Saturday, June 10, 2017

Kicking Around Saturday's Globe

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I will bond with the above-the fold lead later, as it is the below the fold articles that will pick up on that theme:

Trump accuses Comey of lying under oath

It is so shocking to see the word lying in the pre$$. It was such a taboo word for so long. Bush misled. Obama never lied. 

Put on your waders if you want more


They are still kicking him around on page A2 (wouldn't know, care even less).


Child struck, killed by commuter rail train in Salem

That damn MBTA.


Sorry, I've grown unaccustomed to her face.


Here is a real blow to the belly of the case, scheduled to resume Monday. 


I'm not going to kick a man -- or woman, for that matter -- when they are down; however, if anyone ever deserved a size 12 implant between ass cheeks here he is:

"Polanski’s victim asks judge to end case against director" Associated Press  June 09, 2017

LOS ANGELES — Roman Polanski’s sexual assault victim asked a judge Friday to end the 40-year-old case against the fugitive director, but there was no indication her plea would bring an end to the lengthy court saga.

His movies suck.

Samantha Geimer told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon that she wanted the case, involving a 1977 assault, to end, either with a dismissal or by the judge sentencing Polanski without him being present. Polanski’s repeated requests for the same rulings have been denied.

Gordon said he would take Geimer’s comments into consideration and did not issue an immediate ruling.

Geimer spoke briefly with reporters before the hearing, telling them she was terrified but felt compelled to tell a judge directly that she wanted the case to end.

‘‘This may be my last chance,’’ she said. I finally will get to stand before a judge and say how I feel so I thought I should take it.’’

Geimer, 54, has long supported Polanski’s efforts to end the legal saga that limits his freedom, but Friday was the first time she has appeared in court on his behalf, attorney Harland Braun said.

‘‘She’s tired of this case,’’ Braun said Thursday.

Do you know what I'm tired of?


Oh, she has fond memories of the rape then judging by the smile. No need to call law enforcement then. 

There are rumors of a cassette tape capturing the incident, and they could at least strip him of his awards.

"No prosecution in over-budget veterans hospital" Associated Press  June 09, 2017

DENVER — The Justice Department has declined to prosecute two Veterans Affairs Department executives after lawmakers accused them of misleading Congress about massive cost overruns at a Denver-area VA hospital.

That was a CRIME last time I checked.

At least they DIDN'T LIE!

The House Veterans Affairs Committee asked for a perjury investigation last fall, claiming the executives repeatedly gave false testimony that masked serious problems with the hospital construction project.


The Justice Department told lawmakers in a May 19 letter that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute. The decision means no one has yet been fired or charged since the cost of the hospital ballooned to nearly $1.7 billion, almost triple earlier estimates.

Now it is $melling like a cover up.

The VA has said everyone involved in the problems has retired or was transferred or demoted. The hospital is still under construction.....

With excu$es.


That's a real shot in the head, isn't it?


Sorry, no Good Life today.


UPDATE: A real head-turner that reminds us we are all mortal. Missed it because it is in the Sports.