Monday, June 5, 2017

Who Are You?

Who, who, who, who?

"Oops: Supreme Court mistakenly threatens to disbar Mass. Bar Association leader" by Michael Levenson Globe Staff  June 02, 2017

The US Supreme Court is the final arbiter of justice when it comes to matters of life and death, civil rights, and presidential elections.

But the high court is acknowledging that it made an embarrassing blunder last month when it informed Christopher P. Sullivan, the incoming president of the Massachusetts Bar Association, that he was suspended from practicing in the court and had 40 days to show why he should not be disbarred.

They told me in writing 101 that you never begin a sentence with but, especially in a report, but.... ?????

Apparently, the court said, it meant to discipline another attorney also named Christopher P. Sullivan, the one who is serving a prison sentence in Vermont after killing a 71-year-old woman whom he hit while driving drunk in 2013.

In a formal mea culpa issued Tuesday, the Supreme Court called it a case ofmistaken identity.”

The Christopher P. Sullivan who is president-elect of the state bar association was in Baltimore for a federal breach-of-contract trial last week and could not be reached for comment on the Supreme Court’s unusual gaffe.

But the flub has not gone unnoticed among his colleagues at Robins Kaplan and the state bar association.

“I’m sure that the court is somewhat red-faced about exactly how this proceeded and obviously probably wouldn’t have liked this to come to light,” said Martin W. Healy, the bar association’s chief operating officer and chief legal counsel.....

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Who cares?

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