Friday, April 14, 2017

I'm Jaywalkin'!

What you gonna do when....

"Officer’s confrontation with a pedestrian, caught on video, spurs investigations" by Matt Stevens New York Times  April 13, 2017

It began innocuously enough.

A man started crossing a street, just as a vehicle drove through the intersection. As he finished crossing, another car went by in the opposite direction.

The man’s movements caught the attention of a Sacramento police officer who called him over.

“You’re jaywalking,” the officer said.

Less than a minute later, the encounter devolved into a chaotic and violent episode. Video recordings show the officer, who is white, throwing the man, who is black, to the ground and pinning him, before striking him in the face at least a dozen times.

The encounter, which took place Monday, is the latest in a series of incidents involving police use of force that have been captured on video and spread widely on social media....