Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wednesday's Winners

"Accused leaker was no fan of Trump, and she let people know it" by Russ Bynum and Johnny Clark Associated Press  June 06, 2017

Oh, no!

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Before she was charged with leaking US government secrets to a reporter, Reality Leigh Winner shared sometimes scathing opinions on President Trump and his policies for the whole world to see. 

Is that a real name? Really? Winner?

The 25-year-old US government contractor has worked since February in Augusta, Ga., for a federal agency that neither prosecutors nor her defense lawyer will name and where she had access to sensitive documents. But the secretive nature of her job didn’t stop Winner from speaking freely on politics and other topics on social media accessible to anyone.

She posted on Facebook three months ago that climate change is a more important issue than health care ‘‘since not poisoning an entire population seems to be more in line with ‘health’ care, and not the disease care system that people voted for a soulless ginger orangutan to ‘fix.’ ’’


Winner remained locked up Tuesday on federal charges that she made copies of classified documents containing top-secret material and mailed them to an online news organization. She was scheduled to appear before a federal judge Thursday for a detention hearing.

Only problem is, what she "leaked" was a PIECE of JUNK that smells of forgery!

In her spare time, Winner lifted weights and taught the occasional yoga class. She served six years in the Air Force before she moved to Georgia early this year, according to her mother, Billie Winner-Davis. Reporters gathered Tuesday outside Winner’s small, red-brick home in a neighborhood dotted with overgrown yards and houses in disrepair.

‘‘She’s got a good heart,’’ Winner-Davis said. ‘‘She serves her community, she served her country. She believes in always doing what’s right.’’ 


Winner’s mother said she was stunned when her daughter called over the weekend, saying the FBI had come to her home and she was being arrested. Winner asked if her mother and stepfather, who live in Texas, would travel to Georgia to help feed her cat.

On social media, Winner mostly shared glimpses into her life far removed from politics — such as watching “Dr. Who” with her cat and serving her family a vegetarian meal of barbecued jackfruit, but Winner’s Facebook page does mention reaching out to Senator David Perdue, a Georgia Republican, after Trump nominated Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

And in an angry reply to a report that Trump said he wasn’t hearing complaints about building the Dakota Access oil pipeline, Winner wrote on Facebook: ‘‘I’m losing my mind. If you voted for this piece of [expletive], explain this. He’s lying.’’

In the legal case, authorities say Winner admitted to leaking the classified report once government officials traced her as the source.....

They can't find shadowf**ks, etc, etc, but they can track her down like that. Whole thing smells like a planned and staged event, and the press fawning over this treason sort of proves it.


Look at the sympathetic pre$$ towards the whistle blower -- as opposed to the treatment Snowden and all the others got under Obummer. OMFG!!!!

Also see: "The company has made $42 billion in the past seven years." 

I would say they are a winner, and how much did it cost to pay off the 100+ people who died because of their cover-up regarding faulty ignitions?

I'll tell you who is a REAL WINNER (imho&e).

Gotta read between the Microdots.


Today's Losers:

Texting suicide came after ‘sick game of life and death’

Related: The Many Faces of Michelle Carter

She was my top loser today, along with the runner-up. A late sessions photo finish was needed to decide who placed. Sorry I'm no longer following the Big Show. It's a real drag, man (at least someone is a winner).


Below the fold:

Memes are often innocent humor but can be vulgar

Look at them make excuses for the elite supremacists in our midst.  You can call them the Harvard 10. Just be thankful you are not in Europe, kids.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think they should be punished for exercising free speech, however horrendous. It's just the way the tables have been turned in this latest salvo against that particular right.

Sorry, I'm closing down not expanding. Maybe you can get into BU.


My National lead, top page A2:

"A fallback plan that would involve a stopgap measure to stabilize insurance markets, senators said. This would give lawmakers more time to tackle broader health care system problems....."

Translation: There will not be a repeal of Obamacare or a Republican replacement before they return in the fall; however, there will be a bailout of the in$urance companies when you are not looking this summer (because of the cold?)


"Indian police open fire on protesting farmers, killing six" by Vidhi Doshi Washington Post  June 07, 2017

Six farmers were killed by police and several more injured as protests for fair pay and loan waivers became violent in Mandsaur in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a TV station reported Tuesday.

NDTV showed injured farmers in hospital beds. Rioting farmers dumped milk, grain, and produce on roads and set fire to crops. They had earlier cut off supplies to cities, causing food prices to soar.

The Business Standard reported that farmers were pelting stones at police when officers decided to fire upon them. A senior official, Om Jha, told news agency IANS, ‘‘Around 2 p.m., in order to control the agitated farmers, the police had to open fire in which two farmers died and several others were injured.’’

Farmers had ransacked a police station and were conducting protests at a railway crossing, news reports said.

A Madhya Pradesh state minister blamed the casualties on the farmers. Bhupendra Singh, said, ‘‘There was no firing by the police.” “An investigation has been launched.’’

He said that bullets were fired by ‘‘antisocial elements.’’


Interesting enough, Gandhi was on last night

What would he have thought of that, huh?

"Four aid workers killed in Kenya when vehicle runs over mine" Associated Press  June 07, 2017

NAIROBI, Kenya — Four Kenyan aid workers are dead after their vehicle hit a mine near the Dadaab refugee camp in the eastern county of Garissa, a government official said Tuesday.

The vehicle belonged to African Development Solutions, said Mohamud Saleh, the group’s northeastern regional coordinator. The mine is thought to have been planted by al-Shabab extremists based in Somalia, he said.

At least 34 people have died, including 20 police officers, in similar explosions in Kenya in the past three weeks.

Analysts call it a change in strategy by al-Shabab, which has been carrying out attacks inside Kenya since 2011. The Al Qaeda-affiliated al-Shabab has vowed retribution on Kenya for sending troops to Somalia in 2011 to fight the extremists. Kenya is part of the multinational African Union mission in Somalia to bolster its government from the terror group’s insurgency.

Earlier Tuesday, a vehicle with security officers hit a mine in the Girelle area of Wajir county, but nobody was injured, Saleh said.


All of Africa is a loser, save for Jammeh.

And here are a couple more, just for good measure (I think May loses her majority as they bottom out and have the plug pulled!).


Hey, hey, hey!

You can suck on these for a while:

"Mental illness cited in killing of tot" Associated Press  June 07, 2017

LOS ANGELES — A California woman arrested Tuesday in the stabbing death of her 18-month-old granddaughter had a history of mental illness and became distraught late last year when she was separated from her young specialneeds son, her relatives said.

Nicole Darrington-Clark, 43, allegedly stabbed her daughter and two granddaughters at their home, killing one of them, then fled. She was found in San Bernardino and held on $1 million bail.

She was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the 2005 attempted murder of her own children and sent to a state psychiatric hospital.

Her sister, LaShunda Clark, and father, Samuel Clark, said they were concerned about her after her release but said she had seemed to improve before becoming distraught last year when she was separated from her special-needs son, now 5.

Investigators said they did not know the motive for the attack. Social services officials declined to comment.

It wasn’t clear when or why Darrington-Clark was released from the hospital.

In the earlier case, she pleaded guilty to stabbing her 14-year-old son and throwing her 10-year-old daughter out of a moving minivan in 2005. A judge found her not guilty by reason of insanity.

Attorney Robert Sheahen, who represented her at that time, said she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and that prosecutors agreed with the judge’s decision.


RelatedAwning factory shooting left 2 teens parentless

"Graduate not allowed to wear native regalia despite Montana law"AP  June 06, 2017

KALISPELL, Mont. — Administrators at a northwestern Montana high school have apologized after a graduate was prevented from wearing a mortarboard decorated with Native American regalia just 42 days after the governor signed a law allowing students to do just that.

Flathead High School Principal Peter Fusaro released a statement Monday apologizing to Zephrey Holloway and his family, including his grandmother, who painted a headdress on the cap for Holloway’s June 2 commencement ceremony.

Muriel Winnier says her son even showed the administrator the language of the new law, which was signed by Governor Steve Bullock on April 21. ‘‘It kind of hurts not being able to display that cultural pride,’’ Holloway said Monday.....

Try being white in the South these days, or looking for a construction job up north. Not even a job left driving your own taxi soon, and as for nursing.... nothing to do but watch TV all day.


I noticed a Total Wine ad for whiskey raffle on the back of my A section, btw.

Maybe I should have a shot of whiskey rather than a coffee.

Meanwhile, on the back page of the B-section:

"Chef Michael Schlow has been hosting a celebrity bartending series at his Greek restaurant Doretta Taverna and Raw Bar, and this week it was Tonya Chen Mezrich and Vanessa Kerry’s turn to sling drinks. Kerry’s dad, former secretary of state John Kerry, didn’t make the scene, but....." 

I'm glad it wasn't her sister Alexandra.

So, have you seen the new Ghostbusters reboot and who will be starring?


RelatedW.B. Mason executive donates $10 million to Stonehill College

W.B. Mason sponsors the Bo$ton Red $ox, owned by John Henry, owner and publisher of the Globe. I haven't checked their schedule recently so I don't even know who they are playing. I'm certainly not watching it.

New Hampshire governor says he’s not joining states’ climate change alliance

He's more worried about the water, and rightly so.

Rhode Island Senate passes bill to protect food deliverers

No real problems down there, or ju$t can't tackle them like up here?

Connecticut lawmakers pass stronger hate crimes bill

They have far bigger problems, but infringing on free speech takes precedence because of jwho know jwho.

Lawmakers debate bill proposing highway tolls

If you complain it is, you know, hate $peech.

Executive director named at Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Driver killed after speeding in Sutton

Federally protected hawk healing after being shot

Man arrested for Friday night shooting in Dorchester

Wooden gets 10-13 years in attack on Salem officer

Toddler who died waiting for donor heart honored by Boston police

Time for me to get off the train. I spend too much time on them and before I know it, it will be lunchtime.


The biggest losers of all:

"Trump’s America faces a $13 trillion consumer debt hangover" by Matt Scully Bloomberg  June 06, 2017

After bingeing on credit for a half decade, US consumers may finally be feeling the hangover.

Americans faced with lackluster income growth have been financing more of their spending with debt instead. There are early signs that loan burdens are growing unsustainably large for borrowers with lower incomes.

I'll tell you what has grown unsustainable for me:

Today's Final $e$$ion
Today's Only $e$$ion
Mixed Me$$ages
Slow Saturday Breakfast
Morning Gas
Friday's Farts
Slow Saturday Sh**
Mercurial Monday
Tuesday's Junk

It's all $h** excu$es, folks, and today is no different.

Household borrowings have surged to a record $12.73 trillion, and the percentage of debt that is overdue has risen for two consecutive quarters. And with economic optimism having lifted borrowing rates since the election and the Federal Reserve expected to hike further, it’s getting more expensive for borrowers to refinance.

Oh, that's why the war with Iran now. This economy is about to collapse like a WTC tower!

Some companies are growing worried about their customers. Self-storage seems to be under stress. Credit card lenders including Synchrony Financial and Capital One Financial Corp. are setting aside more money to cover bad loans. Consumer product makers including Nestle posted slower sales growth last quarter, particularly in the US.

Companies may have reason to be concerned. Consumer spending notched its weakest gain in the first quarter since the end of 2009, a problem in an economy where consumers account for 70 percent of spending, though analysts expect the dip to be transitory. And debt delinquencies are rising even as the job market shows signs of strength.

‘‘There are pockets of consumers that are going to be sorely tested,’’ said Christopher Low, chief economist at FTN Financial. ‘‘We’ve conditioned American consumers to use debt to close the gap between their wages and their spending. When the Fed hikes, riskier borrowers are going to get pinched first.’’

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the Fed has kept rates low to encourage companies and consumers to borrow more and spur economic growth. Much of the gains in household debt since 2012 have come from student loans, auto debt, and credit cards. Over that time, wage growth has averaged around 2.2 percent a year, and the pace has been slowing for much of this year.

Even if economists forecast that income growth will accelerate, those pickups have remained elusive.

There are signs that lenders have started to pull back from lending to car buyers. The latest Federal Reserve survey of senior loan officers showed banks tightening standards for auto loans.....



"US employers in April advertised the most open jobs in 16 years, yet hiring fell and fewer people quit work. The figures suggest that businesses are struggling to find qualified employees as the unemployment rate declines, the Labor Department said. The report is a sign the economy is nearing or already at ‘‘full employment,’’ when most of those who want a job have one and the unemployment rate mostly reflects the churn of people who are temporarily out of work....."

Or those no longer counted.

OMFG, Trump's Labor Department is an even bigger liar than was Obama's! 

See why this is no longer working for me?

"Retailers led a modest slide in US stocks Tuesday as Macy’s sank more than 8 percent after warning that its profit margins could be weaker than it forecast earlier. Other retailers also slumped after issuing disappointing quarterly results or outlooks. Financial companies posted losses as the yield on the 10-year Treasury slipped to 2.14 percent, the lowest since November. Lower bond yields mean lower interest rates on loans, which hurts banks’ profits. Energy stocks notched the biggest gain as crude oil prices rebounded....."

Being pushed up by the crisis in Qatar?

"Boston ranks among top cities for quality of life, new report says" by Lexi Peery Globe Correspondent  June 06, 2017

The American Fitness Index named Boston the fifth healthiest city in the country last year. Also in 2016, Money magazine called Boston the best city in the Northeast. Now, Deutsche Bank says Boston is the eighth best city in the world in terms of quality of life.

Boston is the highest ranking US city on the latter list. The annual report from Deutsche Bank, called “Mapping the World’s Prices,” determines quality of life by looking at eight key factors: purchasing power, safety, health care, cost of living, property price to income ratio, traffic commute time, pollution, and climate.

According to Business Insider, Boston received its high ranking because the city has the second best purchasing power, or the financial capability to buy goods and services. The rankings were compiled by an information database company called Numero, which crowdsourced the information.....


Yup, the city of Bo$ton is $prouting

Not one word regarding the yawning by the second wealth inequality, either. 

That's why you are borrowing so much!

"President Trump plans to nominate Joseph Otting, who ran the California lender OneWest, to oversee some of the nation’s largest banks. If confirmed as comptroller of the currency, Otting would play a central role in overseeing the daily operations of many banks, including those on Wall Street, and drive the administration’s push for deregulation. The plan to nominate Otting, announced Monday evening, is likely to stir up fresh criticism over the appointment of top administration officials from within the banking industry. Otting worked closely with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin when the two men ran OneWest. Formerly known as IndyMac, the lender had to be taken over by the federal government in the financial crisis of 2008 and was sold to a group of investors that included Mnuchin the next year. Otting was chief executive of the bank from 2010 to 2015, when it was acquired by the CIT Group for $3.4 billion. He left after the sale. Before he worked at OneWest, Otting was a vice chairman of US Bank."

It's a Wall $treet government.

Maybe there is hope for free $peech after all:

"Amazon, Kickstarter, others will protest plan to undo Net neutrality rules" by Brian Fung Washington Post  June 06, 2017

WASHINGTON — Some of the Internet’s biggest names are banding together for a ‘‘day of action’’ to oppose the Federal Communications Commission, which is working to undo regulations for Internet providers it passed during the Obama administration.

Among the participants are Etsy, Kickstarter, and Mozilla, the maker of the popular Firefox Web browser. Also joining the protest will be Reddit, start-up incubator Y Combinator, and Amazon (whose CEO, Jeffrey P. Bezos, also owns The Washington Post.)


"Amazon is making a play for low-income shoppers. The online leader is offering a discount on its pay-by-month Prime membership for people who receive government assistance. The move, announced Tuesday, is seen by some analysts as an attempt to go after rival Walmart’s lower-income shoppers. The world’s largest retailer has revamped its shipping program and improved other services to drive online sales growth as it tries to narrow the gap with Amazon. People who have a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer card, used for programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs, or food stamps, will pay $5.99 per month for the Amazon Prime benefits like free shipping and unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows."

Food stamps to pay for TV watching and a cup of joe from Starbucks

No job to go to so..... ??????

On July 12, the companies and organizations are expected to change their websites to raise awareness of the FCC effort. At stake are the government’s Net neutrality rules, which prohibit Internet providers from blocking or slowing websites or charging them special fees in order for their content to be displayed to consumers. 

You are still waiting for me to load, aren't you?

The digital rally recalls a 2012 online effort by Google, Wikipedia, and others to protest legislation on Internet piracy. The companies blacked out their websites in an effort to show how the bill could lead to censorship.

Yeah, and we got a bill that increased US spying and surveillance power. Go figure.

Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator, said many of the small businesses he has helped nurture have gone on to become major players in the Internet ecosystem, such as Dropbox.

Oh, they make me sick with their self-adulating terminology.

‘‘Without strong Net neutrality rules, though, I’m concerned that the cable and wireless companies that control Internet access will have outsized power to pick winners and losers in the market,’’ Altman said in a statement.

Some participants, such as Mozilla, are highlighting how repealing the rules could hurt free speech, competition, and innovation on the Internet.

‘‘The FCC is endangering Americans’ access to a free and open web,’’ Denelle Dixon, Mozilla’s chief legal officer, said in a statement. ‘‘The FCC is creating an internet that benefits ISPs, not users.’’

How many of them went to Harvard?

Net neutrality is the concept that all Internet traffic should be treated equally by a broadband provider, whether it’s e-mail, streaming music, or online video. ISPs — Internet service providers — say they are largely committed to the principle of neutrality but strongly oppose the government’s implementation of it. The FCC’s policy regulates Internet providers much like their cousins in the legacy telephone business, requiring the companies to provide nondiscriminatory service to the public. Supporters of the rules say such guidelines are necessary to preserve competition and a healthy Internet where anyone can start a new website.

They seem to be cracking down on that if you say the wrong things.

But critics of the rules, including the FCC’s Republican majority, say the policy is stifling and prevents Internet providers from finding new ways of making money in a world where many major goods and services have gone digital.


That's one good thing about Repuglicans; you always know where their heart lie$.

Democrats are preparing for an all-out, grass-roots brawl on the issue.....


That's means they will turn, run, duck, cover.


One final thought:

"Silicon Valley aid remaking US schools" by Natasha Singer New York Times   June 07, 2017

In San Francisco’s public schools, Marc Benioff, the chief executive of Salesforce, is giving middle school principals $100,000 “innovation grants” and encouraging them to behave more like startup founders and less like bureaucrats.

In Maryland, Texas, Virginia, and other states, Netflix’s chief, Reed Hastings, is championing a popular math-teaching program where Netflix-like algorithms determine which lessons students see.

And in more than 100 schools nationwide, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief, is testing one of his latest big ideas: software that puts children in charge of their own learning, recasting their teachers as facilitators and mentors.

In the space of just a few years, technology giants have begun remaking the very nature of schooling on a vast scale, using some of the same techniques that have made their companies linchpins of the US economy. Through their philanthropy, they are influencing the subjects that schools teach, the classroom tools that teachers choose, and fundamental approaches to learning.

The involvement by some of the wealthiest and most influential titans of the 21st century amounts to a singular experiment in education, with millions of students serving as de facto beta testers for their ideas. Some tech leaders believe that applying an engineering mind-set can improve just about any system, and that their business acumen qualifies them to rethink US education.

“They are experimenting collectively and individually in what kinds of models can produce better results,” said Emmett D. Carson, chief executive of Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which manages donor funds for Hastings, Zuckerberg, and others. “Given the changes in innovation that are underway with artificial intelligence and automation, we need to try everything we can to find which pathways work.”

But the philanthropic efforts are taking hold so rapidly that there has been little public scrutiny.

Why the concern? These are good people, right? 

It's not like they would be.... gulp.... brainwashing, indoctrinating, or inculcating the kids, right?

Tech companies and their founders have been rolling out programs in US public schools with relatively few checks and balances, The New York Times found in interviews with more than 100 company executives, government officials, school administrators, researchers, teachers, parents, and students. 

So?, a major nonprofit group financed with more than $60 million from Silicon Valley luminaries and their companies, has the stated goal of getting every public school in the United States to teach computer science. Its argument is twofold: Students would benefit from these classes, and companies need more programmers.

I think it is important to note here that Silicon Valley is pretty much known as CIA Valley now, and much of the money being poured into these tech giants comes from the MIC. Always has.

Together with Microsoft and other partners, has barnstormed the country, pushing states to change education laws and fund computer science courses. It has also helped more than 120 districts to introduce such curriculums, the group said, and has facilitated training workshops for more than 57,000 teachers. And’s free coding programs, called Hour of Code, have become wildly popular, drawing more than 100 million students worldwide.

Hastings of Netflix and other tech executives rejected the idea that they wielded significant influence in education. The mere fact that classroom Internet access has improved, Hastings said, has had a much greater impact in schools than anything tech philanthropists have done.

“In our society as a democracy, I think it is healthy that there is a debate about what are the goals of public education,” Hastings added.

Captains of industry have long used their private wealth to remake public education, with lasting and not always beneficial results.


What is different today is that some technology giants have begun pitching their ideas directly to students, teachers, and parents — using social media to rally people behind their ideas. Some companies also cultivate teachers to spread the word about their products.

They get the energy pamphlets from the energy companies, health pamphlets from pharmaceuticals, etc, etc, so what is the big deal really? It's a corporate government in a corporate era. Get u$ed to it!

Such strategies help companies and philanthropists alike influence public schools far more quickly than in the past, by creating legions of supporters who can sway legislators and education officials.

Another lobby? 

This is about the kids and there ejerkashun, right?

Another difference: Some tech moguls are taking a hands-on role in nearly every step of the education supply chain by financing campaigns to alter policy, building learning apps to advance their aims, and subsidizing teacher training. This end-to-end influence represents an “almost monopolistic approach to education reform,” said Larry Cuban, an emeritus professor of education at Stanford University. “That is starkly different to earlier generations of philanthropists.”

Well, they are "experimenting" -- (ugh! What else are kids being experimented with?) -- with little "testers," I mean, students.

These efforts coincide with a larger Silicon Valley push to sell computers and software to US schools, a lucrative market projected to reach $21 billion by 2020. Already, more than half of the primary- and secondary-school students in the United States use Google services like Gmail in school. 

OH, MAN!!!

It's ONCE AGAIN all about the TAX LOOT in a $ELF-$ERVING EFFORT!!!

Otherwise, they would give the stuff away! 

How many taxes are they avoiding, anyway?

But many parents and educators said in interviews that they were unaware of the Silicon Valley personalities and money influencing their schools.....

They “should be asking a lot more questions about who is behind the curtain,” and I think you will find it is most often Zionist Jewry!


And there they are again!