Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

It is the time spent covering fake news:

Outrage, apologies for racist slur at Fenway Park

The ugly history of the Red Sox and race adds a new chapter

Yeah, Yawkey ruined the franchise for all time (puts a new perspective on the curse of Ruth, who was also a racist. And what about all those golf heroes and that segregation that is never talked about during the tournaments? Oh, right, past all that.)

The issue is also at the top of section B:

Fenway Park: Family friendly, but occasionally foul

Racial insults at Fenway open old wounds in Boston’s black community

Even the Globe's editorial and opinion writers are weighing in. They are calling it the Adam Jones incident and have a whole special section for it. Something stinks, readers. Like a plant in the crowd. 

Meanwhile, on the way to get a Globe the sports guys were questioning the veracity of the whole incident. Apparently, it was one guy in the bleachers, yelled it about five times, and the lone witness is an 18-yr-old kid who was 15-20 rows back. That means not one of the scores of Bostonians around the cretin said a thing? No one -- in this age of social media, are you kidding me -- no one whipped out their phone and videoed the guy? Not one tweet? No one stood up and said shut the f*** up a**hole? That's what I would have done, and probably 25 others near me. No one was able to identify the guy? No cameras caught him? The sports guys are implying its staged fiction, but in any case am I ever glad I live way out here rather than in city. You can call me a hick if you want, but please don't say white trash. That's the reverse n-word these days, and if I ever hear it used I'm going to call out the person by saying that's a terrible thing to say.

Anywho, I think I'm going to stop watching or reading about sports (already boycotting the coffee). Just going to take off my shirt and leg it out.

On to the next wedge issue below the hips, 'er, fold:

Clinton, denouncing Trump, calls herself ‘part of the resistance’

She and the delu$ional Democrats are blaming Comey and the Russians, failing to recognize it was their own betrayal of middle America and the lack of offering an alternative. Truman said it best: "When given the choice between a Republican and Republican, the American people will vote for the real Republican every time."

Btw, that is a really charged term she is using there. The attempt to unseat Trump is never-ending -- for the obvious reasons (God bless him).

Is Ivanka Trump the new feminist icon? Advocates are skeptical

She doesn't pass the politically-correct litmus test, and that is not an endorsement of her by any means. It is an acknowledgment that some feminists will never accept a woman from the other side of the aisle. (Where is she on abortion, btw?)

Want healthy food? In much of Mass., it’s hard to get

You have to know where to go, and we are dealing with a pre$$ which promotes GMOs, although at least they are admitting most items found in corporate supermarkets are unhealthy. 

Already lost my appetite at this point and it was 30 minutes before I left to get a coffee and Globe.



White ex-officer pleads guilty in black man’s slaying 

Wow, a triple combination and down to the mat I go!

See: South Carolina Execution Staged Agit Prop?

Turns out the church shooting was, too, and I put a Roof on any further coverage of that. I guess I've learned.


Officer who shot teen 13 months ago fired with little notice

Until the trial:

Nearly all-white jury to hear case of ex-cop who shot black

There is a token black on the panel.

S.C. man says friend murdered by officer
Jurors review video of officer killing unarmed fleeing man
Former officer’s account of killing contradicted by video, jury told
Slager jury hears about force, officer-involved shootings
Judge declares mistrial in shooting of Walter Scott
Prosecutors in 2 states face uphill police retrials

Now it looks like a show trial, and all these cases end in acquittals or some such thing. Rarely are there convictions.  So this cop got a mistrial and had the upper-hand going forward but he then turns around and pleads guilty? Hmmm.

Now if he had been a cop in Louisiana, there would have been no charges but a lawsuit instead.

Also see:

"Television images showed officers swarming the school after the report of an active shooter. Some were on top of the roof while others were walking around the building. Students were driven away on buses accompanied by police officers...."

A South Carolina Sandy Hook and cartoon?

Time to bury the South Carolina stories and move on.

Minorities’ prospects dim under President Trump, report says 

(Blog editor shakes head as the pre$$ ignores their decline under 8 years of Obummer)

Police officer who shot and killed Texas teen is fired 

I'm definitely picking up a theme and focus of today's particular agenda push, but I'll have to save the Texas shootouts for another time (blog editor smiles, as if....)

Kansas archdiocese to usher out Girl Scouts, and cookies

What about the boys?


Pretty much a blank slate in the Globe when it comes to our World:

Chechen gays survive torture, flee to Moscow safe houses 

That was my printed A3 lead.

Benghazi suspect to make court plea 

He wants them to throw out evidence gathered as he was tortured in international waters.

Libya a hot spot for illegal weapons  

Thank you, Obama.

Saudi defense official decries Iran

The Saudis are a tool of USrael.

Rio police arrest 45 in gang crackdown

Czech prime minister announces government resignation

Corruption in the Czech Republic?


S. Korea’s likely next president warns US not to meddle in its democracy 

He's worried that the U.S. will interfere in the elections (bite your tongue!) in the wake of Pompeo's visit.

Le Pen, French presidential candidate, accused of plagiarism

That's the dirt they dug up? 


Maybe she could be vice president then.

Alarm grows in Washington as Saudi coalition attack on Yemen port appears imminent

Yeah, right, they are alarmed. Didn't Mattis just visit? 

And the Saudis now find Iran impossible to deal with? 

Chess pieces being moved all over the place!

Venezuelans block roads to protest Maduro constitution call

About 15 of them. I see a coup for oil (needed for the war machine as WWII officially breaks out very soon).


As Trump reverses climate actions, California considers a bold new step

After he sent them flood relief money without hesitation. How ungrateful.

Btw, it's back to the same old sh** as the lead in the water story sinks to page B2.

Influential Republican opposes party’s new health care bill 

After he watched Obamashill and $ellout Jimmy Kimmel (how long ago the Man Show?).

If Trump pulls that rabbit out of the hat it will be magic

I almost want it to pass to see him eat crow.


Federal government needs ‘a good shutdown,’ Trump tweets 

I agree, but he's only talking filibusters.

Republicans unlikely to alter decades of Senate tradition 

Not that it matters. The filibuster has been rendered useless by the confirmation of Gorsuch.

Sort a fake news story there, huh?

Trump, Putin agree to work together on brokering cease-fire in Syria

Oh my goodness, talk of peace at the bottom of the page! That surely can not be allowed.



Friends, family recall cyclist killed in hit-and-run as adventurous

You have to be nuts to ride a bike in Bo$ton.

Baker, prosecutors propose changes to wiretap law

Doesn't law enforcement have enough power these days, and the stuff is already being collected by the telecoms and NSA anyway?

You can check the blotter at the bottom of page B2 if you like. Globe doesn't seem to care about the region so.... on to the corruption in the mayor's office on page B3 and the lightning strike at the bottom of page B4.

Spotted this on page B9, while this was nowhere to be found (big surprise, huh?).

Then it is on to the Bu$ine$$ pages and....

Insurer relents, will cover costly muscular atrophy drug for all patients

No takers for choice property near South Station

NuTonomy joins forces with French automaker 

You guys are crimping auto sales, you know?

United lambasted at hearing on airline passenger treatment

Vending firm faces gambling charges 

Can't blame Whitey Bulger.

Apple sells fewer iPhones as consumers wait for big upgrade 

Or maybe people just don't want their CIA tracking spy gear.

Thankfully, the writers in Hollywood are not going on strike.

Well, I'm kind of full up now, readers, so have a good day.


Adam Jones and the burden of proof

That's a very interesting viewpoint given that Lupica's 18-yr-old witness turned out to be a fraud and Jones' police report made no mention of racist epithets.

Anyway, if you even doubt or question what comes from ma$$ media and pre$$, it happened again last night (pfft, and below the fold today). 

How can you doubt Jones now? I mean it's not like anyone ever hurled false charges (remember the Duke lacrosse case? Rolling Stone and Virginia?) or the media ever misrepresented or distorted an issue without investigation (Gulf of Tonkin, babies thrown out of Kuwaiti incubators, Iraq WMD, Syrian chemical weapons attacks, to name just four). 

At least I know one thing: I'll never go to or watch a Red Sox game ever again. Bunch of raci$t $upremaci$ts over there.

As for the rest of the Globe, I'm throwing in the towel today. There is a  Star Wars marathon on today so I will be taking the day off. Sorry.