Friday, April 14, 2017

O Canada!

Canada is poised to legalize marijuana nationwide

Yeah, I remember!

Taking it slow, huh? 

Might be 2019 -- or later?

Trudeau, nearing a year in office, moves to recast his image

I wonder how he is looking after the hangover.

Suspect held in Quebec mosque shooting that killed 6

Stinks of a psyop, sorry. 

Maybe taking in all those migrants, 'er, tourists, isn't such a good idea after all

At least it won't be affecting trade -- or will it?

Belgium pressured to end impasse on EU-Canada trade deal
EU, Canadian leaders say free trade deal still possible

Talk was they did get it done just before he left.

"Iran’s supreme leader tells ex-president Ahmadinejad not to run again" by Thomas Erdbrink New York Times  September 26, 2016

TEHRAN — A Canadian-Iranian retired professor was released from an Iranian prison on ‘‘humanitarian grounds’’ and flown out of the country, Iran’s state-run news agency said, ending her months of detention alongside other dual nationals swept up by hard-liners in the security services.

Homa Hoodfar was flown to the Arab Gulf nation of Oman, the brief report from the IRNA news agency said. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hailed her release in a statement, thanking Italy, Switzerland, and Oman for their help in the matter.

Hoodfar, 65, was questioned and barred from leaving Iran in March after traveling to the country to visit family after the death of her husband, the Associated Press reported. Her family said she has been held in Tehran’s Evin Prison since June. Hoodfar until recently taught anthropology and sociology at Montreal’s Concordia University.

In July, Iran announced indictments for Hoodfar and three others, without providing any details about the accusations. In recent weeks, Hoodfar’s supporters described her health as deteriorating while she was in solitary confinement, saying she was ‘‘barely able to walk or talk.’’

Several dual nationals have been arrested in the year since world powers reached the nuclear deal with Iran to limit its uranium enrichment in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. Analysts have suggested Iranian hard-liners hope to use them as bargaining chips with the West.

In a separate development Monday, many sanctions remain in place even after the signing last year of a nuclear deal, primarily because of what the United States says is Iran’s hard-liners' support for terrorism and human rights violations.

Tehran denies those accusations, but no European or US bank will finance business with Iran as long as the sanctions remain in effect, unless the US Treasury specifically certifies the deal, as it did for recent contracts with Airbus and Boeing....


He didn't take orders, either.

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Then we are all dead.

NDU: Trudeau, Trump try to bridge some gaps, avoid others

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