Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Qatar Cut Off

It's an act of war is what it is.

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So Trump's trip, beyond the superficial and shallow garbage I was fed by my Zioni$t War Pre$$, was about setting the stage for regime change in Iran, the final part of the PNAC puzzle. Then my guess is it's on to Yinon and a greater Israel.

"Kuwait tries to mediate crisis between Qatar, Arab nations" by Jon Gambrell Associated Press  June 07, 2017

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Kuwait tried to mediate a resumption of diplomatic and commercial ties between Qatar and several of its Arab neighbors Tuesday, while in the United States, President Trump appeared to back those isolating the energy-rich nation over allegations it supports terror groups and Iran.

That's what this is all about. That is what his trip was about. Setting the stage and executing the next phase of operations.

Qatar long has denied funding extremists, and its foreign minister struck a defiant tone in interviews, even after worried residents emptied grocery stores in its capital, Doha.

They should be worried.

Qatar relies heavily on food imports, especially those coming over its only land border with Saudi Arabia, which joined with other key Arab powers Monday in cutting off land, sea, and air routes into the country.

Yeah, they helped Palestinians and Yemenis so they get to become them. 

That doesn't mean I endorse Qatari foreign policy or interests. They are part of the Syria and Libya debacles, so there hands are far from clean. What you are seeing is a cleaving of interests as the Persian Gulf battlefronts are formed.

When looking back in history some 50 years from now will this be the initial event that kicked off the official start of WWIII? Sure has that feel to it.

‘‘On this scale, it’s unprecedented,’’ said Hatoon al-Fassi, a Saudi historian of Gulf Affairs and Women’s Studies at Qatar University.

The biggest diplomatic crisis in the Persian Gulf since the 1991 US-led war with Iraq pits several nations against Qatar, home to some 10,000 American troops and a major US military base.

They just skipped right over the 2003 invasion by Jr, wow, and it looks like more than a diplomatic crisis.

While the US military has said it wouldn’t change its posture at Qatar’s Al-Udeid Air Base, Trump made a series of tweets calling into question his commitment to the peninsular nation.

‘‘During my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical Ideology,’’ he tweeted. ‘‘Leaders pointed to Qatar — look!’’

OMG, you f**k! This guy is just what they said, a total Zionist tool and plant. Not only that, he's an idiot.

He later tweeted: ‘‘Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!’’

Well, he knows Alex Jones so he knows all about false flags and such and yet he comes out with spew like that? Here i have half-defended the guy against the deep state manipulations and he hauls off and does this. 


Trump, who traveled to Saudi Arabia last month for a conference of Arab nations, had told Qatar’s ruler at the time that ‘‘we’ve been friends now for a long time.’’ Qatari officials declined to comment.

In an earlier interview with Doha-based satellite news network Al-Jazeera, Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said Kuwait’s ruler had asked Qatar’s emir to hold off on giving a speech about the crisis late Monday night.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani ‘‘received a call from the emir of Kuwait asking him to postpone it in order to give time to solve the crisis,’’ Sheikh Mohammed said.

Still, the minister struck a defiant tone, rejecting those ‘‘trying to impose their will on Qatar or intervene in its internal affairs.’’

So was Abyssinia.

The state-run Kuwait News Agency reported that Kuwaiti ruler Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al Sabah spoke with Qatar’s emir Monday evening and urged him to give a chance to efforts aimed at easing tensions. The call came after a senior Saudi royal arrived in Kuwait with a message from the Saudi king. An Omani diplomat traveled to Qatar on Monday.

Ah, Oman. The coup that worked.

Sabah left Tuesday night for Saudi Arabia, where he met with King Salman.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone with Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani, and reaffirmed Moscow’s position ‘‘in favor of settling crisis situations by political and diplomatic means, through dialogue,’’ the Kremlin said.

I hate to say it given Russian actions in Syria, but Putin deserves the Peace Prize. He's kept a lot from expanding so far.

Meanwhile, the Philippines said it will temporarily suspend the deployment of Filipino workers to Qatar. Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello said the ban took effect Tuesday, but there is no plan yet to repatriate the more than 200,000 Filipino workers in Qatar. More than 1 million Filipinos live and work in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain.

They are something akin to $lave labor, but don't a$k, don't tell.

Bahrain, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates were among those who joined Saudi Arabia on Monday in cutting diplomatic ties with Qatar. Yemen’s internationally backed government, which has lost the capital and large portions of the war-torn country, also cut relations with Qatar, as did the Maldives and one of conflict-ridden Libya’s competing governments. Late Tuesday night, the Jordanian government announced it was reducing its level of diplomatic representation in Qatar and cancelling the local registration for Al-Jazeera TV.

Jordan is a U.S. puppet regime so that's no surprise, same as the "internationally-backed" Hadi government in Yemen.

Those sick and starving kids sure disappeared right quick, huh? 

Oh, right, that's a Saudi war crime so shhhhhhh!

Soccer’s world governing body FIFA has said it remains in regular contact with Qatar, which will host the 2022 World Cup. Qatar just finished one of the stadiums for the tournament, though others have yet to be built.

Soccer match? They are talking soccer match?

Saudi Arabia, the powerhouse among those cutting ties to Qatar, said it did so due to the country’s ‘‘embrace of various terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at destabilizing the region,’’ including the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, the Islamic State group, and militants supported by Iran in the kingdom’s restive Eastern Province. 


That is coming from the biggest funder of extremist Wahhabi terror, and where were most of those alleged 9/11 hijackers from again? Egyptians and Saudis, weren't they? If you buy into that BS, that is.

Qatar long has denied funding extremists, although Western officials have accused it of allowing or even encouraging funding of Sunni extremists like Al Qaeda’s branch in Syria, once known as the Nusra Front.

The Gulf countries ordered their citizens out of Qatar and gave Qataris abroad 14 days to return home. The countries also said they would eject Qatar’s diplomats.

The nations also cut air and sea traffic with Qatar. 

Leaving them only.... Iran and Turkey through which to get supplies.

It's like you guys are being SET UP!!!


Just in case you don't think this is about Iran:

"US-led coalition strikes pro-Assad forces in Syria" by Lolita C. Baldor Associated Press  June 06, 2017

WASHINGTON — The United States struck pro-government forces in Syria with airstrikes for the second time in less than three weeks Tuesday, declaring them a threat to anti-Islamic State coalition fighters and allied troops training at a camp in the south of the country.

Yup, they are a threat to the very terrorists he claims to want to defeat. A-hole.

The assault came after complicated and messy discussions that reflected Syria’s difficult battlefield and the wide array of forces fighting for a piece of the embattled country.

The day began when forces supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad were attacked by what the US-led coalition believes were Syrian fighters not affiliated with the coalition. It was not immediately clear exactly who the attacking force was, said one US official, but casualties resulted. The United States had been urging the pro-Assad forces to leave the area near the camp.

Does it really matter what terror offshoot of its own attacked? What catchy name did they give them? If there was an attack at all. 

Then, in an unusual step in talks with Russian officials, the United States agreed to allow pro-Assad forces to repel the attack and remove their wounded, said the official, who wasn’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter and demanded anonymity, but soon afterward, more pro-Assad forces began entering the area with anti-aircraft weapons and bulldozers that the coalition said were not part of the agreement or needed to treat or remove the wounded. The coalition issued warnings through its ‘‘de-confliction’’ line with Russia, but the official said those were ignored.

You would think Russia would wise up one of these days.

The United States doesn’t speak directly with Assad’s government, which it accuses of various atrocities over more than six years of civil war. Instead, it addresses problems with Syria indirectly, usually through Russian officials. Russia is a military ally of Assad’s government.

US officials haven’t identified the forces exactly, but have described them as backed or directed by Iran. It’s not clear if they’re Iranian soldiers, Hezbollah members, Syrian troops or part of another militia.

Then we are AT WAR with IRAN as of THIS MOMENT!!!!

The region around Tanf, where the borders of Jordan, Syria and Iraq meet, has been considered a de-conflicted zone under an agreement between the U.S. and Russia. The coalition uses the base to train Syrian rebels in the fight against ISIS.

The United States dropped 90,000 brightly-colored leaflets more than a week ago, warning pro-Assad forces to leave the area and saying the coalition would take steps to defend itself.

I guess that is better than the depleted uranium.

According to a coalition statement, a second US official said.....




"An assailant wielding a hammer attacked Paris police guarding Notre Dame Cathedral Tuesday, crying ‘‘This is for Syria’’ before being shot and wounded by officers outside one of France’s most popular tourist sites. Among the several hundred people ordered to remain inside the cathedral was a former US ambassador to the United Nations, Nancy Soderberg. She was admiring the church’s stained glass windows when a French announcement came on urging those inside to stay calm as police dealt with an incident outside. No group immediately claimed responsibility, but police searching a residence linked to the attacker in the Paris suburb of Cergy-Pontoise found a declaration of allegiance to the Islamic State group, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office....."

A mind-f*** French frame-up, ha-ha-ha-ha.

Also related:

"Russian fighter jet intercepts US bomber over Baltic Sea" by Thomas Gibbons-Neff Washington Post  June 07, 2017

A Russian fighter jet intercepted a US B-52 bomber over the Baltic Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry told Russian media outlets Tuesday. The B-52, the ministry said, was over international waters but flying near Russia’s state borders.

Several B-52s, along with a contingent of maintenance troops, arrived in the United Kingdom in recent days to participate in a series of NATO exercises. Sabre Strike, one of the multinational exercises, began last month and will take place in Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania during the coming weeks.

This is it, folks. All the chess pieces are in place on the Grand Chessboard of the planet. This front is being timed to coincide with the regime change in Iran that was hinted at last Saturday. 

This is it!

B-52 bombers are capable of holding 70,000 pounds of munitions and have been upgraded in past decades to drop everything from sea mines to nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. A detachment of the planes are currently participating in the air war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. 

Going to win this one, too!

Last month, a Russian aircraft came within 20 feet of a US surveillance plane over the Baltic Sea in an incident the Pentagon called routine. US aircraft intercepted a number of Russian bombers near the coast of Alaska in May....

They also have warships off the coast of Connecticut and there were reports of them landing ground forces north of Vermont, but those turned out to be wrong.


You do know Turkey is an enemy, right?

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Also see: "On June 7, 1942, the Battle of Midway ended in a decisive victory for American naval forces over Imperial Japan, marking a turning point in the Pacific War."

Now can you imagine if history had been different?


Iran attacks: Parliament siege over, 4 attackers killed; 12 dead, 42 wounded in Tehran

I wouldn't be surprised if the Empire State Building came down soon. You already know whom they will finger.

Qatar convicts Dutch woman who reported rape but will let her return home

Is that some sort of joke?

"Why Has The GCC And Egypt Turned On Qatar?

Fadel writes,
You see, folks, once the natural gas pipeline is completed from Iran, across Iraq, to Syria’s coast, Qatari gas will be so expensive that the country will float on its cash reserves for a couple of years and then, implode. No more Qatar. 
Hmmmm. The Iranians thought. What if we let the Qataris in on the deal? What if we share the natural gas pipeline? What if we can drive a wedge between Qatar and the rest of the Arabian trash on the Gulf? Wouldn’t that be British of us? 
And so, it has happened. Iran has agreed to give Qatar a share of its rights in the pipeline to Syria and Damascus has agreed as long as Qatar discontinues its support for Al-Qaeda, ISIS and all the other rat groups like Faylaq Al-Rahmaan. Soon, Qatar’s useless military officers will be withdrawn from MOK in Jordan. And, better yet, Qatar is now absolved from any further obligation to the so-called “Saudi coalition” in the very unpopular war in Yemen.
If Fadel is correct, then Qatar had little choice, given that neither the Saudis nor the U.S. would be willing to do anything to save the fledgling kingdom as it falls apart at the seams. Having ostracized itself to Iran and Syria by virtue of its support for terrorists and its participation in the Saudi “coalition” of slaughter in Yemen, Qatar may now be forced to play ball with both countries on a playing field that is anything but level.

Leading credence to Fadel’s claims, the Saudis have accused Qatar of “supporting Iran.”

The Israeli Element

There is perhaps another reason that the Qataris are being cut off by Saudi Arabia and their coalition. Notice that one of the demands issued by the Saudis is not only that Qatar cut off support for the Muslim Brotherhood, but also that it cut off support for Hamas. Although, by now, it is well known that Israel was responsible for the creation of Hamas for the purpose of splintering, radicalizing, and breaking the Palestinian opposition, there is the danger of the terrorist organization becoming unmanageable. It is also possible that the Israelis are planning some type of major operation that would render the Palestinian opposition – both political and military – nonexistent. After all, with a Republican Trump presidency that has expressed complete fealty to the Zionist settler state and with a base intellectually enslaved to the cult of Christian Zionism, Israeli war crimes and slaughter of civilians is not likely to raise American eyebrows. With the Palestinian resistance at the weakest point it has ever been and with Syria and Hezbollah distracting with the Syrian war against Western (and Israeli) backed terrorists, the time may soon be right for Israel to strike a death blow to the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian people.

More than the question of manageability, however, is the fact that the Saudis and the Israelis have become and more and open about collaborating, despite the appearance KSA needs to keep up of being anti-Israel in order to have any credibility at all. As Jake Novak wrote for CNBC,
Perhaps there are still some casual followers of Middle East politics who have missed the many reports over the last year or so that have announced the growing evidence of Saudi-Israeli cooperation on security issues. This is mostly the result of the Iran nuclear deal pushed by the Obama administration. Because that nuclear deal happened in what felt like slow motion, Israel and Saudi Arabia had time to plan their response and organize several best- and worst-case scenarios. The Times of London in 2013 first reported the news of serious Israeli-Saudi cooperation that even included a deal to allow the Israelis to use Saudi airspace to launch an attack on Iranian nuclear sites. 
. . . . . 
And President Trump’s trip couldn’t have been more of a public endorsement of the growing cooperation between the Saudis and the Israelis too. Note that Saudi Arabia and Israel were his only two stops on his Middle East trip, even though Egypt remains the largest Arab recipient of U.S. aid and its population positively dwarfs Saudi Arabia’s. President Trump believes, along with many others, that Saudi Arabia is calling the shots in the Sunni Arab world now and he wants its work with Israel to continue. 
And thus, Saudi Arabia’s decision to pressure Qatar on its support for Hamas coming so soon after the Trump visit doesn’t seem like a coincidence. Hamas has one real enemy, and that’s Israel. So Saudi efforts to freeze Qatari terror funding for Hamas has only one real beneficiary — Israel.
Novak makes a great point but it should added that Israel, despite both it and Hamas’ public statements, has enormous sway over Hamas and it has exploited Hamas’ convenient attacks with expertise in the past. Still, elsewhere in the article, Novak mentions the possibility that the Saudis feel Qatar is working too closely with Iran, a fear that would be shared by the Israelis as well as the Americans.


There are a number of reasons for the surprise isolation of Qatar, some of which may not be publicly known at this time. However, what is clear is Qatar seems to have realized that it will find itself in a tough spot in the near future and that it has attempted to mitigate its potential collapse with a greater cooperation with Iran. In addition, its support for the Muslim Brotherhood has angered the Saudis and the Saudis are more than willing to cooperate with Israel in matters of international terrorism and geopolitical projection. Egypt, for different reasons and those much more logical than that of the other states, is locked in a battle for survival with the Muslim Brotherhood and thus would love to see the organizations source of funding cut off at the head. The Saudis, Americans, and Israelis are horrified at the prospect of greater Iranian influence in the region and thus any cooperation between Qatar and Iran is seen as a major threat to the preferred world order.