Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday's Farts

From the top, above the fold:

As Trump Exits Paris Agreement, Other Nations Are Defiant
‘Climate change is real’: CEOs share their disappointment over Trump’s Paris accord exit
Trump abdicates US leadership on climate change
Trump administration aims to open more Arctic areas for oil to assess just how much crude might be lurking under the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
After Trump’s decision, cities and states vow to step up

Ah, yes, the power of mayoralty:

"Federal officials can be a little envious of City Hall. Secretary of State John F. Kerry said in an interview this month that big city mayors have “some of the best executive authority in politics. You can make things happen. That was one of my great frustrations in the Senate. It’s partly why I ran for president, because legislation is a different kettle of fish. Even the president of the United States doesn’t have some of the direct executive authority a mayor has in a great — in a big city.” 

So John Kerry showed dictatorial tendencies while lamenting the lack of them at the federal level? So what is his next career move, to become mayor of Bo$ton?

So Mr. Walsh went to China (travel expenses paid by Bloomberg Philanthropies,  you know ju$t helping the mayor do his job) and was set to return the favor before, you know. Now things are even worse with a “lot to fear” if you consult with certain people (what's next, an investigation into the never came to be Olympics?). He didn't see the caution flag before he took a flight to China for the climate conference, and now he is in a bind. You know who will clean things up for him? The union. They'll send some roughnecks over for "talks" -- out of love, of course. That's the history of the labor movement in Bo$ton. They are the defenders of all that is good and right with the calling. I suppose that is the price one must pay for being on the right side of hi$tory, even if the dream job becomes a nightmare. The di$ruption of the agenda put him on the hot seat and put his mayoralty at-risk. Thankfully, he doesn't have any emergencies to attend like murdersmissing personstraffic accidentscarjackingsfires, or chronic homelessness. The job is nothing but a walk across the street into City Hall. Never mind the bad air and bad water in the schools, at least the kids are safe from sugary drinks!

Globe will tell you all you need to know about the climate.


"Even if the US market was able to eke out some growth last month, indications abound that the industry’s seven-year run of expansion is coming to an end. Without discounted deliveries to bulk customers, Ford’s sales would have dropped in May, as actual consumers dialed back purchases...."

It's a “bit of smoke and mirrors,” I'm told.

"Actual consumers," huh? 

As opposed to fake ones?

"A broad-based push higher for stocks sent indexes to records on Thursday following more signs that the job market continues to improve. Payroll processor ADP said private businesses added 253,000 jobs in May, more than economists expected. The government’s more comprehensive report on jobs arrives Friday. President Trump’s announcement late in the trading day that the United States would withdraw from the worldwide agreement on climate change had little effect on markets. Other reports on the US economy were mixed on Thursday. Manufacturing growth picked up last month and was stronger than economists were expecting, but construction spending unexpectedly weakened in April. A separate report showed the number of workers filing for unemployment claims rose last week, which could indicate layoffs are on the rise. But the number remains low by historical standards. The market’s gains were widespread...."

Don't worry; I'm $ure the banks are well-in$ured.


"Private businesses added 253,000 jobs in May. The strong gains all point to a falling unemployment rate. This is because the hiring exceeds the roughly 80,000 people who come into the job market each month, said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. With hiring at the current pace, companies are choosing among a shallower pool of jobseekers — which may cause many firms to raise pay in order to attract talented workers......"

Or it may not because we have been hearing and seeing that kind of talk for years as the wealth inequality soars and immigrant visas issued.


"More people sought US unemployment benefits last week, the second straight week of increases, though levels remain historically low....."

They talk out of both $ides of their mouth$!  I wonder what are the real totals.


"Sears Holdings Corp. says some of its Kmart stores were targeted by hackers, leading to unauthorized activity on some of its customers’ credit cards. The company said in a blog post that Kmart’s store payment systems were infected with virus-like computer code undetectable by current anti-virus systems....."

The hackers are back in the shadows -- unless they are false charges against some enemy.


Unhappy part-timers finding bliss as job market heats up

Oh, it's BLI$$ now!

"Could this be the summer that Americans finally take a vacation?" by Christopher Muther Globe Staff  June 01, 2017

Could it be? Are Americans finally starting to use their vacation days?

For the past 15 years, US workers have wasted millions of vacation days, opting to go into the office rather than relaxing and using their allotted time off.

But a pair of studies released within a day of each other found that the pendulum could be swinging in the other direction. It’s a painfully slow swing, but even the tiny shift could mean that the beleaguered masses toiling with dark circles under their eyes are finally beginning to see the light, and not just the light from their laptop screens.....


Yeah, I've effin' had it with the mixed me$$ages (more commonly known as bull$hitting or lies) and eliti$t insult coming from the Bo$ton Globe. 

I think it's time for me to take some time off from the Bo$ton Globe. It's been nonstop for 11 years now, posting every day, every day, and it is time for a break.

You mind dropping this off on your way home (and if you don't "volunteer")?


The problem with the Globe is it is living in the past and pushing the same old divisions, singing the same old song.

Ohio State attacker faulted ‘moderate’ Muslims

They just "found" a torn-up note? 


1 dead, 2 workers missing after Wisconsin mill explosion

Terrorism is suspected.


Putin denies Russian hacking, hails Trump as ‘straightforward’

Did he talk about anything else with the senior editors of leading international news agencies because according to the article the only thing that was discussed was the false accusations in service to the mythic narrative of conventional idiocy (even the orchestra is being protested now; the next thing they will be telling you is they are responsible for the opioid and AIDS crises).

Trump opts not to move embassy to Jerusalem, at least for now

And truthfully, the Zionist psychopaths that run Israel don't really care. This is a smoke, sound, and fury issue that is unimportant (like nearly everything in my paper). As long as Trump keeps signing the checks and the military hardware keeps coming, they are fine. One day the West Bank will be rid of Palestinians, and Gaza will be their state.

"Another casualty of the violence may yet come into view: a new attempt to move toward peace negotiations with the Taliban. The bombing, which the government says was committed by the Haqqani wing of the Taliban, has cast a shadow over the effort in several ways — a demonstration of how fragile even the earliest steps of peacemaking can be in the middle of a war.... Afghans mourn, a day after massive truck bombing killed 90"

Oh, peace was another casualty of the attack, huh?

Related: Haqqani Ha-Ha


"France warns of risk of war in cyberspace" Associated Press  June 02, 2017

PARIS — In an interview, Guillaume Poupard, the head of the French government’s cybersecurity agency lamented a lack of commonly agreed rules to govern cyberspace.

More globalist sh**.

‘‘We must work collectively, not just with two or three Western countries, but on a global scale,” he said. “With what we see today — attacks that are criminal, from states, often for espionage or fraud but also more and more for sabotage or destruction — we are getting closer, clearly, to a state of war, a state of war that could be more complicated, probably, than those we’ve known until now.”

His comments echoed testimony from the head of the US National Security Agency, Admiral Michael Rogers, to the Senate Armed Services Committee on May 9. Rogers spoke of cyber effects being used by states to maintain the initiative just short of war.

“Cyber war is not some future concept or cinematic spectacle,” Rogers said. “It is real and here to stay.’’

Thanks for the warnings of the upcoming CIA and software firm sabotages.

Said Poupard: ‘‘The most nightmare scenario, the point of view that Rogers expressed and which I share, would be a sort of permanent war — between states, between states and other organizations, which can be criminal and terrorist organizations — where everyone will attack each other, without really knowing who did what. A sort of generalized chaos that could affect all of cyberspace.’’

Then we are right in the midst of it, and not everyone $ee$ it a$ a nightmare $cenario. Some seem bags of loot!

‘‘If you start to accuse one country when in fact it was another country . . . we’ll get international chaos,’’ Poupard said. ‘‘We’ll get what we all fear, which is to say a sort of permanent conflict where everyone is attacking everyone else.’’



Yeah, forget the bank failure and bailout needed in Italy:

"The agreement sets a precedent in how governments can help struggling financial institutions without triggering bank resolution rules forged in the wake of the financial crisis. EU law stipulates that the need for “extraordinary public financial support” normally means a bank is failing and should be wound down. An exception is made for temporary state aid to address a capital shortfall identified in a stress test if a number of conditions are met...."

Also see36 die from smoke in Philippine casino after gunman set fire

Seeing as ISIS™ has been routed in the south, attention needs to be drawn elsewhere.


I hope you can Choate this next item down:

"Former Choate teacher now stands accused of misconduct with students at three schools" by Elizabeth A. Harris New York Times   June 01, 2017

Frederic Lyman’s prep school teaching career spanned just six years, and four schools.

On Wednesday, allegations of inappropriate behavior against him surfaced at Kent Denver, a private day school in Colorado, which means that Lyman now stands accused of misconduct with students at three of those schools, across three states.

Lyman was one of 12 men named in an in-depth report on sexual abuse released by Choate Rosemary Hall, the prestigious Connecticut boarding school, in April. Investigators for the school, where he taught in the early 1980s, said that Lyman had sexual relationships with two students. He stalked one of them, according to the report, and gave her a black eye.

No wonder GE got out and Aetna is next.

Lyman was forced out of his job at Choate when administrators learned he had given one of the students herpes. But he left the school with a letter of recommendation, the report said, which allowed him to move on to Kent Denver in 1982, where administrators had no way of knowing what he had done.

In a letter sent to the school community Wednesday, Kent Denver said that three former students had contacted administrators in recent weeks with complaints about Lyman. As a growing number of private schools release reports on the sexual abuse of students, the actions of administrators in covering up misconduct and quietly allowing abusers to move to other schools has come under increased scrutiny.

The practice was so common there is a name for it: passing the trash.

Same thing as with the priests.

A fourth person, a woman named Kirsten Johnson, approached The New York Times with her own story. Johnson asked to be identified by the name she had at the school, before she was married. She said that after her father discovered a letter Lyman wrote to her, suggesting they go skiing or meet for dinner and wine, he was forced to leave the school. She was 14 at the time.

Rand Harrington, the current head of school at Kent Denver, said in a statement that after the incident, Lyman’s contract was not renewed. “We did not provide him with a letter of recommendation for other teaching positions, and our head of school discouraged Mr. Lyman from pursuing future employment in schools,” he said.

Has he been arrested?

Lyman’s approach with Johnson followed a pattern dating back at least to the summer of 1979, when he began writing notes on the papers of Jane Marion, one of his 16-year-old summer students at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. Those private comments on her papers led to more intimate letters, in which he said he would “love to kidnap” her for a weekend, to “wine and dine” her, and to treat her “like a queen.” On the papers of both girls, he would sometimes sign his name as Fred.

Sick f***.

The fourth school where Lyman worked, Beaver Country Day School, in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, said it was “in the process of looking into information about his time here.”

They will get back to you.


More than you wanted to see, I'm sure.

Jurors in Bella Bond trial view key scenes of the crime

Does he look credible to you?

You know what farts end in, right?

Time to flu$h.

(Try again)