Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Globe Garbage

Sorry it's such a flush job, and it starts right at the top:

10 people, including 3 attackers, killed amid London chaos

Also seeBritish leader vows to root out zealots

Just as I thought, another staged and scripted crisis drill being propagandized/reported as real because of her dropping-like-a-110-story-trade-center-tower poll numbers. Globe has a London Bridge terror attack section, so that pretty much confirms the 100% bovine excrement quality of this recent psyop.

Did I mention it's about getting military action going in Libya, the lone place off the radar lately and only one Trump hasn't bombed (as far as we know; Egypt did it last week, but that was a one-day wonder and dispatched down the ole pre$$ memory hole). Looks like the U.K. has been assigned that mission. Hope the truck attack a week after Manchester and with the country on high alert -- AND a day before the memorial concert tonight with Grande celebrities, I forget whose playing, Coldplay, whoever they are, helps? The music stopped for me about two-and-a-half weeks ago, and of course all the prescription pharmaceuticals had nothing to do with his death (God bless 'em).

Time to wake the f*** up, America.

You know, it's a War Pre$$ in every way imaginable, even when both sides win(?).

And you are wondering why I'm not bothering to read most of the Globe these days?


Battle for Raqqa may begin in days

Yup, U.S-allied forces have stopped their assault just long enough to let U.S-allied terrorists leave. Well done.

"Security footage reveals methodical gunman in casino attack" by Todd Pitman Associated Press  June 03, 2017

MANILA — In his first remarks on the assault, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said Saturday that the attacker was simply ‘‘crazy,’’ questioning what the gunman was going to do with the $2 million horde of poker chips he had tried to haul away. Duterte discounted any links to the Islamic State. 

The link is a diversion from destabilization campaign being waged in Marawi, and the running pre$$ coverage I am getting regarding this odd episode is damn near a confirmation of my suspicions. Been doing this a long time (whimper, moan).

Despite several initially contradictory accounts of the chaos, what is known so far appears to back up that claim.

Yup, the pre$$ is going to tell me what is known so far. 

Although the attacker was well armed — Manila Police Chief Oscar Albayalde said he was carrying 90 bullets in three rifle clips — there are no confirmed reports that he shot any civilians. Instead, he fired warning shots into the ceiling that scattered panicked crowds, some of whom jumped out windows to escape what they believed to be a terror attack.

(Blog editor pulls hands back from keyboard and folds wrists over each other before letting out one long, exhaustive sigh. It's f***ing psyop after psyop after psyop after psyop.)

More than 12,000 people were in the complex at the time; most were successfully evacuated.

‘‘He could have shot everybody there,’’ Albayalde said. ‘‘He could have killed hundreds of people inside that establishment. But he did not shoot anybody . . . he just burned the casino. Burning the casino could be a diversionary tactic for his escape.’’

‘‘All indications . . . point to a criminal act by an apparently emotionally disturbed individual,’’ he added.

What's emotionally disturbing is finding this kind of filth in the paper every day.

By nightfall Saturday, the gunman’s identity was still unknown. But police were interrogating the taxi driver who dropped him off. The driver said his passenger spoke fluent Tagalog and appeared normal during the ride. The gunman asked him to change the radio channel to the news instead of music, Albayalde said.

That's weird because just yesterday I was told he was a tall, English-speaking white man.

National Police Chief Ronald dela Rosa also said the attack did not appear to be terrorism, but he cautioned that authorities still know very little about the attacker.

‘‘What if we establish the identity and there are leads that will lead toward terrorism? So our findings, our conclusion, will possibly change,’’ he told DZMM radio.

The Philippines has faced Muslim insurgencies for decades, though much of the violence has occurred in the troubled south. Many in Manila fear Friday’s attack is linked to ongoing battles with militants aligned with the Islamic State in the southern Philippine city of Marawi.

The fighting has placed much of the country on edge, prompted Duterte to declare martial law across the south, and raised fears that the insurgents are gaining a foothold in the country.

The Islamic State has offered two statements claiming responsibility for the attack, but there have been discrepancies. 

Can't you propagandists and CIA offices coordinate the message? What is with the sloppiness?

One mentioned fighters, the other just one fighter — a person who goes by the nom de guerre ‘‘Brother Abu al-Kheir al-Arkhabili.’’ One of the statements also said the attacker ‘‘died as a martyr’’ — which would not make sense if he shot himself in an evacuated hotel room at the end of the night, as the police claim. Suicide is forbidden in Islam.

Amreen Gomez, a security officer at Resorts World Manila, said witnesses interviewed had testified to seeing multiple assailants. But he believes their accounts were likely confused by the chaos and panic they experienced....

(Blog editor shakes his head. It was a CIA HIT, and now we are being fed the lone gunman garbage!!!!)


Also see:

"An Australian tourist was killed in a fight outside a San Francisco hotel, police said. Matthew Bate, 33, got into an argument with two men that turned physical around 2 a.m. Friday outside the Da Vinci Villa hotel. Two men were detained for questioning. Police said no weapons were involved. Bate, an analytical chemist with SGS Australia, lived in Woolner, a suburb of Darwin (AP)."



Phone call for you.

"Bill Maher apologized Saturday for using a racial slur to describe himself as a house slave during a live segment for his HBO talk show. Maher’s comment during his discussion with Senator Ben Sasse, Republican of Nebraska, was quickly and broadly criticized after the show was broadcast Friday night. The senator had joked that he would like to have Maher visit Nebraska and work in the fields. “I regret the word I used in the banter of a live moment,’’ Maher said Saturday. “The word was offensive and I regret saying it and am very sorry.’’ (AP)."

I'm glad I never watch his one-sided provocation called a television show.

Thousands join March for Truth rallies around the world

They were on the Common, too, and I noticed they weren't protesting against troop increases in Afghanistan or the $1 trillion -- yeah, trillion, with a T -- nuclear upgrade, or even Israel threatening the world with a bomb (why do you think that is in my Zioni$t War Pre$$? The goodness of the hearts? They want you to know they have it, but not from where they got it, and why now?). 

It was all controlled opposition and hot air, and Trump may have been a bit naive there. Expect a devastating summer season of weather, America. That will convince Trump!

"Time dwindling for major successes on GOP legislative agenda" by Erica Werner Associated Press   June 03, 2017

WASHINGTON — Seven legislative weeks are left before Congress scatters for a five-week August recess, a period when lawmakers are likely to lose momentum if they have failed to act on health care or taxes.

Then they can stay in town and keep working, right? 

I mean, if the issues are so enormous and important..... ??????????

On top of it all, lawmakers are way behind on the annual spending legislation needed to keep the lights on in government. They were recently informed by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin that they will have to raise the federal government’s borrowing limit before August, a daunting task ripe for brinkmanship.

Looming over everything is the investigation into allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign and connections with the Trump campaign.


‘‘The Russia investigation takes a lot of oxygen, it takes a lot of attention,’’ said Republican Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, a veteran lawmaker.

Because you have to hold your breath until the stench dissipates.

Historically, Capitol Hill has been at its busiest and most productive in the early days of a new president’s administration, during the traditional honeymoon, but with his approval ratings hovering around 40 percent, Trump never got that grace period, and although his core supporters show no signs of abandoning him, he is not providing the focused leadership usually essential to helping pass major legislation.

Within Obama’s first 100 days of office he had signed a large stimulus package as well as equal pay legislation and other bills. An active Congress under President George W. Bush had made progress on campaign finance legislation and bankruptcy changes, among other issues.

The biggest bright spot for the party and for Trump remains Senate confirmation in early April of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch....

Of course, the pre$$ and the punditry criticized that and called it a failure because they had to invoke the nuclear option and move from 60-vote confirmations to sheer majorities, but whatever. Revisionist distortion or lie, take you pick.


"State Democrats turn attention to Trump, not Baker, at convention" by Jim O’Sullivan Globe Staff  June 03, 2017

WORCESTER — Massachusetts Democrats, who met here Saturday for their annual convention, are so sore over losing their last campaign, they are barely even talking about the next one.

Am I supposed to feel sorry for them?

President Trump came in for a beating. Governor Charlie Baker was hardly mentioned. The party’s delegates, who generally skew left of the party’s mainstream, approved what state Senate President Stanley Rosenberg lauded as “the most progressive Democratic Party platform” in the country.


WhereTF is ALL the MONEY GOING, Stan?!!!?

Delegates heard from the three candidates hoping to unseat Baker next year, but much of the day was spent bashing Trump, a reliable applause line.

That's why I tune out Democrats these days. They literally have nothing to say.

Insiders acknowledge their party is at a crossroads, lacking a clear leader at the state level and largely at a loss for how to decisively confront Baker, routinely ranked in polls as the nation’s most popular governor.

You abandoned broad, overall policies for the people own exchange for the divisive politics of identity while gorging at the corporate trough. What's the big my$tery?

The lack of attention paid the governor, echoing last year’s convention, underscores the challenge facing a party that has control of most of the state’s other levers of political authority. Democrats have grown frustrated with their elected officials, many of whom shy from criticizing Baker. Neither Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh nor House Speaker Robert DeLeo, who have frequently praised the governor, addressed the convention.

They know criticizing Baker is going to drop their wretched reputations even lower. 

Markey, Warren, Secretary of State William F. Galvin, Attorney General Maura Healey, Treasurer Deborah Goldberg, and Auditor Suzanne Bump all refrained from taking on the governor. Later pressed by reporters about Baker’s job performance, Warren pivoted to criticizing national Republicans.

They all have their own corruptions as Liz dances away.

But party officials said they were encouraged by an influx of new delegates — more than 1,500 — many of them energized by opposition to Trump.

Yeah, so when are you going to be FOR something? 


I'd mention corporate welfare, but this $tate is troweling out hundreds of millions in $et a$ides every year!

Still licking its wounds from the national party’s defeat at the hands of Trump last November and the state-level loss to Baker two years before that, the party is also dealing with internal fissures. Vestiges of US Senator Bernie Sanders’s organization against Hillary Clinton in last year’s Democratic presidential primary pushed unsuccessfully Saturday to make changes to internal party rules.

Yeah, the DNC stole the nomination from Sanders. That's why Democrats lost. Had it been Sanders and not Clinton, Trump loses. 

Much of the action came at the end of the more than six-hour convention. A controversial effort to amend the party platform with language about “peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians,” saying that “Israel’s settlements in the occupied territories are obstacles to peace,” was ruled out of order because it addressed foreign policy. Many delegates loudly objected.

Oh, that again. 

At least they made the hack Democrats in this state show how subservient they are to Zionist interests. They control the statehouse just as they control Congre$$. 

Efforts, backed by some of the Sanders forces, to expand the number of committee seats and lower the threshold for amending the party charter both failed.

Richard Hughes, a first-time Somerville delegate who spoke in favor of adding delegates, declined to say which Democrat he backed last year, and hoped the proposal would pick up grass-roots momentum in coming years.

“We felt it was important to bring it up for a vote,” Hughes said.

Delegates added planks to their platform arguing against for-profit prisons and candidates accepting political contributions from fossil-fuel companies, and in favor of making Election Day a state holiday and creating an independent redistricting commission....



Yeah, now go have your lunch.

Related: Walpole candidate accused of bias loses Planning Board race

Democrat or Republican?


Co-founder tells RISD grads about the birth of Airbnb

Eighteen-year-old Wakefield woman killed in Ossipee, N.H., crash

Mattapan woman dies in New Hampshire crash

Police seek help finding two suspects in Chinatown murder

District attorney urges witnesses to come forward in 5-year-old murder case

"Best Buddies apologizes for barring Globe photographer from charity event" by Mark Shanahan Globe Staff  June 02, 2017

A day after a Boston Globe photographer was prohibited from attending a Best Buddies fund-raiser at Harvard Stadium featuring Tom Brady, a spokeswoman for the charity apologized.

“I’m sorry that it happened,” said Nicole Maddox, a rep for Best Buddies International, the nonprofit that helps people with intellectual disabilities. “It’s unfortunate that it happened. Tom Brady had nothing to do with it.”

She said the Globe was stiff-armed outside the stadium as a result of a “misunderstanding” related to credentialing.

Related: FCC Fisticuffs 

Well, you know, the Patriots are Trump's team!! 

You expected some other treatment?

She said the ban was “absolutely not” redress for a recent Globe story detailing the financial arrangement between Brady and Best Buddies. (The April story by Bob Hohler revealed that the nonprofit has paid Brady’s charitable trust nearly $3 million since 2011.)

“It’s 100 percent not related,” Maddox said.

Friday, Brady was at Harvard Stadium to play in a flag football game benefiting Best Buddies. The all-in-good-fun game is the traditional kickoff for the Best Buddies Challenge, an annual fund-raiser that includes a 100-mile charity ride and walk benefiting Best Buddies International. (The ride and walk took place Saturday on the Cape.)

In past years, the Globe has been invited to attend the game and to photograph Brady tossing TD passes to some of his Patriots teammates and celebrity friends. Not this year. Friday, Globe photographer Matthew Lee showed up at Harvard Stadium and was told he did not have a credential and would not be allowed into the event. He was then ordered to “leave immediately” by a woman who refused to identify herself, and a security officer was summoned to escort him to his car.

(Blog editor can't help but smile)

“We’re very sorry it happened,” Maddox said.

Don't be. There is nothing wrong with asking a$$holes to leave. Happens at sports events all the time.


And with that this post draws to a close. Game over.

The rest is not at all intere$ting and I'm of the opinion that it is a good idea to show you the door (man, it really is a paper of and for the elite of Bo$ton, written by wannabes). Time for me to go fishing (and don't forget the, you know....).