.