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See the progression?

Deja vu:

Mass. joins other states to fulfill US pledges on carbon

Kerry says Trump’s decision was ‘a day of craven ignorance’

Says the most traveled U.S. SecofState in history (the stench you smell is that of hypocrisy).


Nations, states unite behind Paris accord

State’s clean-tech sector says president’s moves a ‘symbolic blow’

All this print and pre$$ regarding something that doesn't mean anything. All $ymbolic!

Eversource enters water business with Aquarion acquisition

Exxon may have mislead on climate change

May have? 

Well, we know with certainty we were misled to war many times based on lies being blared from the ma$$ media megaphones!! 

turbulent hot air 

I'll be heading back to that one after I'm done here. There is a lot more than hot air there and it needs a much closer inspection. 

After that, who knows? I may run down the other blogs on my roll and maybe even redo the whole thing. Would be a better use of time than posting Bo$ton Globe spew.


Below the fold:

"A total of $350,000 in matching funds must be raised to meet the reconstruction project’s $6.3 million tab, which is split between $2.5 million in state funding and $3.8 million in private donations, but organizers are confident of reaching that goal....."

So let me get this straight: the $tate has 2.5m lying around to restore some 19th-century ship, but can't find $300,000 for homeless teens?


"Five T union officials have triggered their pensions this year" by Beth Healy Globe Staff  June 02, 2017

Some union members who contacted the Globe said they are worried. On its current trajectory, the $1.5 billion T pension fund is facing a potential $1 billion shortfall over the next 18 years, according to the transit authority’s acting chief, Brian Shortsleeve.

Part of the pension fund’s problem is that it has more retirees than active employees. Also, many workers are retiring young, in their 50s, after the mandatory 23 or 25 years of service. That means they could receive pension benefits for more years than they paid into the system.

The state Senate recently passed a measure to establish a commission to review the T’s retirement system. It would include representatives of Governor Charlie Baker, the attorney general, the treasurer, unions, and other stakeholders. Separately, Baker is pressing the MBTA fund to outsource its investments to the larger state pension fund, which has a better performance record.

Yeah, let's stall things with a commission to look at it.

The T pension system has long operated in secrecy, rarely dispensing information to members or the public despite the tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer contributions it receives every year.

Need I type anything (as the train lurches backward)?

No mention of the failed investment based on inside connections that make one $ee red, Globe?

And what's with the costly hedges that failed? Is that why the costs continue to rise, or is it the fraudulent overtime that was paid?


Firm reviewing MBTA pension seeks whistle-blower’s report
Judge calls for open MBTA pension files
T’s pension board is urged to end fight against open records

They want to discuss it first.

T pension fund continuing fight to keep records secret

They finally released an audit.

If his mission was to fix things, he failed (must be why he is also leaving). 

They want to renegotiate the terms of payment amid the controversy over the "grossly unqualified and grossly overpaid" steward of the fund that needs to be replaced.  They are pressing for it as the fund’s money shortage worsens

At least the Globe has a five-point plan to save it.

"The MBTA raised $337 million in two bond sales Tuesday, borrowing at the lowest rates in the transit agency’s history, officials said. The borrowings marked the first time the MBTA has put bond sales out for competitive bids in 21 years, according to Brian Shortsleeve, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s acting general manager. The money will be used to refinance existing debts that have interest rates more than twice as high. Online auctions held in the morning drew more than 15 large banks and Wall Street firms. New York-based J.P. Morgan Securities won the first bond deal, with rates averaging 2.4 percent. Morgan Stanley & Co., also of New York, was the low bidder on the second bond offering, with an average ratejust under 1.8 percent, according to the MBTA. Over the past two decades, the T has generally done directly negotiated bond deals with particular banks, rather than putting the issues out to a broader bidding group. With interest rates at historic lows, the financially troubled T will save tens of millions of dollars as a result of the bond refinancings Tuesday, Shortsleeve said. He and the Baker administration have been working to lower the cost of the T’s $5.2 billion in outstanding debt. In recent months they have eliminated a series of costly swaps that were hedges against interest rates rising."

The pension chief "earned" how much?

I feel sorry for the guy (now deceased), but maybe the state should run the fund.

What do you mean you haven't received your check yet?

James O’Brien, president of Carmen’s Local 589, is a member of the pension system’s six-person board. “We are committed to serving the Boston Carmen’s Union, working on behalf of members and retirees to ensure their best interests are protected, and ensuring the long term viability of the pension fund,’’ he said in his statement.

Retiring officers have likely locked in their annual payout levels — even if union retirement benefits are reduced in the future....

Maybe they should consider privatizing more jobs rather than hiring in-house, $elf-$erving criticism not withstanding. Layoffs would also help (janitors included), and I'm sure outsourcing is a good idea (the mechanics don't have the parts?) -- as is letting positions go unfilled (“That’s how it is at the T. There are a million things going on, and they all have to be fixed right now.”)

Oh, I know there will be grievances and complaints from certain $elf-$erving $ectors, but wage cuts have to be considered given the state budget situation. Just keep marching forward and stay on track. Just a year in the life of ‘fixing the T’, and  “while a lot is happening, it’s a mixed bag in terms of accomplishment. There’s still a lot of work to be done,” especially when it comes to management.

So, how should the MBTA characterize its progress

I'd say it's either sorry or nonexistent, but the Globe is toasting it (I hope they are not driving, and I suppose it is better than driving on heroin and having to settle that claim. The children would certainly be better off if they just slowed down).


Sick of the excu$es yet?


At least now you know where all the money is going and why the service sucks and the trains are late (despite the new locomotives) with a high rate of breakdowns, etc, etc. Another pigeonhole for patronage is becoming bankrupt.

That's why fares increased 10%, with another 10 percent every two years after that. "The decision to consider fare increases comes as transit officials grapple with ways to balance the MBTA’s budget and shrink the ballooning cost of the proposed Green Line extension. Officials are looking at a variety of ways to save money, including canceling late-night subway and bus service, asking unions to forgo pay raises, and freezing department budgets," while some would pay less (others a lot more). Handing out more parking tickets might help, but "thousands of commuters who use the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s “PayByPhone” parking app will be credited after they were mistakenly charged for an additional day of parking Thursday, the agency said. Customers automatically incurred the charges for a second day of parking following a minor software update to the app Wednesday night. More than 8,100 users were affected by the slight glitch." They apologize for the confu$ion, by God, and help is on the way.

They still need the increase because of the decrease in toll revenue (don't worry, headed back up now) so you can get to the South Coast rail despite the car chatter. Just advocating for honesty in the budget even if I have to stay up late and get stuck in the city (at least he wasn't beat up by the guards in an attempt to stop crime). I'll catch the early-bird instead after I check my wallet and the dashboard. All the seniors and students are asking “how dare the MBTA raise fares when we have to pay more and more for worse and worse service?” Who can blame them for evading fares? I wouldn't feel guilty in the least.

Hey it is just a moderate increase that is warranted. The data shows that, yeah, the fare hikes stink, but they’re needed and are being defended even as groups line up against them and they draw flak at meetings. The le$$on learned from all this is amid the fare hikes, overtime is being slashed and people are moving out of state in the dead of night. It's over; your “world class ride” has been cancelled. You can keep hope alive if you want, but the end is near. You should consider making other travel plans even if it means tunneling out of Bo$ton (came out in Germany).

Doesn't matter if it's the Green Line (plagued with problems and derailments, but they are going to need ANOTHER $73 MILLION), Orange Line (crowded, but just wait until the next stop), Silver Line, or the Red Line (what's with the disruptions?), it's runaway spending on every track. You exit at your own risk. They say they are ready for the $ea$on and I'm sure there is an art to it all. A new leader can only help. Just ignore the costs of paving feathered nests and the sound of screeching brakes (there was some good news; nearly 30% of T employees earned $100,000 or more). It may be rude and stinky, but you will just have to $uck it up for a while and scale-down your expectations. I know your are in a rush, but keeping the public in the dark is the process set up by the MBTA to achieve “maximum profit.” Maybe they can change schedules and policy, and redesign the thing at an even greater cost. The biggest effect will be that faith in government has left the station.

Ever consider riding a bike?

Anyway, the line is still struggling with losses, and the $7.3 billion cost upgrades are too low; more like $14.8 billion needed to fix the $y$tem (add another $1b to that). They are being urged to keep the ‘money’ in hand despite the security lapses in its ‘poorly and inefficiently run’ cash-counting operation. They are working on it, and there are $igns of encouragement. The Globe has come up with a couple ways the MBTA can save money, and toll revenue is up on the Mass. Pike, and it's all Amtrak's fault anyway. They should be made to pay. I would communicate right now their need to retire and let someone else run Amtrak. Then again, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. What a “shameful disgrace.” I know they are a bunch of good guys over there and I'm sorry to trash them, but they did it to themselves. The proof is in the photo and violation of civil rights. We can argue about certain things, but delaying solutions only makes things worse and business leaders want a decision NOW! As for the underserved way out here, the phantom toll collector will still be checking your driver's license.

I've ridden about as far as I can go on this train. It's not worth saving and it's time to stop my morning commutes and push back this crap. I'm discounting and canceling the changes being advocated and banning any further fun. You know whose fault it is, and to the back of the bus with the Globe. I'm done trying to bridge the gap forward so farewell:

Woman struck and killed by commuter rail train at Lynn station

Did you see the body?

Next stop, South Station!

You see who is last to get off, right?

Maybe you should try the ferry instead.


‘He said he would kill me,’ Rachelle Bond says of ex-boyfriend during testimony

I told you the Globe would be attending court every day on that one. They don't always.

Then, after dinner, maybe you can go to the single-sex screening(??) of the latest piece of Hollywood trash. Sorry I can't go with you (a feigned sorry, sorry).

Louisiana officer charged in fatal shooting now accused of rape

His attorney says the allegation is ‘‘completely bogus,’’ but it is the South.

At least the Irish are happy today.


You think the title of this post may be offensive? 

Wait until you see this sophistry:

"Jobs data could signal shortage of qualified workers to hire" by Josh Boak Associated Press   June 02, 2017

WASHINGTON — Employers may be starting to run out of workers to hire.

(Blog editor shakes head at this bullish** and latest eliti$t insult. 'course, the latest H1-B and H2-B visa programs filled up in less than a day)

A hiring pullback reported in Friday’s US jobs data for May raises that prospect. The economy added just 138,000 jobs, which was still high enough to help cut the unemployment rate to a 16-year low of 4.3 percent. With the recovery from the Great Recession having reached its eighth year, hiring is gradually weakening.

See: From Great Recession To Grand Illusion

And you wonder why I hate doing this?

‘‘It’s definitely becoming an increasing problem for businesses — finding qualified workers,’’ said Stephen Stanley, chief economist at Amherst Pierpont Securities. ‘‘The pool has diminished considerably.’’

Not only did employers slow their hiring during May. The government also revised downward its estimate of job growth in March and April.

Translation: They lied to you then as they are lying now.

‘‘Given reports that job openings are near all-time highs, it suggests that businesses are struggling to fill these positions,’’ said Beth Ann Bovino, US chief economist for S&P Global Ratings.

Bovine excrement from Bovino! 

Aren't they the ones that AAA all the MBS crap?!!

For now, most analysts think job growth remains solid enough for the Federal Reserve to feel confident about raising interest rates again when it meets in two weeks.

That's what the "reports" are all about: the Fed mismanaging the money supply.

One unusual characteristic of today’s job market is that the unemployment rate keeps falling even as hiring has slowed. Economists say the main reason is that the proportion of adults who either have a job or are looking for one has remained unusually low. Once people stop looking for a job, they’re no longer counted as unemployed.



Contributing to the trend has been the continuing retirements of America’s vast generation of baby boomers.

In addition, companies are increasingly seeking workers with college degrees or specialized know-how — construction experience, for example, or a background in machine automation. As they do, the less-qualified are finding it harder to land work, and some have grown discouraged and given up their searches.

Food services added 30,300 jobs last month, health care 24,300. Construction added 11,000. As energy prices stabilize somewhat, the mining sector — which includes oil, natural gas, coal, and metal ore — added 6,600 jobs.

Yup, what jobs are there are low-paying service sector jobs like waitress and bedpan collector.

But governments shed 9,000 workers, with the losses concentrated at the state and local level. And manufacturers let go of 1,000. Retailers cut 6,100 jobs.


None of it adds up, the surest sign of being lied to!!!!!!!



"Bond yields sank Friday to their lowest level of the year, but stock indexes chugged again to record heights, led by technology companies and dividend payers...." 

Oh, well, then everything must be right with the world.

See: 12 Signs The Economic Slowdown The Experts Have Been Warning About Is Now Here 


Today's Only $e$$ion
Today's Final $e$$ion
Mixed Me$$ages
Slow Saturday Breakfast
Million-Dollar Lunch
The Last Supper

Were you able to choke all that down?

Here is one:

"Trump lining up Fed board nominees" by Binyamin Appelbaum New York Times   June 03, 2017

WASHINGTON — The expected nominees include Randal K. Quarles, a Treasury Department official in the George W. Bush administration, and Marvin Goodfriend, a former Fed official who is now a professor of economics at Carnegie Mellon University.


What Trump doesn't realize (or does), is that the Fed is part of the problem and needs to be disbanded and destroyed.

Quarles, 59, is a managing director at the Cynosure Group, a private equity firm based in Salt Lake City. His wife’s great-uncle is Marriner Eccles, the Fed’s chairman from 1934 to 1948 and the namesake of the Fed’s marble headquarters on the National Mall in Washington, where Quarles would have an office.  Quarles was a lawyer for the financial industry before joining the Bush administration in 2002, first as assistant secretary for international affairs and then as undersecretary for domestic finance. After leaving the administration in 2006, he became a partner at the Carlyle Group before helping to found Cynosure in 2014.

Goodfriend, 66, is a leading figure among conservative economists who study monetary policy. He worked for more than 20 years as an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond in Virginia; for more than half that time, he was the chief monetary policy adviser to the bank’s president, a member of the Fed’s policy committee. He left the bank in 2005 to join the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University....

The more things allegedly change.... SIGH!


Related: Trump nominates financier as Navy secretary

It really is a Wall $treet government!

That's going to take all the fight out of Democrats and those detestable losers.


Student who disappeared in Franklin died of the cold, authorities say

He couldn't survive temps in the 40s and 50s?

With all due respect, authorities found nothing for six days and then a couple civilians "find" the body? What it smells like to me is something happened to the kid, either accident or purposeful, and he was dumped. If I'm wrong I apologize, but the official story -- as usual -- doesn't add up. No one bothered to look under the bridge?

Now you other kids be careful going off to school.

Puzzling mumps outbreak strikes Latino community

That's what comes with being a sanctuary state and city, but blame Trump for the costs.


Today's foreign farts:

"Philippine police seek casino attacker’s identity" by Jim Gomez Associated Press  June 02, 2017

MANILA — Philippine police said Friday that they still have not identified the man who launched a deadly attack at the Resorts World Manila entertainment complex, only to flee to an adjoining hotel and kill himself.

Investigators said the attacker was a tall, English-speaking white man with a mustache. They say he carried an assault rifle, and that he used gasoline to start a casino fire that caused clouds of smoke that left at least 36 people dead.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, but authorities said they believed it had been a robbery gone wrong.

You read this stuff and the first thing you ask yourself is, is this even real? 

If it is, it has all the trappings of a false flag psyop to divert attention. 

So when did the casino collapse into its own footprint anyway?

Police told reporters that the man stole more than $2 million in gambling chips and avoided shooting people he encountered in the casino, pointing his gun upward when he fired some shots. ‘‘He would have shot all the people gambling’’ if his goal was terrorism, national police chief Ronald dela Rosa said.


Dela Rosa said security video showed the gunman ignoring a guard who tried to question him at the entrance. He then barged into the crowded casino carrying the gasoline and an assault rifle after overcoming efforts by guards to stop him. He stuffed a backpack with the gambling chips, fired his rifle at TV screens, and set gambling tables on fire by pouring gasoline onto them, dela Rosa said.

Guards stop chasing him?

Hours later, the Islamic State claimed responsibility in a statement. Military spokesman Brigadier General Restituto Padilla rejected the claim, saying the attack ‘‘does not have the slightest signature of terrorism whatsoever.’’

Many in Manila feared after the attack began early Friday that it was linked to ongoing battles with Muslim militants aligned with the Islamic State in the southern city of Marawi. The fighting has placed much of the country on edge and raised fears that the IS group was gaining a foothold.

Well, IT IS but NOT in the way you think!

The Philippines has faced Muslim insurgencies for decades, though much of the violence has occurred in the troubled south, where Marawi is located.

The attack occurred at a sprawling mall-like complex near the Manila airport that includes hotels, restaurants, stores, and a multi-floor gambling area. Police said that during the attack the man stole more than $2 million worth of casino chips, though he apparently abandoned them in a toilet soon after.

Which is where this pos belongs.

‘‘Either he lost in the casino and wanted to recoup his losses or he went totally nuts,’’ Metropolitan Manila police chief Oscar Albayalde said....

You want to know what is nuts?


Any questions?

"Protest at Kabul bombing site turns deadly" by Mujib Mashal New York Times   June 02, 2017

KABUL — A protest Friday that began at the site of a huge bombing in Kabul earlier this week and made its way to the gates of the Afghan presidential palace turned deadly, with security forces opening fire to disperse angry crowds trying to get inside.

That's a U.S. puppet regime so I expect any criticism -- if any -- to be muted.

Boy, U.S. troops can't get there soon enough, huh?

With emotions running high after the clashes, there were fears that political strongmen might try to take advantage of the anger produced by the bombing deaths to move against the government.

Like the recently returned CIA asset Hekmatyar?

“No one can stop people from protesting, and they used force. They rammed military vehicles into crowds setting up protest tents,” said Gul Haider, a former warlord from the northern part of the country and military commander who joined the protests after he heard news of the clashes. “If we wanted to push our way in, we would have reached the palace.”

Several hours after the protests began, President Ashraf Ghani put out a lengthy statement asking for calm. Ghani’s coalition partner — the government’s chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah — put out a video message saying the administration was ready to sit down for talks with the protesters.


Amnesty International has called for an investigation into the use of force by security agencies against protesters, saying it “illustrates the authorities’ contempt for the lives” of the Afghan public.

“While there are reports that a minority of protesters used violence including throwing stones at the police, this does not justify such an excessive and deadly response,” said Biraj Patnaik, Amnesty International’s South Asia director. 

Only if it were Palestinians doing it; then it is justified by my government and pre$$.

The protests began peacefully Friday morning, as hundreds of people chanted for the government to resign as they gathered near the bombing site. The protest continued as demonstrators began moving toward the presidential palace....

I think the Afghans are sick of occupation after 16 long years, but because the presence is about ringing Russia, the EUS Empire's troops will be going nowhere. In fact, more are on the way.


Korean crap:

"US naval exercises off Korean Peninsula intended as ‘message of reassurance’" New York Times   June 02, 2017

SINGAPORE — US officials said Friday that naval maneuvers this week off the Korean Peninsula were the first in two decades to involve two US aircraft carriers in those waters and were intended as a “message of reassurance” to the region.

Oh, I'm sure they got the saber-rattling message!!!

The new details about the exercises, which also involved Japanese warships, were disclosed as Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Singapore for a security conference during which concerns over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs are certain to be front and center.

(Blog editor shakes head; this isn't reassurance, this is a threat!)

“This is about readiness,” said David F. Helvey, a senior adviser on Asian security issues to Mattis. “This demonstrates that the United States has military capabilities across the western Pacific, including in the Sea of Japan.”


He added: “It sends a message of reassurance, and it does send a message of resolve. But this is part of our routine actions and our presence.”

Related: International Poll Finds America to Be the ‘Greatest Threat to Peace in the World’

And the numbers have only risen since.

The defense secretary is also seeking to shore up relations with allies made nervous by President Trump’s campaign talk about pulling back US security commitments in the region. 

This as those countries are moving away from the U.S. and toward China and Russia.

Mattis declined to discuss security issues on the record with reporters who traveled on his plane from Washington. But he read a short statement outlining themes he planned to address in a speech Saturday, including the importance of “strengthening alliances,” “upholding international law,” and “maintaining stability.”

As they weaken alliances, violate international law, and destabilize the region.

The carriers involved in the exercise are the Carl Vinson and the Ronald Reagan.

Are they really there, or is that another deception and lie like the last time?


Fortunately, the entire world has caught on to the disingenuousness:

"Putin says Syria’s leader did not use chemical weapons" Associated Press  June 02, 2017

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — President Vladimir Putin of Russia, speaking at an economic forum in St. Petersburg on Friday, Putin made one of his strongest rejections of blaming Assad’s forces for the chemical attack in April.

Oh, so he was asked about other things.

‘‘We are absolutely convinced that it was a provocation. Assad didn’t use the weapons,’’ Putin said. ‘‘It was done by people who wanted to blame him for that.’’

Yeah, and the whole world knows it. At least, anyone who cares and is paying attention. 

He added that Russian intelligence had information that a ‘‘similar scenario’’ was to be implemented elsewhere in Syria, including near Damascus. ‘‘Thank God, they were smart enough not to do that after we released information about it,’’ he said.

That is what shut down the further false flags that were being prepared.

In a separate development, Putin ridiculed the allegations of Russian meddling in US elections, accusing the Democrats of trying to shift blame for their defeat and likening the accusations against Russia to anti-Semitism.

I knew the pre$$ would get back to their obsession.

Facing questions from NBC’s Megyn Kelly, who moderated Friday’s panel discussion at the economic forum, Putin said the claims of Russian interference in the US election contained ‘‘nothing concrete, only assumptions.’’

That's where my printed Globe cut off the interview.

Asked about the ‘‘fingerprints’’ — IP addresses allegedly belonging to Russian hackers — he said those could have been easily rigged. 

He knows about the CIA's Marble?

The chemical attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun caused an international uproar as images of the aftermath, including quivering children dying on camera, were widely broadcast. 

And it was all a staged and scripted propaganda production! They were handling "victims" with their bare hands

Russia, one of Assad’s closest allies, and the Syrian government have repeatedly denied using chemical weapons.

After an equally fatal chemical attack in 2013, Syria agreed to destroy its chemical weapons under a deal brokered by Russia and the United States and declared a 1,300-ton chemical arsenal when it joined the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

That stockpile has been destroyed, but the organization continues to question whether Damascus declared everything in its chemical weapon program. 

(Blog editor shakes head. I'm so sick of lying war propaganda from whoreporate pre$$titutes)

This year, the new US administration led by Donald Trump was quick to react. In a one-off, the United States struck a Syrian air base with cruise missiles only days after the April 4 attack after accusing Assad’s military of killing scores of civilians with a nerve agent launched from the base.

Yeah, that -- in retrospect -- is a WAR CRIME!

Putin said Russia had offered the United States and its allies the chance to inspect the Syrian base for traces of the chemical agent and criticized them for their refusal to do so.

Putin said a quick inspection of the air base would have revealed traces of toxic agents if it indeed had served as a staging ground for the attack as the United States charged.

Yeah, that pretty much confirms the false flag nature of the event -- if it even happened.

Had it been Assad, the U.S. would have been rushing right in there for the "proof."


RelatedAuthorities hunt for killer of 81-year-old Russian immigrant

An assassin sent by Putin?


Done Braying For Today

Going to play a round of golf and enjoy the Good Life before going to bed.

Related: Newspaper circulation at 77-year low 

Oh, I can't imagine why!

UPDATE: Police declare 'major incident' on London Bridge after van reported to hit pedestrians