Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lab Rats

"To boost diversity in clinical trials, researchers seek out allies — starting with black pastors" by Max Blau, April 11, 2017

ATLANTA — Faced with an urgent need to recruit more patients of color into clinical trials, researchers are trying a flurry of new ideas — including training black pastors in Chicago to serve as recruiters and sending a bus outfitted with exam rooms throughout rural Georgia.

The outreach comes from medical schools, pharma companies, tech entrepreneurs, and even the federal government, which aims to recruit a million volunteers willing to share their genetic and health data with the Precision Medicine Initiative....


Now I have to $ub$cribe to STAT, too?

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About when I will.


What do you mean its not that precise

Beyond that, I would have thought Tuskegee taught blacks a lesson. Now you have black pastors collaborating with government and leading the flock astray as MLK whirls over in his grave.