Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Flying Through This French Post

Didn't want to take a train.

"Americans foil gunman on French train, officials say" by Adam Nossiter New York Times  August 22, 2015

PARIS — A heavily armed gunman opened fire aboard a packed high-speed train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris late Friday afternoon, wounding several passengers before he was tackled and subdued by two Americans, French officials said.

Authorities described the pair as heroes who may have averted a mass killing.

At least one of the Americans was a member of the armed services, and some news reports said they were both Marines.

The assault was described as a terrorist attack by the Belgian prime minister. French officials did not characterize the episode as terrorism, but the antiterrorism unit of the Paris prosecutor’s office immediately took charge of the investigation.

A 26-year-old man of Moroccan origin was taken into custody by the police as the train, loaded with 554 passengers, many frightened, pulled into the station in Arras, in northern France, according to French news media.

Passengers spoke of hearing gunshots as the train was traveling through the countryside, and of seeing bloodied individuals rolling out into the grass when the train lurched to a stop during a chaotic few minutes of shooting.

From what little I've seen since, the 'terrorist" never got of any shots because the gun jammed.

France, on high alert after deadly terrorist attacks this year, immediately sent Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to Arras, where he commended the two Americans who had helped “neutralize this extremely violent passenger.” He praised their “great bravery” and said that “without their sang-froid we could have been confronted with a terrible tragedy.”

No offense, but this is having the stink of another public relations psyop and staged production or crisis drill gone live.


Police sources quoted in the French news media said the Americans thought they had heard the suspect loading ammunition into a weapon in one of the toilets and confronted him as he exited. The attack occurred as the train was hurtling at top speed toward Paris, on Belgian territory.

The Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel, said on Twitter, “I condemn the terrorist attack,” and expressed his sympathy for the victims.

In an indication of how seriously the French were taking the assault, President François Hollande issued a statement Friday night saying that “everything is being done” to determine what had happened on the train, having referred the case to the antiterrorism unit.

One passenger, identified only as Maxime, told a local paper, La Voix du Nord, that the assault lasted about two minutes.

“The train started slowing down, before suddenly stopping,” the passenger was quoted as saying. “We saw people covered in blood, jumping off, running, then rolling into the grass. They looked totally shocked.”

And then the article degenerates into a mass of rewrites and censorship, the clearest indication of a false flag!

Another passenger was quoted as hearing "two gunshots. But we thought it was coming from the train, that there was some problem with the train. Then the train started to brake, and it stopped in the middle of the countryside," the passenger, identified as Maty, told the newspaper.

That was totally scrubbed from the web.

France’s sensitivities to terrorist assaults have been heightened since January, when Islamic militants killed 17 in attacks in and around Paris. In June, an extremist beheaded his boss in southern France and tried to blow up a gas plant.

That reminds me, don't take a cab, either. Better go by boat.

French lawmakers have passed tough surveillance laws in the wake of these attacks, and the anti-immigrant, far right National Front party has seen its popularity surge.

RelatedFrench far-right party excludes founder Jean-Marie Le Pen

And now, the adders and rewrites:

The high-speed train is popular for travel between France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. It is used extensively by businesspeople, diplomats, European Union officials and tourists.

Unlike the Eurostar train between Paris and London, however, luggage does not pass through X-ray machines or other forms of screening. 

You can already see where all this is going.

Plainclothes security officers are said to be frequently aboard the trains. 

Perfect disguise for a false flag!

On the platforms of the Gare du Nord in Paris, where the trains arrive and depart, uniformed police officers are often visible. But safeguarding the international service is challenging because the trains leave almost every hour.

President Obama, on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, was briefed on the train assault and how it was foiled, administration officials said. 

“Echoing the statements of French authorities, the president expressed his profound gratitude for the courage and quick thinking of several passengers, including US service members, who selflessly subdued the attacker,” the White House Press Office said in a statement. 

This is feeling more like a contrived event.

It was not immediately clear how the Americans had concluded from the noise that the assailant had been loading a weapon, suggesting that they may have observed him acting suspiciously before he entered the bathroom. 


It also was unclear how many weapons the gunman was carrying. French news accounts said he was armed with an automatic pistol, a Kalashnikov rifle, and a knife.

Some accounts quoted a passenger as saying that the gunman was shirtless and that he saw a shaven-headed man in a T-shirt throw himself on the assailant and push him to the floor.

French Twitter messages surged with praise for the Americans. Some called for the pair to be awarded the Legion of Honor.



It's been updated.

Also see this:

"[Ed.: I have not delved deeply into this incident. I assumed from the opening piece of news that this was a security-state-generated event, not a spontaneous or planned act of terror by some Muslim: the track record for these things is too long, too well-documented and so rife with ‘sameness’ that any eight-grader with some experience in capture the flag could point out the need for variance of approach and tactics. The first clue is that the official story, as in the case of other SCADs, changed early and often. And it has been pointed out that the alleged perp has been tracked and kept on file by intelligence agencies for some time, all with nothing more to show for it than a 50-pixel thumbnail photo.]" --occurrences

My view on this was about the same as he reasoned. 

The agenda is now tyranny to be applied to train travel, and Fox confirmed it yesterday (was checking the stock market, honest) with a piece focusing on threats to train travel in AmeriKa in the aftermath of what happened in France.

"American passengers lauded for disarming train gunman" by Adam Nossiter New York Times  August 22, 2015

PARIS — Three Americans, including two military service members, aboard a high-speed train were being hailed Saturday as heroes for disarming a gunman who was known to intelligence services in three countries as an Islamic radical.

Not again.

French authorities said the suspect was identified by fingerprints as Ayoub El Kahzani, a 26-year-old Moroccan man. He had lived for a time in the southern Spanish city of Algeciras, frequenting a mosque under surveillance there, and also traveled to Syria, officials said.


Spanish authorities notified French intelligence of Kahzani in February 2014 because of his alleged ties to the radical Islamist movement, but French officials said he was not under surveillance in France.

Keep that in mind for the next stop.

The violent encounter was over in barely two minutes. But if not for the quick action by the Americans and the suspect’s malfunctioning automatic rifle, many lives might have been lost....

This is really reading like a pile of BS!


"Foiled attack spotlights vulnerability of EU rail; Trains, stations largely unsecured; 3 US men to receive highest honor" by Adam Nossiter New York Times  August 24, 2015

PARIS — Europe’s trains, stations, thousands of miles of tracks are very different from the tightly controlled space of airports, the security experts said. And trains are on the way to becoming the logical soft target of choice, they said.

Next thing you know, you will need a government security agent to ride shotgun with you in the car.

The sheer number of militant suspects combined with a widening field of potential targets have presented European officials with what they concede is a nearly insurmountable surveillance task.

Yeah, I GUESS SO since they are NOT EVEN WATCHING the ones they have been WARNED ABOUT!!!!


The scale of the challenge, security experts fear, may leave the Continent entering a new climate of uncertainty, with added risk attached to seemingly mundane endeavors, such as taking a train.

Welcome to the Brave New World, folks!! Walking on the eggshells of fear is now a mundane part of our existence.

The authorities in at least two countries already knew quite a lot about Khazzani before he surged into notoriety on Friday afternoon: He was on a French list as a security threat, and Spanish officials told news media there that he had traveled to Syria — not in itself an offense, unless he went there for jihad.

He was on the list, but they weren't watching!

Had he been living in France, a tough new surveillance law, approved at the end of July by France’s constitutional council, would have likely turned up more on him.

Yeah, if they had only had that law in place before.... 

Yet with all that the authorities knew about him, Khazzani managed to board unhindered the heavily traveled Amsterdam-to-Paris high-speed train with a sack of weaponry, probably in Belgium, and was ready to inflict serious damage, with dozens of rounds of ammunition, an AK-47, an automatic pistol and a box cutter.

I'm thinking he was helped along by his intelligence agency case handler.

If not for the fortuitous presence of three Americans and the help of a British and a French passenger, in the train car, many could have died.

The allies that saved the world.

The three Americans described the attack at a news conference at the US Embassy in Paris on Sunday....


RelatedFrance honors men who thwarted gunman on train

Yeah, yeah. Where were all the brave Americans on 9/11 when guys were allegedly armed only with box cutters? 

Of much less concern and conversation is the stalled investigation regarding the killings and rapes of the French peacekeepers in Africa, although one scapegoat (Babacar Gaye, a former Senegalese army general who has served as the special representative of the secretary general in the Central African Republic) has resigned

Yeah, the French and the U.N. really love kids, and who cares if they were diddling interns?

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"Paris beach event honors Tel Aviv amid protests and extra security" AP  August 14, 2015

PARIS — Paris on Thursday deployed hundreds of extra police to protect an urban beach event honoring Tel Aviv, after it turned from a summertime celebration into a geopolitical hot potato.

Leftist politicians and pro-Palestinian activists wanted the event canceled amid anger over a Jewish extremist attack in the West Bank. But Paris city hall stood firm.

When the shoe was on the other foot, they did cancel pro-Palestinian events. It's called a double standard.

City authorities said extra police were deployed for the one-day event on the banks of the Seine River. It’s part of a larger summer event called Paris Plages that transforms city streets into beaches.

Eytan Schwartz, an official from Tel Aviv who attended the event, expressed satisfaction that Paris authorities withstood pressure to cancel the event.

We all know Western European governments are under the control of Israel.

‘‘We are very happy that the city of Paris, when this controversy erupted, was very clear that they would not give in to extremists or radicals of any sort,’’ Schwartz said.

Well, sort of. They gave into a different kind, an acceptable kind, the Zionist kind.

Opponents put together a rival ‘‘Gaza Plage’’ event on the other side of a bridge overpass Thursday, complete with Palestinian flags.

I'll bet that flag is being compared to the Confederate battle flag.

Olivia Zemor, the head of a pro-Palestinian association, said the rival event was organized ‘‘to explain to the people — in a peaceful way with our banners, leaflets, photos — the real face of occupation, what the Palestinians who are walled up are going through.’’

Paris remains on alert after Islamic extremist attacks in January. Unrest in the Mideast sometimes translates into tensions in France, home to large Muslim and Jewish populations.

And false flags, too.


Time for supper in France, isn't it?

NDU: French train attack suspect viewed jihadist video, official says

Also see:

"Paris prosecutor Francois Molins has said Khazzani — although he claimed to be homeless — bought a first-class ticket. Molins said the suspect’s explanations became increasingly incoherent until he stopped speaking altogether to investigators." 

Just like all the slop cover stories coming or ways these days to disguise all these psyops.